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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight with M. Flagg

Candlelight flickers from standing candelabras flanking either side of the stone fireplace. The hardwood floors gleam in the muted light. Two burgundy throne chairs sit before a lion leg glass table. Dried gardenia petals in huge pewter vases permeate the air. Dragon gargoyles stand guard at the bar. Dressed in black flowing gown, Lady Sharon undulates into the room and takes a seat. Violin music softly strums in the background.

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Spotlight! I am pleased to have M. Flagg, the amazing paranormal author of
With me in the house today. We will be chatting it up about book three in the series
So, come into my parlor. If you dare.

When the raven wall clock strikes midnight, the doorbell rings, chimes echoing through the mansion, Count Oliver, looking devilishly handsome in black leather, bouquet of fresh gardenias in hand, swaggers down the corridor and answers the door.'You rang, Mademoiselle Flagg.' Handing her the flowers, he kisses her neck and smiles. 'Follow me to the parlor where Lady Sharon sits in waiting.'

Mademoiselle Flagg: “Count,” I whisper. The sweet scent of gardenias fills my senses, and his smile causes each flame to blaze on candelabras in the far away parlor. The brush of such luscious lips, well, one can’t help but tingle. Who wouldn’t? I’m drawn to follow wherever he might lead. But the gracious Lady Sharon waits upon my arrival. Forcing my mind to focus, I take his arm and bask in the presence of Count Oliver.

A moment later, Count Oliver escorts Mademoiselle into the parlor.

A Chopin nocturne swells as Mademoiselle Flagg enters the parlor. Looking elegant in red cocktail dress and black leather boots, she air kisses Lady Sharon before sitting down on opposite throne.

Lady Sharon: Welcome, Mademoiselle. You look fabulous. I trust you had a good trip?

Mademoiselle Flagg: “It was one filled with anticipation. Thank you for having me back, Lady Sharon. As before, I am in awe of the lovely décor in the parlor.” …And that hunk of a butler. “You’ve redecorated. Burgundy is a favorite color of mine as well.”

Lady Sharon: Thank you for noticing. I love to decorate, one of my many passions.

Count Oliver slinks into room, roguish grin on his face. His eyes gleam as he arranges a platter of stuffed mushrooms and two chilled gin and tonics on the lion table. Taking Mademoiselle’s hand, he kisses it. 'I’m captivated, you are so lovely, Mademoiselle.'

Mademoiselle Flagg: The iced glass is positively chilling! Forget the mushrooms. I mean, who could chew fungus while feasting upon such, such maleness? The line of his wide hand is stunning. “Dear Oliver, it’s wonderful to see you again.” I dare not say more. In fact, there are no words. A quick sip cools the flash as I settle comfortably into the chair.

Lady Sharon: That will be all, Count Oliver. Do run along. The ladies, both countesses in another century, raise their glasses in a toast. Cheers, darling.

Lady Sharon: We are all dying to hear all the delicious details about book three in the Champion Chronicles. Do dish about


Mademoiselle Flagg: “Perfect, Lady Sharon. I love details. Perhaps that is why Michael’s journey unfolds in three books and not one. His road’s a bumpy one, but I’ll give a bit of who this sensual vampire really is. After two centuries as a merciless killer, and then another hundred years of harnessing the beast within his soul, Michael, a rather heroic creature of the night, not too hard on the eyes, either, is granted the unprecedented gift of being returned to human form. To find true love within his mortal life has always been his unspoken desire.”

Lady Sharon: Fascinating. Do tell about Michael’s looks

Mademoiselle Flagg: “Think tall, dark, and wickedly handsome.” We both sigh and nod. “Sired in 1690 by a powerful vampire, Michael was legendary for his lustful destruction of virginal women. Not only enjoying their necks, but hell-bent on other pleasures. In 1890, the evil in him soars to new heights and he crosses a tricky line only to seek an end to his undead existence. Instead of spiraling towards Hell, an angel intervenes. He is made mystically enhanced, a Champion who controls the beast within and knows the difference between good and evil. Then (in a dramatic twist) a full century later, Michael witnesses the birth of his son, Lukas, a human child who shouldn’t exist. Lukas is taken away from him immediately. Michael often revisits the very spot where his son was born, and one night, he finds Alana there and falls in love with the Guardian of Souls. This is, however, a forbidden romance. Alana’s mission is to destroy all demons in this world. When Alana leaves Michael, he’s primed and ready to seek revenge for what was done to his son. He is poisoned and captured, but Alana saves him. And as he heals, his very existence begins to change.  

