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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight with Hywela Lyn

Oliver, looking devilishly ethereal in black satin, sits in a halo of soft amber light cast upon him from the moonlight, strumming on a lyre. Beneath a blanket of blue velvet and twinkling stars on this moonlit night, the Nine Muses splash in the lagoon, singing and dancing. A tropical forest of lush evergreens encompass the lagoon as the water nymphs perform. Love Doves quietly coo, their melodic voices floating through the night. A gentle breeze rustles, stirring the sweet scent of roses, orchids and camellias.
Holding a candle, Sharon undulates into the garden, looking elegant as the breeze ripples through the organdy pleats of her plum rose gown. Blowing kisses to the muses, she takes a seat at the gleaming glass table to await her guest. On a tinkering of wind chimes, Oliver swaggers off to greet the guest of honor, stopping to gracefully pluck up a bouquet of yellow roses.

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Spotlight! My special guest today is my dear friend and soul sister Hywela Lyn. Lyn is here this evening to chat about her fascinating book


 Let’s give her a warm welcome!

Thunderous applause echoes through the night as Lyn saunters out on Oliver’s arm, looking elegant in a long billowy gown of lavender blue

Sharon rushes to hug her friend. “Welcome, my sweet darling girl. Please, have a seat in the garden and make yourself comfortable. What beautiful roses, so thoughtful of Oliver to arrange them in this water dish where they can float. How are you, my dear?”

Lyn: My dear, sweet friend, I’m so thrilled to be here, and you look so beautiful , that colour suits you so well.  And Oliver, (Lyn blushes and lowers her eyes) you must surely be the best butler a hostess could ever have, you could charm the birds out of the trees.  Sharon dear one, you are such a lucky lady! How am I? Well I’m fine thank you, apart from a slight trembling of the knees!

Sharon: No need to tremble, my dear. Thank you for the lovely compliment. Might I return it. Lavendar blue is such a flattering color on you.

Oliver materializes with two sparkling goblets of mead, a scalloped platter of juicy red strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, a sinfully rich dipping cream and long-stemmed Lady Godiva chocolates. Arranging the treats on the table, he plucks up a strawberry. Dips it in cream and feeds to Lyn, gazing into her eyes, a devilish smile curving his lips.

For you, love. Might I tell you how beautiful you look in the light of the silvery moon.

Lyn: (Blushes again) Oliver dear, you are such a flatterer, and such a handsome devil to boot!  If you keep saying things like that and feeding me cream covered strawberries, I’m likely to forget why sweet Sharon invited me here! (Lyn flutters her eyelashes, a dreamy smile hovering on her lips.)

Sharon: This is such a delight to have you here on this lovely evening. I can hardly wait to get the inside scoop on your book. Do share a little heavenly gossip about

Lyn: Well, let me see now.  The gods of Olympus are a mischievous lot you know, and tend to dabble in all sorts of things, even things that  don’t really concern them.  Zeus, despite being a loving father to his many children,  is a bit of a tyrant, aided and abetted by his handsome son Apollo, they conspire to send Terpsichore to Wales, on the pretext of helping the Celts regain their love of music and dancing.  Of  course there is a hidden agenda and Terpshichore is unaware that her destiny is about to be entwined with that of another legendary figure.

Sharon: Fascinating, so very intriguing. The cover is stunning. Our good friend Miss Mae designed it, lovely. Tell us about the celestial creation behind the making of this cover.

Lyn: Miss Mae must take all the credit for the cover, which I absolutely love! Terpsichore is not only the muse of dance, she is a water nymph, and can’t resist the lure of water, or the chance to bathe in a Welsh waterfall.  Miss Mae read the story and we both knew that a waterfall would have to feature in the cover, and I think she not only found the perfect falls to fit the scene, but also portrayed Terpsichore herself perfectly, hinting at her impishness and her magical gifts, as well as her beauty and seductiveness.

Sharon: Absolutely. I am so in tune with my muse and I know that you are as well. Share with us some intriguing insights about your muse.

Lyn:  Well, my personal muse also likes music. She tends to be more active when I have orchestral, moody music playing.  She’s also very elusive and hides from me for weeks on end, then when she’s ready to play again, she bombards me with ideas until my mind’s a whirl and I’m completely confused,. Other times she ‘plays nice’ and has even been known to write entire paragraphs for me!

Sharon: Yes, our muses are spirited little rascals, aren’t they just. Terpsichore is the muse of dance, and I dare say, a wee bit mischievous. Tell us about this delightful nymph.

Lyn: Oh, Terpsichore is perpetually young and beautiful, and of course dancing and music are her greatest joys – until she meets Myrddin of course, and then he becomes the main focus of her attention.  She tries to be a good muse, to be obedient and to her duty as a goddess of inspiration, but she is strong willed too, and isn’t going to allow anyone to push her around. She’s also sensitive and caring and once she has given her heart she will fight like a lioness to protect the object of her affection, however great the sacrifice.

Sharon: Speak of the angelic devil, look who just danced out of the water to grace our table. Sharon kisses her on the cheek. Such a pleasure, my dear Terpsichore. And here comes Oliver to sprinkle some devilish charm.

Oliver, captivated by the angelic glow emanating from this goddess of the water, kisses her hand, a beguiling smile on his lips.

