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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Trip to Lincoln Park Zoo with Oliver

Strolling through the park on a bright, sunny morning, hand in hand with the lovely Fiona, Oliver grins his beguiling smile.

“What do you say we go by the Lincoln Park Zoo. It’s been years since I’ve been to a zoo, and I hear it’s a real Chicago tourist attraction. Are you up for it, my sweet?”

“Oh, I’d love to,” Fiona said, batting her eyes at Oliver. “I was just reading an article about the polar bears. Apparently, bear siblings compete with each other while swimming. Let’s go.”

Oliver takes off with a jaunty deliverance, beaming. “This I’ve got to see.”

Shrouded by the magnificent Chicago skyline, Lincoln Park Zoo stretched for miles along Lake Michigan. One of the oldest zoos in the world, attracting more than three million visitors a year, it featured North American wildlife, consisting of black bear, red wolves, beaver and river otters. The African Apes showcase the endangered gorillas and chimpanzees, while the African Journey fully replicated the sights and sounds of some of the world’s rare and exotic creatures as pygmies, dwarf crocodiles and wild dogs, along with elephants, giraffes, black rhinos and hippos.

Enjoying the curious gorillas behind the massive glass paneling, Oliver and Fiona couldn’t help but laugh.

“They’re so curious,” Fiona said, pulling out her camera. “Look at that one in the corner, he looks so mischievous.”

Oliver waved to him, noting his name was Curious George. Spotting Oliver, George loped over to the glass and pressed his
mug to the glass. In true spirit, Oliver pressed his mug nose to nose. Pretty soon, other apes and chimpanzees gathered to watch, staring at Oliver.

Oliver winked at Fiona. “Watch this.”

Giving a stunning performance, Oliver grinned broadly, pumped his biceps and took a sweeping bow. Monkey see, monkey do, all the gorillas and chimps followed suit, grinning and pumping their biceps. In unison, they took a sweeping bow.

“Ah, yes,” Oliver puts an arm around Fiona as they left “All in a day’s work.”
He reached into his pocket for Fiona's favorite treat.

“Have a stick of red licorice, my sweet, and let’s go ride the carousel to finish our day."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight with Candace Morehouse

Suspense author Michael Davis and romance writer Candace Morehouse combined their experience to create the romantic suspense novel, VEIL OF DECEPTION, which explores gender-driven conflicts & the premise that Sometimes truth cuts deeper than a lie.

There’s something suspicious going on at Spenser Lake, Virginia. People are disappearing and their bodies are never found. The fear and uncertainty of who will be next is affecting every resident of the tranquil community, but especially Kurt Hawkins. Two years after his wife goes missing, there are no clues, only the nightmares of what happened in her last moments. The constant guilt that somehow he was responsible precludes any thought of a normal life until he meets Danielle Gillette, a reclusive author with a rather large skeleton in her own closet. When the secret is finally revealed, they both discover that sometimes the truth cuts deeper than a lie.

Danielle smiled slightly. She was the intruder on nature’s deadly game, not the other way around. She shook her head, clearing out the cobwebs, as she took one final hamstring stretch with the help of the porch railing and then set out on her morning ritual – a jog along the scenic path following the lake.

It didn’t take long for her feet to find their rhythm. Danielle adjusted the ear buds of her iPod briefly, humming subconsciously to the Toby Keith tune playing, I Ain’t As Good As I Once Was. She followed the inlets and outlets of the lake, glancing every now and then at the profusion of houses – all graced with expansive porches facing the water and most of them ostentatiously large. She never could figure out why folks were so eager to build the biggest structures possible; all those empty rooms left unoccupied most of the year when the summer vacationers returned home to the city, all that unused solitary space that had to be cleaned.

Before she realized it, she was flush with the back porch of her best friend’s house. Marina was sitting in a silvered wooden deck chair; a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She spotted Danielle and waved through her last puff of smoke while she took a sip from her favorite, old, cracked mug.

Danielle ran in place for a few steps before accessing the porch via a set of stairs ascending from the lake pathway up to the porch. Danielle drew a chair up next to Marina and plopped down, wiping a hand across her dewy forehead and pulling the buds off her ears.

