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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mask of the Betrayer honored this weekend

I am pleased to announce the following honor for my suspense book Mask of the Betrayer. I would so appreciate your vote if you get a moment to swing over to LASR. . Special thank you to Snapdragon for her fabulous 5 book review!

We offer a weekend poll at The Long and the Short of  It romance reviews-- we want to know which book or story sounds like the best read based on our reviews. The winning author gets a nifty button andthe privilege of having their book or story featured at the top ofthat page the entire next week!Your story "Mask of the Betrayer"

was reviewed by us this week and is up for Book of the Week honor this weekend (voting runs from Saturday, July 31 through Sunday August 1).

We thought you might like to know. You can find the information here
on Saturday:

Thanks and good luck!


Sharon Donovan said...

A warm thank you to all my fantastic online friends for voting for Mask of the Betrayer at LASR. And a special shout out to Snapdragon for the fabulous 5 book review that honored my first suspense. Thank you. Love you guys!

Tami said...

I have voted for you Sharon! :) Thought you might like to know that you are in spot number 1 with 41% of the vote. :)

Sharon Donovan said...

Thanks for the vote, Tami! Much appreciated my sweet friend.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Good luck - I'm sure you'll do it!!!

Jane x