Lady Sharon: Holds hand to heart, oh so dramatic. Now, Alana has questions and is curious about the other woman in Michael’s past. Do share.

Mademoiselle Flagg: Ah, the sultry Veronique Durant. For centuries, there were quite a few sensual romps with the dark goddess and Michael remembers them all. He knows what Veronique is capable of doing to an adversary, especially a former Guardian of Souls. Jealousy surges in Alana, who isn’t convinced Michael can put a silver sword to Veronique’s pretty little throat. That doubt will loom between Alana and Michael until the very second Veronique turns into bits of dust and bone.

Lady Sharon smiles. Ah, yes, the green-eyed monster indeed.  This book ends the trilogy. As they say, parting is such sweet sorrow. Your thoughts, m’dear?

Count Oliver freshens the cocktails, casting Mademoiselle a wicked wink.

Mademoiselle Flagg: Oliver has the most incredible eyes, just as hypnotizing as… “Oh. Yes. This parting is both sad and sweet. I enjoyed creating a cast of characters who gave Michael a reason to challenge himself and become a Champion. When I knew this story’s these would be redemption, it was only natural that such a commanding vampire had to have a super-strong support system. Naturally, Alana and Lukas became living, breathing entities along with Thorn and Celia, the Georgian Circle, and mystical healers called Catherines. I prefer to sink my teeth (pun intended) into juicy sagas with lots of characters and description. It’s said we write what we like, so I guess ‘three’ was the magic number, but each novel is also a stand-alone. A recent reviewer who read the entire trilogy was intrigued by Lukas, Michael’s son. Other fans of the series have asked what happens to him, the empathic Thorn and Celia as well.  Who knows? Maybe someday they’ll demand a few hundred pages of their own.

Lady Sharon: Most excellent. What’s next? Do tell us about your upcoming paranormal.

Count Oliver appears, carting a decadent devil’s food cake. With great ceremony, he slices a huge slice and feeds to Mademoiselle.

Mademoiselle Flagg: Can someone say heaven here!!! Oh Lord, his eyes. I push the plate away. Quick.

“Well, Lady Sharon, I’ve changed my writing name for this spicey paranormal novella. The reason is rather complicated, so I’ll simply say that Shela Sky’s The Vampire’s Touch, with a cover to die for, will be released this October from The Wild Rose Press.” Oliver brushes a delicious crumb of chocolate off my lips and a dreamlike “Thanks” drifts to his ear alone. Where was I? “Yes, my paranormal romance. This new vampire hero will unlock passion in a woman who has denied herself the right to love. Early reviews are exciting.”   

Lady Sharon: Mmm…sounds delicious. I’ll look forward to it. You simply must share a favorite legend or superstition with me.

Mademoiselle Flagg: “I’ll go with a superstition here; a silly one, in fact. In The Vampire’s Touch, my heroine walks along an icy street focused on skipping cracks in the cement. As a little girl, I remember singing the rhyme, keeping my fingers crossed I’d make it all the way home without one misstep. For Genevieve, opening her heart to love will expose her in a way she’s not ready to accept. The unconscious riskiness of avoiding cracks and not the ice beneath her feet foreshadows Genevieve’s internal dilemma.”  

Count Oliver returns with a copy of

Handing M. Flagg a pen with his blood-drawn ink, he smiles. Might I have your autograph, Mademoiselle?

Mademoiselle Flagg: My hand trembles. Oliver steadies it. “Yes. Of course, for you anything,” I breathe, less steady than I’d hope to show the renowned Lady Sharon. 

Lady Sharon: Sadly, that ends this most enchanting visit. Thank you for a fabulous chat. Always a pleasure catching up with you, Mademoiselle. Before you depart, do tell readers where they can buy your books.

Mademoiselle Flagg: “Lady Sharon, you are truly a gracious host. And the service is superb.” My eyes slide to Oliver. I hand him back the book as my heart flutters. “The Champion Chronicles: Retribution! Consequences… and His Soul to Keep are available in print and e-book at, Amazon, and B&N. Thank you, dear Lady Sharon, for inviting me.”


By M. Flagg

From the kitchen table Alana watched a new day begin. Sleep had not been possible. Hours earlier, Michael had come home withdrawn and pale. He hadn’t said a word. She had watched him walk into the den, close the door. Then she called her father. He offered little information and not wanting to jump to erroneous conclusions, she did what relaxed her the most.