“Coffee’s right there on the table, hon, help yourself. You know the routine.” Danielle pulled the thermal container closer and poured some of the steaming coffee into an empty mug identical to the one cuddled in Marina’s hands. It was thick and off-white, devoid of decoration, but sporting an intricate network of stained micro cracks distributed across the surface. The hairline cracks in the porcelain glaze conveyed a pattern similar to the wrinkles and crevices in Marina’s face, the effect of years of chain smoking. Even with all its cracks and stains, its worn and imperfect exterior, the old cup was still strong and dependable– much like Marina herself.

Marina’s eyebrows rose over the rim of her mug. She put down her cup and emitted a low whistle. “Do you see what I see? Hubba, hubba.”

Danielle’s eyes followed her friend’s gaze towards the lake. A male swimmer was coming up out of the water to sit on the edge of Marina’s boat dock just a few yards down from the porch. The man flicked water from his longish, dark hair and droplets sprayed out into the morning air, briefly sparkling against the rising sun before falling back into the lake. His arms were braced straight against the pier and Danielle could see the clearly defined muscles, long and firm. His back and shoulders were incredibly broad and narrowed down to a flab-less waist which disappeared into a pair of swim trunks not much bigger than the tiny pieces of Lycra worn by professional divers.

At this angle, the swimmer’s strong profile was canted out from the creek toward the main lake, but what Danielle could see was rather alluring and strangely familiar.

It was him. The man she had seen around town, up at Ruth’s place, but usually planted in the lounge chair on his deck staring off in the distance and searching for something that wasn’t there.

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Spotlight! Please welcome my friend and one of the authors of Veil of Deception, Candace Morehouse. Oliver, please bring Candace out.

With Wicked Game by Chris Isaak playing in the background, Oliver escorts Candace into the parlor to join Sharon. The two friends embrace and fall into easy conversation before sitting on the wing back chairs in front of the roaring fire. Oliver pours Shiraz into the glasses and sets a plate of cheesy quesadillas on the coffee table, blowing kisses to Candace the whole while.

Sharon: Thank you, Oliver. That will be all for now. What’s that? I’m sure Candace will let you know the minute she feels threatened in Arizona and needs a PI to investigate. In the meantime, keep the Shiraz comin’. Isn’t that right, Candace?

Candace (drooling): I think I’m feeling threatened right now, Sharon. Can Oliver investigate me, er, I mean it, now, please?

Sharon (giving Candace a reproaching look): Well, I must say, this book has me so drawn in that I will be rushing off to buy my copy. Wow, this is just the type of book I love. I have so many questions, I’m not sure where to begin. What a brilliant concept, a romance author and a suspense author joining forces to create a romantic suspense. I wouldn’t have the foggiest notion where to begin. Give us a briefing of how Veil of Deception was formatted.

Candace: Even though I’m a ‘pantster’ when it comes to plotting, we decided rather quickly that we both needed to have a detailed outline and character descriptions to begin writing. Since this book was Mike’s initial idea, he got the honor of writing up the outline and suggested chapter topics.

Sharon: And did you ever run into difficulties when combining your efforts? I guess what I’m asking is, how did you know what to write to coincide with the other author?

Candace: Living across the country from each other, the only way we could do it was via email. On a good day, Mike would write a section, then I would get it emailed to me and return it with my own contribution. Of course, we didn’t want our Muses to be put on hold, either, so we worked ahead of the other sometimes then had to backtrack and make the pieces match.

Sharon: I would imagine that could easily happen. And tell me, Candace, whose idea was it to write a book together?

Candace: It was really Mike’s idea. I was working on a manuscript for the second in my ‘Women of Phoenix’ contemporary romance series and sent Mike a brief passage asking him if it rang true from a male’s perspective. He thought it was trash! He didn’t exactly say that, but he did let me know it was not realistic. From there he asked me if I would consider doing a joint manuscript and I readily agreed.

Sharon: (raises an eyebrow) He thought it was trash? Oh, come now. More wine?

Candace: If it means the chance to see Oliver again, of course, my dear. You really are the best hostess ever, Sharon.

Why, thank you, Candace. Oliver is at the ready, pouring. Pumping his biceps at Candace, he walks to the book shelf and returns with his copy of Veil of Deception and a pen. If I might be so bold as to have your autograph, Love? He winks. I’m a PI, you know and might get a few pointers.

Candace (writing on the back of Oliver’s hand because she isn’t paying attention to what she is doing): Blurghaldocuh.

