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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Exciting news about The Wild Rose Press

As part of the Crimson line of The Wild Rose Press, the following email from Rhonda Penders is quite thrilling. Her Biggest Fan isn't coming out until September, so the chances that my book will appear in the movie is slim. But this is great advertising for The Wild Rose Press and I'm proud to be one of the Crimson authors. Here's the buzz straight from the lips of Rhonda Penders!

Every once in a while something comes along that is just plain cool. This is one of those times. Until this week I have been unable to share this information with all of you but now we have been able to secure the rights to tell our staff and authors and spread the word. Here goes - bear with the long email - it's worth it I promise.

Last Christmas, we were approached by a representative for a Hollywood movie who was in need of a "few" romance novels as set props. At first, I have to be honest, I thought it was a bunch of bunk but as I entered into a conversation with this gal I found out she was legitimate and when I found out exactly who was in the movie they needed the books for…well I was giddy with excitement. Up until now we were under a confidentiality clause until the movie "wrapped".

Well, the movie is done and set to release on October 15 so now I can share the rest of the story with all of you. Below my note are two links to two trailers for a movie called "RED". The movie stars Bruce Willis (yes I said Bruce Willis!), and Mary Louise Parker as the hero and heroine of this action packed flick. Mary Louise Parker (here's where TWRP comes in) is addicted to reading romance novels especially romantic
suspense (Crimson rose anyone?). Bruce is trying to "woo" her by reading what she likes to read so they can discuss the books. The movie set needed books to fill Mary Louise apartment and some to put in Bruce's apartment as well. TheWild Rose Press shipped 150 books to Buffalo where a truck picked them up and
trucked them to the movie set in Toronto. Filming took place this winter in Toronto and in New Orleans. Others in the movie include Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Ernest Borgnine. (Isn't this cool?).

We have no idea how m any of our books actually appear on screen - if any. For all we know they may simply fill bookcases in the background - but there is a chance for some closeups and even if there aren't - the very fact that our books are connected with this film is fun. The production company offered us the trailer for our web site - this way whenever someone searches for the trailer on Google or whatever they might stumble on us as well. I will put a note up on the web site explaining why we have the trailer on our site.

The next question everyone is going to ask me is what books were shipped? I can't answer that. We sent over 150 books out - they wanted catchy covers and romantic suspense so I can tell you that almost all our Crimson Rose print books went there as well as any that I had in the warehouse here in NY. Our goal was
to not spend money to send these books - so I used all stock we had on hand as much as I could. We were not paid for the books, however, they did cover all shipping charges and have indicated we could have the books back if we want them back when the movie is finished. I also, on a side note, shipped some pink coffee mugs - who knows maybe these will be there somewhere too.

So to end this long email - the trailer on our site is linked below as well as the other trailer that they have floating out there. If you can't get them to open simply google "RED Bruce Willis" and you can find the trailers out there or check out the NEWS section of our website for the actual link. It gives you a great idea of how cool this movie is going to be. Our fingers are crossed that our books will pop up on the screen but if not, well, we know they were there.

The movie opens October 15 and I plan to be there the first night so I can see
what we're looking for.\ 2658&Itemid=185

Rhonda Penders



Hywela Lyn said...

This is so exciting, Sharon. I immediately thought of you when I saw this in the Wild Rose Press Loop.
It would be great if your book was featured, although they probably did use books already released, but as you say it's a great advertisement for TWRP and Romance Authors in general.

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