Automatically, she had mixed the necessary ingredients in a ceramic bowl; then kneaded the dough until it was smooth. And as full sun finally brightened the kitchen, she stared at two loaves of hot Italian bread. Dressed in one of Michael’s black silk shirts and a pair of leggings, she nursed a third cup of coffee.

His distinctive footsteps sounded in the hall. She drew in a deep breath and waited.
Instead of coming to the kitchen, Michael went into their bedroom. The shower started in the private bathroom. Alana set the table for breakfast… and worried. She thought about what she’d say to him, and worried more. When he sat at the table in silence, she placed the fresh bread and sweet butter down. A slight smile came from her as he stared at it. “It’s Zia’s recipe.

After a small bite, wonder showed on his face. “You continue to amaze me, my love. It’s delicious.”

She poured fresh coffee into a familiar crystal mug, and when he took it from her, she noticed his unsteady grip. Avoiding her gaze, he didn’t offer an explanation. “I spoke to Dad. Guardians are on the student house in Siena. Who is this ancient vampire?”

“Veronique Durant,” he bit out.

“Dad thinks she’s involved.” She waited for him to say something. Instead, he turned and stared out the window. Bells and whistles instantly went off in her head, having to draw information out of him after what she witnessed last night. “So tell me what I should know about her.”

Michael’s dark eyes grew intense enough to pierce through her. “Veronique sired Cyril. She was his mistress for many centuries. I knew her as well, way back when.”

She skipped over the ‘I knew her’ part. “How far is way back when, decades or centuries? Was she ever in New York? Maybe shipped her coffin over for a romantic rendezvous—or two?”
“Of course…Cyril lived there for hundreds of years.”

“When did he move to the Vermont estate?”

“During World War One,” he stated. “Before 1890, we often crossed the Atlantic to be with her. I said before 1890. Veronique flitted between continents whenever she wanted, but she preferred Florence.”
Don’t jump to conclusions, she reminded herself, and unable to ask the one question she needed him to answer, she said, “And?”

“We met the year I was turned, if that’s what you’re looking for.”

Alana leaned in. “Just met or—” His glower cut her short. “So what’s she like?”

After an endless pause, he leaned back. “Veronique’s pretty. Does that answer the question?”

It didn’t. “Just how pretty is pretty? How old is she, anyway? If she sired Cyril, that makes her your grandsire. And there are other connections. I’m just guessing.”

“Leave it alone, my Guardian. It’s ancient history.”

“I want answers, buddy.”

His right eyebrow rose, a typical reaction to the term and the tone. “Ah, the green-eyed monster strikes again. Last May it was aimed at Gabby, a holy healing sister. Now it’s a crotchety old vampire.”

“I’m guessing Veronique Durant doesn’t have wiry gray hair and warts.”

“You’d be right.”

“How is it that Cyril looked like a bleached prune and she doesn’t?”

She feeds often. Probably uses every type of bewitched cream and magical mud bath to fight the aging
process. Veronique is more than vain. Cyril was a recluse who avoided human pleasures. This vampire craves passion.”

“Just like you—before your re-acquaintance with conscience and soul.”

“I never touched Veronique after I reclaimed my soul—after 1890, if it’s any consolation, darlin’. In fact, I never touched any woman, alive or otherwise, after I saw you.”

Her foot kept time with war drums in her brain. “She’s going down, darlin’, right home to Hell along with your old friend who has stolen yet another soul.”

“The beast within isn’t my old friend, Alana,” he angrily replied. “I contained its need to kill for the last hundred-plus years.”

“This girl is an innocent. The Catherines will save her the same way they saved you.”

I didn’t welcome the beast within when it swallowed my soul in 1690.”

“You actually believe she welcomed this thing?” She took her coffee cup to the sink. It clanged against the black porcelain. “Why didn’t you ever tell me about Veronique?”

“Why didn’t you read up on other vampires besides me?”

As she turned, her face flushed. Her glare intensified. “Just answer my question.”

“Those centuries have nothing to do with us. Let it go. It was a different existence.”

“Gee, I can’t keep up. The brash 1690s Englishman looking for sex in all the wrong places, the gorgeous vamp with a-a virgin fetish, the mystically enhanced creature who fought for his soul, the immortal being who vowed to walk through the fires of Hell for me, and now, a living, breathing man telling me to let it go. There have been so, so many Michael Malones.” She turned back to the sink, wishing it full of dirty dishes to scrub. “For more than a week, I’ve craved conversation, not a battle of wits. And you still haven’t explained last night.”