Oliver: Huh?

Candace: Um, never mind. My pleasure.

Sharon (snapping her fingers to bring Candace’s attention back to her): And is Michael Davis your critique partner?

Candace: No. In fact he’s read my first book, Golden Enchantment, and I’ve read his first two but we’ve since decided it is better to keep our individual efforts outside of our writing relationship.

Sharon: Okay, let’s talk a bit about the story, the plot and the characters. Who came up with the initial synopsis, the setting, names and storyline?

Candace: Mike already had the plot for Veil of Deception in his head. We each created our own characters. As we began to write, much of what I contributed changed the plot slightly from his vision but that was bound to happen.

Sharon: Sounds fair. Can you tell us approximately how long it took to write this book? I’m not talking sending it to Champagne for submission and review. I mean how long did it take to write before the rough draft was complete?

Candace: As I recall, it was several months. We started it in late summer and finished in November. During that time, Mike and I actually got to meet in person. He had an opportunity to fly to Albuquerque and I convinced him to meet me halfway (okay so it was a few more miles in my favor) in Springerville Arizona for a side trip with his wife. It was nice to finally put a face with the name. (The picture on the right is of me, Mike's wife Karen, and Big Mike eating in a restaurant in Springerville)

Sharon: I agree. It’s great to meet our online friends. Now, can you tell us a little about the main characters, Danielle Gillette and Kurt Hawkins?

Candace: I based Danielle on Rachael Ray as far as looks and abilities. She is a former chef who turned to writing mystery novels after the death of her husband. Everyone thinks they are romances, though, and a thread running throughout the book has Danielle constantly defending her books by stating that they are mysteries, not romances.

Kurt is somewhat of the strong and silent type. He’s not very social, just like Danielle. After his wife goes missing, he is not ready for a relationship but when Danielle comes along, he is drawn in by her unique personality and talents. He’s a typical guy in that he is sometimes clueless when it comes to what a woman wants.

Sharon tilts her head back and laughs. Isn’t that the truth! And Rachael Ray. I love it. You chose Spenser Lake, Virginia for the setting? Any special reason?

Candace: Mike lives in Virginia and the book is based on a real place, even real events that happened several years ago in the community. It was a learning curve for me as I’ve never been that far east before. Mike had to send me lots of photos of the area.

Sharon: I love this concept: “Sometimes truth cuts deeper than a lie.” So true. What are your thoughts on that statement?

Candace: That is the premise of the book – that the hero and heroine both have something to hide and they face the conundrum of telling the truth or being kinder by not mentioning it.

Oliver empties the bottle of Shiraz, taking a moment to brush a crumb off Candace’s lip. His fingers linger just a tad…

Sharon: Oliver, about those almond cookies. Is that the smoke alarm? Best run along and check. So, Candace. Before Oliver brings out dessert, might we expect further books written by you and Michael Davis?

Candace (whimpering slightly): W…what? Oh, sorry, Sharon, I just wanted to be sure Oliver didn’t need any assistance in the kitchen… Actually, Mike and I are currently wrapping up another manuscript entitled Whispers of Innocence. This one was my idea and takes place in Arizona. I figured it was only fair that Mike be subject to the same problems I had writing about Virginia!

Sharon: Here here. The glasses clink. And that brings us to the end of this very interesting interview. Candace, as always, it’s been a pleasure. I hope you agree to come back. But in the meantime, best of luck with sales, my friend.

Candace: Thank you Sharon and Oliver!

Oliver struts out with the sterling silver caddy, coffee, tea and cookies. And when Wicked Game plays again, he takes Candace in his arms and takes her for a spin around the floor.

Veil of Deception can be purchased in electronic format January 2, 2010 (

To purchase other books by Candace Morehouse, visit her website at:



Friday, January 22, 2010

The Author Roast and Toast

Hello Friends. It's Friday, which means Oliver and I are over at the Author Roast and Toast. Today's featured guest is Wendi Zwaduk and it's a Hollywood celebration. Come join the fun.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight with Oliver

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Spotlight! Today I have a very special guest. Our very own Oliver has agreed to be interviewed. So come into the parlor and join me for an up close and personal with my suave and debonair butler. And here he comes now. Oliver, darling, come on out!

Oliver saunters out, grinning. Dressed in a black t-shirt and low rider jeans, he takes a seat on the sofa, crosses one muscular leg over the other and blows kisses to his adoring fans. The women scream for him to flex his biceps. With a wicked wink, he obliges.

A cacophony of feminine shrieks and howls erupt from the audience, rattling the double pane windows and crystal chandelier. In between chanting his name, Oliver is bombarded with red roses, lace thongs, pictures and hotel keys. A real lady killer, Oliver scoops up handfuls of the souvenirs and takes a gallant bow.

Sharon: Thank you for agreeing to an interview, Oliver. Now, since the roles are reversed, I’ve mixed up a batch of your favorite drink, the James Bond martini and your favorite munchies, Macadamia nuts. Sharon pours the martinis into two chilled glasses and they toast.

Oliver: Perfect, just the way I like it. Shaken, not stirred. He scoops up some nuts and kisses his fingertips. Ambrosia!

Sharon: All right, now I know the ladies are dying to learn all about your life before joining my employee, so let’s get started. Tell us your full name and where you’re from.

Oliver sips his martini and winks. My name is Oliver Rodrigues Carvalho. I was born in Tuscany, but was raised in Hawaii. My sweet mama, God rest her soul, was a feisty little Italian woman with a heart as big as the day is long. Papa was born in Madrid, Spain and was a legendary bull fighter until his dying day.

Sharon: Sigh. What a family history. And tell us, Oliver, with all that hot blood surging through your veins, did you ever entertain the notion of carrying on the legend? I’m sure all the ladies out there can visualize you as a very sexy matador, taunting the bull with your red cape. Inquiry minds want to know.

Oliver: I remember watching Papa a few times as a boy, and being both fascinated and horrified. A raging bull is not a pretty sight, especially when he’s charging full steam ahead at a loved one, determined to stomp him to death. No, not once did I wish to pursue Papa’s career.

Sharon: You know, something I’ve always wondered about, Oliver. Why the color red? Correct me if I’m mistaken, but aren’t all animals color blind?

A seductive chuckle erupts from the back of Oliver’s throat. I always wondered who decided animals are color blind? To my knowledge, they can’t speak for themselves. But I can speak the truth about the red cape that is flapped in their face. It isn’t the color that annoys them. The bull gets stimulated by the flapping of the material. It enrages them and makes them charge.

Sharon: Well, thank you for clearing that up, Oliver. Are you ready for another martini?

Oliver winks. Keep them coming.

Sharon tops off the chilled glasses. Now, tell us how you came to be a part of my employee. And remember, darling, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Oliver clinks his martini glass and smiles a beguiling smile. Would I lie? The truth is, I love to cook and clean and am a connoisseur of fine wines. If there’s a drink or martini out there I don’t know about, I’ll learn and mix it up faster than I can pump my biceps. So when I saw the ad you were running in the paper, what choice did I have? Obviously, your mama didn’t raise no fool, and you hired me on the spot. And if I might be so bold to say, working for you is the best.

Sharon beams a brilliant smile. Why, thank you, Oliver. How sweet of you to say. I am the best boss, right? Sharon bats her eyelashes, still beaming.

Oliver: Well, there’s that. But I was actually thinking about all the hot babes you interview that I get to wait on hand and foot.

Sharon pouts. But of course. But tell them the real shocker, what you do at night.

Oliver grins and pumps his biceps. I’m a private investigator. I work undercover and have done a variety of surveillance work from tracking cheating spouses to some shady deals I am too much of a gentleman to discuss.
Sharon: And this makes you all the more dark and mysterious. Now, no doubt the ladies are curious about your love life. Are you or have you ever been married? If not, are you dating?

Oliver winks and grins? I’ve never been married and am still waiting for the woman who holds the key to my heart.

The women sigh.

Sharon: And just what type of woman might that be, Oliver?

Oliver: I’ll know her when my heart beats for her and only her.

The women gasp.

Sharon: Well, it’s either getting hot in here or thick in here. She fans her face. But obviously, our darling Oliver isn’t about to budge an inch. So on to other subjects. What kind of music do you like?

Oliver: I love all music. It speaks a language all its own. It can be romantic, energetic, sad or thrilling. But outside of rock and roll, jazz crawls beneath my skin and makes me feel alive. But when I’m thinking about a case or a woman, I prefer classical music.