He came behind, locked her against the counter. “I don’t want to bicker. None of it matters, Alana.”
Warm lips pressed against her neck. Kisses traced her right shoulder. Just the slightest touch fueled a fire she couldn’t control. She fought the peak of frustration telling her pulse not to race. “We need to talk,” she said as her temperature soared. Bracing her back, she turned to face him.

BRIEF BIO: M. Flagg’s His Soul to Keep released at the end of July in print and e-book format. It is the final novel in The Champion Chronicles Trilogy published by The Wild Rose Press. Writing as Shela Sky, The Vampire’s Touch, a spicy novella, will be released by TWRP in October 2011. Learn more about Mickey at or read reviews of her and Shela’s stories at

Saturday, August 13, 2011

And the winner is

Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock!

As promised, in honor of The Master’s birthday, I am announcing the winner of my summer contest. Thank you all for participating in Hitchtrivia! What fun and how fabulous to know there so many Hitchcock fans out there. Here are the questions and answers.

1. Name all three films that Grace Kelly starred in
Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief

2. What was the name of Hitchcock’s first American made film?

3. In which of Hitchcock’s famed cameo appearance does he wear a cowboy hat?

4. What year was The Birds produced?

5. Which model made her debut in The Birds?
Tippi Hedren

6. Who starred in Dial M for Murder, both the male and female leading roles?
Ray Milland and Grace Kelly.

7. Name Hitchcock’s first color film

8. Who played in Torn Curtain?
Paul Newman and Julie Andrews.

9. Who played Marion Crane in the 1960 original Psycho?
Janet Leigh

10. How many films did Jimmy Stewart star in?
4 for Hitchcock Rear Window Vertigo Rope The Man Who Knew Too Much

11. What color did Kim Novak object to wearing in Vertigo?

12. What was the name of the restaurant that Scotti first sees Madeline in Vertigo?
Ernie's Restaurant

Oliver pops the champagne! The winner is Melissa Keith. Congratulations Melissa! You win the Collector’s Edition DVD of Vertigo, enjoy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight with Courtney Breazile

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Spotlight! My guest today is Courtney Breazile. Courtney and I are chatting about her novel

We’re enjoying a lovely mid-summer day out in the lilac garden where dreams and wishes come true. A cascading water fountain  quietly trickles over rocks of lavendar and  jade into a pond where  a young woman is said to see the reflection of her destiny at midnight. Love doves coo in the lush tropical garden, their melodic singing carrying through the thicket. Sharon sits at a gleaming glass table, the breeze gently rippling through her hair. Wiccan wind chimes ring, and Oliver, looking were wolfishly handsome in black, slinks off to the door.

A moment later, he escorts Courtney into the garden, the birds singing Rhiannon by Stevie Nicks.

Sharon: Welcome, Courtney. How are you on this beautiful mid-summer day?

Courtney: Wonderful, thank you for having me.

Sharon: Tell us about Green Embrace, the genre, the setting, the atmosphere.

Courtney: It is an FF paranormal erotica, number 6 in my Immortal Council Series. It’s set in modern time, United States, where there are many immortal creatures who live around humans, but do not really interact with them. It is an intense and emotional romance between a witch and a half witch half animal elf.

Sharon: Tell readers about Ever, her strengths, her weaknesses, her powers.

Courtney: Ever is half witch and half animal elf. She possesses many powers of both creatures, casting spells, talking with animals and flashing (teleportation). She is not in great control of her powers however and lacks much knowledge because she was raised by her warlock father among humans, hiding from all other immortals. She is destined to be a powerful tool however, if she can learn to use her power.

Oliver appears, a sterling silver plate poised above his head. Casting Courtney a wolfish grin, he places down two goblets of sparkling ice water and a platter of artichoke dip and wafer-thin crackers. Plucking up a wafer generously dipped, he feeds to Courtney.

Courtney: Oh my that is delicious, heaven in my mouth.

Sharon: Thank you, Oliver, that will be all for now. Courtney, tell us about Vincent, his obsession with Ever, his hold over her.

Courtney: Vincent is an ancient Animal Elf and he is the self appointed leader of the opposition. He wants Ever, knows that she is going to play an integral role in the coming clash of species, may very well decide the victor by whose side she is on. He kidnaps her, holds her in his spell and begins teaching her to use her powers, she was destined to be his tool.

Sharon: Selene is a witch. Tell us about her powers, strengths and weaknesses.

Courtney: Selene is leader of a powerful coven, though newly appointed and just barely able to function in her role. She is a death witch which means she is capable of killing even immortals near instantly with a single directed thought. She rarely uses this power though. She is a soft hearted witch and when she first is contacted by Ever she is instantly obsessed.

Sharon: When not writing, what are some other interests?

Courtney: I am a sun worshiper when I can be, I love to play with my children. I enjoy sewing and cooking, when I have time and lately been very much enjoying pilates, a great way to relax and meditate.

Sharon: What’s next for Courtney Breazile?

Courtney: I just started the next in this series, hopefully won’t take too long to get out there. But in the meantime I have a couple books coming in September. On the first of September is The Prop, a MFF ménage from Extasy Books and on the nineteenth of September is Temporary Treats from Total-E-Bound.

Oliver materializes with dessert, dishes of daiquiri ice cream from Baskin Robins. Scooping up a spoonful, he feeds to Courtney, eyes gleaming with admiration.

Courtney: Oh you are going to make me never want to leave!

A moment later, a copy of Green Embrace materializes in Oliver’s hand. He winks. Courtney, love, might I so boldly request the honor of your autograph?

Courtney: Of course!

Sharon: You know I adore myths and superstitions. Can you share a favorite with me?

Courtney: I am not a superstitious person but I love myths of all kinds, always have. At the moment I seem to be obsessed with anything and everything immortal.

Sharon: Sadly, that brings us to the end of Wednesday Spotlight. Before you leave, tell readers where they can buy Green Embrace and your other books.

Courtney: will bring you to my publisher of most my books. is my website and has links to all my books. They can also be found at and and many other ebook sites.

Sharon: Thank you for a fascinating interview. Here’s wishing you lots of sales!

Ever is a half witch, half Animal Elf who was raised in the human world. As if that didn’t give her enough issues she is part of a prophecy that has everyone after her and her convinced she is destined to be a weapon for the wrong side.

Selene is a witch who never wanted to be leader of a coven but after being thrown into the position she is looking for a way to escape. When Ever contacts Selene through astral projection and asks for her help in escaping Vincent, Selene jumps on the chance. She becomes obsessed with the beautiful woman who appears to her and would do anything to have her.

Saving her from Vincent is only the beginning. Neither willing to give control of any kind to the other they clash at every turn and their exploding passion isn’t enough to keep them together.

Is their obsession enough to bring them together before Vincent takes back what he claims is his?

Ever held her best blank and happy stare in place, which wasn’t easy when sitting across the table from Vincent. She hated looking at him. It always made her lose her appetite, but when she didn’t eat, he fussed and that was worse. She couldn’t stand his wrinkled hands touching her face and arms, his face full of too much concern. She shivered slightly at the memory.
“Oh, my dear, are you chilled? Blaze, close that window,” Vincent ordered.
Blaze’s red Fire Demon eyes flashed fire, but he stood to obey. He wasn’t here because he believed in what Vincent was doing. He was nothing more than hired muscle. Ever had considered trying to get him to help her escape, but she was certain she had nothing to offer in comparison to whatever Vincent was giving him. Men like Blaze worked for the highest bidder, not damsels in distress. Not to mention the looks he sometimes gave her made her skin crawl, as if he would like to devour her. She wasn’t sure if it was her body or her soul he was after. Ever shivered again.
“Thank you,” Ever said with a smile, because that is what Vincent expected her to do. She had quickly discovered that to do anything else was not worth the backpedaling and kissing of his ass she had to do afterward. She couldn’t let him know she had woken up from whatever trance he had put her under.
She wasn’t sure how long she’d been here with him, didn’t fully understand how he had made her forget what he had done for so long. When she’d awakened, she’d kept the act up. She’d known she wouldn’t survive any other way. She had to bide her time.
She was determined to make it out of here alive and knew she would be more powerful for what he was teaching her. It was what he wasn’t teaching her that worried her, the secrets she saw in his eyes when he thought she wasn’t paying attention. As if he knew more about what she was than she did. Sometimes she didn’t think she wanted to know.
Vincent was an ancient Animal Elf and his knowledge of the Animal Elf side of her power was great. Her witch half he didn’t know much about, but he loved it, and was extremely happy when she demonstrated it. He was training her to be his weapon against his sister, Payton, and her own mother, Lillian. She didn’t fully understand it, but she knew she didn’t want to be on his team.
“You are quiet this eve, is everything well with you?”
“Oh yes, I’m just tired from all our work is all,” Ever lied.
“Well why don’t you head off to bed, I’m going off the island after dinner anyway. I have meetings with some possible allies.”
“Oh,” Ever tried not to sound too interested by this, but her heart was suddenly beating wildly. He hadn’t left the island since bringing her here, not to her knowledge anyhow. This could prove to be a very good thing.
Vincent’s face changed just the slightest bit, but it was enough to know he was suspicious. She wanted to kick herself, but the shock of his departure was just too much and not being a full Animal Elf, she didn’t have the insane control over her emotions that he did. It didn’t help that her witch half was extremely emotional. Most days, she wavered from one extreme to the other.
“Blaze will be near if you have need of anything while I’m away,” Vincent said with clear warning.
Ever pulled on that space inside of her where her Animal Elf instincts were held and blanked her look. “Lovely, now I think I will go rest.” She stood smoothly and left the room without another word, but she felt both their gazes on her as she went.
She managed to hold it together until she reached her room. With a quick probe of her Animal Elf senses, she found no animals about to spy for Vincent, something she was constantly afraid of. She hopped onto her bed excitedly and clasped her hands. She had an opportunity this night and she was not going to waste it. She knew what she could do with so little time and opportunity, something she had wanted to try for a while now.
Ever waited until she was sure Vincent had flashed off the island, a little trick he had conveniently refused to show her how to accomplish. Then she laid back, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was going to find her mother or perhaps Wraith and she was going to help them find her.
She pushed out her witch senses, projecting herself into the universe, and felt around. She called for them, but there was no response. Frustrated, she pushed farther into the universe from deeper within herself. This had to work, she had been thinking about it for so long, planning it. This is what had made it easier to sit around and pretend. Ever took a breath, concentrated on feeling the universe and pushed her frustrations and fears down.
She felt something then, a powerful pull. Ever threw herself at it, not caring who it would take her to. If the universe was answering her call for help, then it had to be where she needed to go. A split second later, she was stunned to find herself looking at the most beautiful creature she had ever seen.