Sharon: Lovely. And how about a date. Where do you take a woman on a date to impress her?

Oliver: It all depends on the woman. I prefer a woman that knows her mind and isn’t afraid to let me know her passions. But a selfish woman or self-serving woman is a real turn off. For a first date, I enjoy a quiet dinner, soft music and a nice bottle of wine. Talking is good. And a woman must have a sense of humor, but above all, she must have a heart that echoes her joy.

Sharon: clutches her heart. What a man! What about reading and movies? What are your preferences:

Oliver: Raises an eyebrow. You’re asking a PI that question while he’s sitting here drinking a James Bond martini? He winks. I love a good who done it, James Bond is my hero and I prefer to watch historical documentaries in my spare time.

Sharon: Do you have a hobby? Not that I give you any time to pursue one, but we all have a passion. What’s yours?

Oliver grins. I suppose it’s my Italian blood from Mama’s side. But I enjoy growing my own grapes and making wine from my own vineyards. When doing this, it’s something that I created with my own two hands. And wine is very good for you and a special bottle for the right occasion adds the perfect ambiance.

Sharon: Oliver, you are a jack of all trades. And tell us, do you have a favorite wine? Red or white?

Oliver: They say red is good for the blood and my personal preference is Tuscan Red. He kisses his fingertips. Delicioso..

Sharon: How sweet. Well, that just about wraps things up. And while I run in and brew your favorite coffee, chocolate almond and bring out your favorite dessert, a black forest cake smothered in cherries, you can entertain the ladies. Thank you for a most revealing interview, Oliver. And if I don’t say it enough, you’re the best. Sharon leans over and plants a kiss on Oliver’s lips and saunters to the kitchen, swooning.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Author Roast and Toast

Hello, Friends!
Today is Friday, which means Oliver and I, along with Lyn, Mary, Cuddles and Junior, will be at the
Author Roast and Toast

Today's featured guest is Skhye Moncrief
and we invite you to join us for a banquet at the Scottish Hall where Nessie is rumored to make an appearance. See you there. Oliver will be sporting his kilt! Must run. The pipes are a callin'!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Coffee Rightss Hostess

Looking for a little promo over at Coffee Time Romance & More? Why not join me at Coffee Rights for the remainder of January. I am the hostess for the series and the series is suspense.

I’ve posted the background to the story along with the opening paragraph. Now here’s the fun part. You get to add the next paragraph and so on until the story is complete. And the best paragraph wins a prize. Here are the details:

January Coffee Rights
Hostess: Sharon Donovan
Theme: Romantic Suspense
Hero: Reilly Stone
Heroine: Candace Valentine
Villain Andrew Peacock
Prize: Moonlight Path gift bag from Bath&Body

Title: Murder at midnight on a Moonlit Path

The whispers in his head grew louder and louder. Kill her. Kill her. Kill her. His heart pounding, Andrew Peacock bolted upright in bed. A brisk breeze swooshed through the Joshua trees, stirring the scent of roses with rain. A hunter’s moon hung low in the dark desert sky. In the distance, a coyote howled, its keening echoing through the canyon. The smell of the dank earth took him back to the night of his first kill. And the scent of roses reminded him of her. She was the love of his life, the prettiest thing the sorry town of Progress had ever seen. And she’d done him wrong. He walked to the window and gazed into the thicket, knowing precisely where he’d buried his slut of an ex-wife. Next week marked the anniversary of her death. And to keep the thrill of the kill alive, he’d reenact the crime. He’d hunt down her likeness, a flawless beauty with black hair and midnight blue eyes. And after taking a stroll down the moonlit path, he’d kill her. Then he’d bury the corpse in the woods and place a white rose on the grave. And he couldn’t wait.

Candace Valentine stood before her mirror, combing her long black hair before turning in for the night. With the hunter’s moon spilling in through her open window, her blue eyes sparkled. The hair on the nape of her neck prickled. She had the oddest feeling she was being watched. She dashed to the window to close it, her gaze searching the woods. And when her phone rang, she nearly jumped out of her skin. She snatched it up on the first ring.
“What lovely hair you have,” a voice whispered. “I just love watching you brush it in the moonlight. And what pretty blue eyes you have, the way they shimmer is so inviting.”