Courtney Breazile
I am a writer and educator, I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho. I have been writing since forever and reading even longer. I’m married with two beautiful daughters and reside in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I spend my days thinking of sexy stories and writing them. It’s a hard life…
As an author of romance and erotica my life is never boring. I am constantly thinking of stories and scenarios and researching anything I am not familiar with firsthand. I write what I love and I love every minute of being a writer.
Find out more about me with my links below. Blogs, free reads, and radio shows. Never a dull moment with Courtney Breazile.

Courtney: Thank you so much for having me, it was a delight.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight with Amber Leigh Williams

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Spotlight! My guest today is multi-published author Amber Leigh Williams. In the spirit of Wayback, we are kicking up our heels in the parlor to discuss Amber’s sizzling hot Western Romance BLUEST HEART. So saddle up and ride in on your favorite horse, footloose and fancy free. You’re in for one hot ride!

With a backdrop of lavendar skies, the sun, a blazing ball of fire, is just rising to meet the horizon. Bluebirds cheerfully chirp from a lush canopy of pines. A slight breeze rustles, gently stirring the sweet fragrance of daisies blooming in the arbor bordering the ponderosa from column to column.

Sharon sits at the bar, donned in red silk blouse, black jeans, beige ankle boots and cowgirl hat, waiting for Amber to arrive. Oliver, looking ruggedly handsome in Western shirt, jeans and Stetson, tends the bar with a wink and a smile. With its hardwood floors, Smokey mirror showcasing whiskey, bourbon, vodka and tequila bottles, rodeo pictures and jukebox, the parlor has a rustic atmosphere.

In the distance, the stampeding of horse hooves galloping through the pine cones rise above Frank Sinatra’s Witchcraft playing on the jukebox. A minute later, the doorbell rings. Oliver, plucking up a bouquet of daisies, swaggers off to answer, snake skin boots clicking on hardwood. He escorts Amber in through the swinging doors, looking hot to trot in her midnight blue blouse, jeans and matching hat. Sharon greets her with a resounding Yee haaa!
Sharon: Howdy, Amber. Belly up to the bar and take a load off. How the heck are you, girlfriend?

Amber: I’m doing just fine, Sharon! Look where we are! Who wouldn’t be able to take a load off in this environment….

Add caption
Oliver sets a perfectly chilled white merlot in front of Amber. Here y’all go, darlin’, and a platter of deviled eggs, just like your grandma made.

Amber: *blushes* Aw, you sure know how to make a girl happy, Oliver, honey!

Sharon taps her long ruby fingernail on the glossy mahogany bar. I’m rather parched, Oliver. I could go for a bit of what Amber’s drinking to wet my whistle.

Oliver, gazing into Amber’s eyes, places the bottle and a glass on the counter. Arching an eyebrow, Sharon pours her own. So, Amber, let’s dish about Bluest Heart. Give me the skinny, girl.

Amber: Bluest Heart is the second book in my Wayback trilogy, the Ridges of Wayback, Texas. He’s the second Ridge brother and the most…well, steady of the brood, lol. (His brother and sister are a bit infamous for their public antics.) Despite the fact that he’s just a good downhome cowboy, he happens to be in love with the so-called “bad girl” of Wayback, Josie Brusky. On the surface, it seems as if Josie wants nothing to do with him – but, as it turns out, she’s been trying and failing to resist his charms for a long time. Readers really get to see him turn on the charm, and let me just say the good boy has never been so sexy!

Sharon: Tell us about the Wayback series, the setting, the guidelines, the overall feel of what readers expect.

Amber: The Wayback, TX series was crafted originally by the editors of The Wild Rose Press’s western romance editors. They created the bones of this small rodeo town in West Texas and put out a call for authors to write stories against that backdrop. I came in a little late, but I loved the setting and characters so much I had to come back to Wayback and write two more books, rounding the Ridges of Wayback, TX into a trilogy and some of my favorite books to date J

When readers come to Wayback, whether with the Ridges or any of the other awesome Wayback stories, they expect a bit of fun, I think, along with a spunky heroine and, of course, those irresistible cowboys! They also expect a strong level of romance and, in a lot of cases, heat. A good deal of Wayback stories are hot and spicy ;)

Sharon: Your hero and heroine, Casey and Josie, despite their obvious feelings, couldn’t make it work the first time around. What obstacles do they have to overcome the second time around?

Amber: As always, it’s Josie’s past and the negative perception of everyone else in Wayback toward her that are the main obstacles. Her father was a real villain and a lot of people think more than a few of his traits have rubbed off on her despite the fact that she’s a successful businesswoman. Casey learned to look past the gossip a long ago. It’s Josie, though, who doesn’t want to sully him with her family’s reputation. There’s also the complication of Casey’s sister, Stella, who has some harsh feelings for Josie. That might lead to one of those public antics I mentioned above….

Sharon: Bluest Heart is available on audio. Fabulous, my kind of format. What makes a book a candidate for that particular format, and where is it available as an audio read?

Amber: The Wild Rose Press chose Bluest Heart as well as the two other books in the Ridges of Wayback, TX trilogy to be published in audio through AudioLark. I’m not sure how it was chosen. Bluest Heart, though, is the bestselling book in the Ridges of Wayback, TX trilogy and all three of the books have been very well-reviewed.

AudioLark designed new covers for each of the Ridge books! To see them and purchase Blackest Heart, Bluest Heart, or Bet it on my Heart in audio, visit AudioLark here:

Sharon: Do you incorporate any of your own personality traits into Josie’s character, and if so, do share.

Amber: Oh boy, I wish I was more like Josie. She came out of a horrible upbringing a strong and resilient woman, despite the fact that others in Wayback don’t take the time to notice that fact. The only thing Josie and I have in common is that we’re both short on fuses, which of course always makes things interesting, lol

Sharon: What about Casey. Tell us about him, his best, his worst, what makes him irresistible to women?

Amber: What doesn’t make Casey irresistible? That would take less time to explain. No character is perfect, but Casey Ridge is a fine member of the male species, both in looks and heart. The thing I love most about him is that when he knows what he wants, he goes after it – no questions, no hesitation. In this book, that thing he wants most happens to be Josie ;)

Casey’s biggest flaw is that same single-mindedness, however, because it can get him, and his heart, into a great deal of trouble.

Oliver winks at Amber. In his husky voice, sings the lyrics of Witchcraft as he plucks her off the bar stool. May I have this dance, darlin’?

Amber: Hahaha, well… Oliver, honey, I’d be honored!

After the Dancing With the Stars couple  take a sweeping bow, Oliver refills Amber’s wine glass, sloshes some into Sharon’s as an after thought. Casting Amber a wildly wicked wink, produces a hot off the press copy of BLUEST HEART. Might I have your autograph, sweet darlin’?

Amber: You are just too much…and yes, of course, you may!

Sharon: What’s next for Amber Leigh Williams?