Deputy Sheriff Reilly Stone studied her, his green eyes searching. Raking his hand through his shaggy brown hair, his jaw clenched, he arched an eyebrow. “How long have you lived in Progress, Ms. Valentine?”
“All my life,” she said, her lip quivering.
He crossed his burly arms over his chest, his eyes narrowed. “So unless you’ve been living in a cave, surely you’re aware of all these women disappearing, vanishing into thin air.” He took a step closer. “And yet you stand in front of an open window, brushing your hair in the moonlight?”
She blinked back the tears. “I…I never worried about open windows before. I brush my hair every night before turning in. Those women who were reported missing were never found, no bodies to prove a serial killer stalks the woods. It’s probably just a coincidence, a…”
“Wise up,” he stormed toward the front door, his booted feet clomping. He glanced over his shoulder. “Every single woman reported missing had long black hair and blue eyes, like you. Bolt your door and keep the windows locked. Or you might just be the next victim.”

Won’t you join me?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Author Roast and Toast is back from Holiday Break

And it's a Medieval Banquet with Rachel Rossano! Come one, come all for a banquet fit for a king. Join Oliver and I, along with Lyn, Mary, Junior and Cuddles for another adventure as we roast Rachel.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Traditions


Happy 2010! I hope the New Year is a happy and healthy one where all your dreams come true! And with me, it’s all about traditions. With my heritage being predominantly Polish and Irish, along with a wee bit of Scottish, Welsh and Austrian blood, is it any wonder? I grew up with a blend of all these well wishes for the New Year, and I’d like to share them with you. Enjoy!!

An old Irish tradition:
At the stroke of midnight, open the front door to let the New Year in and make a wish. Then run to the back door or side door and open it to let the old year and all the bad luck out!

A Polish tradition from my Grandfather passed on to my mother
The Polish believe snow on New Year’s Eve brings good luck. On a snowy New Year’s Eve, place two silver dollars outside on the window pane. The following morning, scoop up the money, along with a generous handful of snow. Close your eyes and make a wish. Then run to the bathroom and wash your face in the fresh snow and your wish will come true!

Words of Wisdom from my Irish aunt
Aunt Sis, who has starred in many of my blog posts, was a big one for legends and superstitions. She used to tell us to never eat chicken on New Year’s Day or we’d be scratching all year! This, we learned, was a reference to money. Eating pork is said to fatten the wallet for the coming year!

My Polish aunt
Not a big one for legends or superstitions, but Aunt Mary used to give a piece of straw from her Christmas manger to all her nieces and nephews. She told us to keep it in our wallets and we’d never be broke. Maybe because I’m such a believer in legends and lore, it works for me. But this is the truth. When I’m running low on money and rub the straw between my fingers, I’ve been known to find money, get some unexpected cash or win the lottery. Now, grant it, I’m not talking about any large sum of money that will allow me the luxuries of the world by any stretch of the imagination. But just enough to be a blessing!

Somewhere in Austria
There are said to be Austrian relatives on my mother’s side of the family. Very little is known about them other than my grandmother and aunt spoke of a connection to royalty. There were letters from many years ago. But after my grandmother and aunt passed away, the stories they used to tell us at Christmas and Easter faded and nothing more was ever mentioned. But one thing that stuck in my head is a New Year’s tradition they spoke of. It’s a bit chilling, but since I’m such a big believer in angels, I don’t question it.

Pick up the first shiny penny you spot gleaming in the snow in the New Year. Check the date. If it’s either the year of birth or year of death of a loved one, that person is said to be your guardian angel and will watch over you for life.

The Scottish Blessing
The Scottish are big believers in purifying the home for the New Year. This can be done in whatever traditions are passed on from generation to generation in your family. One way is to sprinkle fresh water in each room to kill the germs of the old year. Some local priests come to the homes and sprinkle holy water and bless the home.

Welsh Wishes for Good Luck
I’ve always been drawn to the fresh scent of evergreen in the house at Christmas and saddened when the bristly needles fall off and pine away. With all the legends and lore I’m blessed with, bringing a bit of the good earth into the home had to mean something. I recently learned we have some Welsh relatives on my dad’s side of the family. And a Welsh tradition for the New Year is to break off a piece of the fresh pine and sprinkle the branch through the home.

No matter what your traditions are or how you choose to ring in the New Year, I wish you health and happiness for 2010. Happy New Year!