Amber: I’m pleased to say that my agent is now circulating my new contemporary romance. It takes place in my hometown on the Gulf Coast. I’m more attached to this story than the Ridges. And that’s saying a lot because I LOVE those Ridges of Wayback, TX!

Sharon: Congratulations! As you probably know, collecting legends and superstitions is a passion of mine. Do you have one for me?

Amber: Oh, I have plenty. Mostly involving the number thirteen. It’s ridiculous, but since I was a little girl, when I read to chapter thirteen in a book I have to rush through it because some crazy part of my brain thinks something will horrible to happen to me or my loved ones if I linger. Silly, right? Also a few years ago I had to go to the emergency room on Friday the 13th so that day always comes with a great deal of trepidation. I get my superstitions honestly, however, so that’s something….

Sharon: I feel the same way about that number, see I can’t even say it. LOL Sadly, Amber, this brings us to the end of our interview. Thank you for a delightful time, what fun it’s been dishing with you! Before Oliver serves dessert, do tell where readers can buy BLUEST HEART and where they can find you.

Amber: Readers, BLUEST HEART is now available in ebook from The Wild Rose Press:

Readers, you can also visit my website for bonus material from the Ridges of Wayback, TX trilogy:!

Oliver appears with a decadent strawberry shortcake brimming with whipped cream and huge succulent berries. With great ceremony, slices a huge piece and feeds to Amber, gazing into her eyes the whole time.

Amber: *simpers* I think I’ll stay here awhile…. Thank you so much, Sharon, for the lovely interview! And, Oliver, bring on those strawberries, honey ;)

Sharon: We’ll leave readers with a teaser from BLUEST HEART. So long, and thanks for saddlin’ up!

The Wayback bachelor is a dying breed, but that doesn't stop Casey Ridge from wanting to settle down. For this cowboy anyone but Josie Brusky would be an easy wrangle. Unfortunately for him, the Blue Bug singer and owner of Josie's Treasures doesn't believe in commitment much less marriage.

Years ago, Josie lost her heart to Casey's charm and dimpled smile. Since then she has done everything she knows to forget him. After all, she’s known as the local harlot and the daughter of the town’s biggest bigot. Casey could have any girl he wanted. Why would he saddle himself with her? In the wake of a shattering past, she refuses to give up her independence.

Casey digs down deep to win her over, but does he have what it takes to win Wayback's bluest heart?

"You remember that night behind the stable?"

She let out a small, throaty laugh. "Seems like forever ago, but yeah. Your hair was a lot longer then."

"Yours, too." He could remember it curtaining their faces, the tips of silky, red curls tickling his cheeks. Tracing the line of pearly buttons from the hem of her midnight blue blouse to the open neck-line, he touched the teardrop-shaped pearl on the thin gold chain around her neck which reminded him of the moon that night. "You were my first."

She lifted her gaze to his. Tenderness warred with uncertainty in the whiskey-colored depths. "Me, too."

His heart pattered at the memory. "I always liked that about us."

She nodded, frowning. "I was crazy about you."

The tip of his thumb traced the bottom edge of her lip. "So why didn’t it last?"

She looked beyond him, remembering. "Because however much I wanted to be with you, I knew I would be leaving the first chance I got. I wasn’t go-ing to let anything or anyone stand in my way."

"You figured I would?"

"Casey, we were so young," she told him. "Who knows what you or I would’ve done?"

He paused, running a hand over her hair. "Just for the record," he murmured, lips brushing her cheek, "I would’ve let you go."

She sighed, reaching up to clutch his upper arm. The muscle under her hand and his sleeve warmed. "Why hasn’t anyone snatched you up yet?"

"Because you’re the only one I ever wanted, Josie," he told her, cupping her chin in his hand to look her in the eyes as he said it. "The only one."

BLUEST HEART © Amber Leigh Williams
Title: Bluest Heart
Author: Amber Leigh Williams
Genre: Western Romance
Length: Novella
Heat Rating: Hot
Price: $3.75 
Bio: Amber Leigh Williams is a multi-published romance author, a member of Romance Writers of America, former Secretary of the Gulf Coast Chapter of RWA, and a weekly contributor to The Roses of Prose. Her first western romance, Blackest Heart, was the 1st Place More Than Magic Novella in 2009 and her historical romance, Forever Amore, was nominated for Best Book of 2009 by Long & Short Reviews. She is represented by D4EO Literary Agency and lives on the Gulf Coast with her husband, Jacob, and their three labs. Visit her on the web at!