A pleasure, Terpsichore, you are simply gorgeous. May I offer you a drink, my sweet love angel?

Terpsichore: Oh Oliver, you are quite divine.  Are you sure you don’t have Greek blood?  You would certainly be at home with any of the gods on Olympus.  A little Ambrosia if you please – or some honey mead if you don’t have any Ambrosia.

Sharon: Tell us about your role in Hywela Lyn’s book, Terpsichore. Such a fascinating love story, do share.

Terpsichore: Well naturally I’m the heroine – but you knew that didn’t you! I was sent on a mission by my brother Apollo and my father, the venerable Zeus, to 5th Century Wales.  Of course I’d been there before, quite some considerable time before, in fact, but they were so busy fighting off their invaders they’d quite forgotten about the dancing I’d taught them and had become a morose and miserable lot. My task was to re-inspire them, and it didn’t take long.  Terpsichore pauses, and rolls her eyes dramatically. Of course, knowing my father and brother as I do, I should have known there was more to it than they let on!

Oliver appears, silver tray of drinks balanced above his head. With a sweeping bow, he sets the Ambrosia down, then uncovers a sinfully delicious Devil’s Food cake. With great pizazz, he slices huge pieces.  Winking, eyes twinkling in the moonlight, he feeds a forkful to Terpsichore, then Lyn, overwhelmed by all the beauty.

Sharon: Terpsichore, do share a bit about yourself, the challenges you face in Dancing With Fate.

Terpsichore: I am one of the Muses of Inspiration. I have eight sisters, and we all have a different talent to inspire. Mine is dancing.  Humans need to dance, to free themselves of their cares and troubles, if only for a while.  Dancing is also often a significant part of the courtship process – so you see my inspiration is very important. However, not all gods are as good and peace- loving as I and my sisters. After I met Myrddin there was great danger lying in wait for us, from my own kin, not to mention the evil creatures that inhabited the dark places of Earth. Terpsichore  pouts sensuously before continuing. As if that wasn’t enough, I also had to contend with the irritating fact that my soulmate, the love of my life, was betrothed to another – and Myrddin’s sense of Honour would not allow him to be disloyal to her.

Sharon Poor darling. I’m sure Hywela worked it all out. Lyn, my dear, tell us how you the writer of song and dance solved this dilemma

Lyn: Well, it wasn’t really my doing, I had to rely on my muse for inspiration! She glances at Terpsichore and winks.  Characters can’t have it too easy can they? I can’t give too much away, but I will say that both Terpsichore and Myrddin went through a lot before they finally discovered what the higher gods had plotted and what Myrddin’s real destiny was – and yes, it did involve Terpsichore having to dance with Fate!

Sharon: Question to both of you about the lyre, such a magical and enchanting instrument. As you know, I’m a lover of legend and lore. I know there has to be a myth or two with celestial harp. Ladies, feed my fetish, wink.

Terpsichore: Ah yes, the lyre, I could not be without my lyre. They say the original instrument was invented by the god Hermes, as a child, when he strung a tortoise shell. He traded the lyre to Apollo, who was of course, among other things, the god of song and music, and he in turn eventually gave it to his son, Orpheus, a great poet and musician.
There are many legends about the lyre. One concerns ORPHEUS, A Thracian bard who was torn to pieces by the Bacchantes when they caught him spying on their secret rites. Apollo and  I - and my sister muses - placed him among the stars, as a kneeling man with a lyre. 

Lyn:  This is my favourite legend about the lyre. Once there lived a shepherd. He was an upstanding man, playing the lyre enchantingly. No one knew his name. Then one night the lyre player was caught in a heavy rain storm, and not wanting to wet his lyre, he entered a cave in the mountainside. Immediately, a strange warmth wrapped around him. Out of the pools of water in the cave, rose tall beautiful women who began to dance, in the air - they were flying! The lyre player began to play, accompanying the dance. The hours passed, the dance kept going on, and the lyre player, enchanted  by the fairies kept playing.

He never retuned  - and on moonless nights he still plays with the fairies in the cave and accompanies their dance, and the mountains echo the sound of his music.

Sharon: Thank you both so much for sharing such lovely legends. I’ll cherish them always. Look who joined us, why it’s Myrddin, blows a kiss. Tell us about yourself, your love for Terpsichore. Was it love at first sight when you saw Terpsichore, what drew you to her?

Myrddin: Absolutely it was love at first sight!  She was the most beautiful woman I had ever beheld. Who couldn’t be enchanted by such a lovely creature, emerging from a waterfall, her perfect body aglow with a soft radiance, and dancing as if she was the only woman in the world? For me, from that moment, she was. He puts his arm around Terpsichore and draws her close. Did I mention she was still completely unclothed?

Terpsichore giggles. Not once I spotted you, though.

Myrddin smiles knowingly: Too late - and your swift magical clothing of yourself only made me more intrigued.

Oliver appears: May I offer a drink?

Myrddin:  Oh I see you have mead, that will go down really well. My lady Sharon, may I compliment you on your hospitality,

Sharon: Thank you, Myrddin. How sweet you are.

Oliver is back with mead and Ambrosia and a copy of

Darling Lyn, my sweet, might I have your autograph, please?

Lyn: Dearest Oliver, of course.  Lyn signs with a flourish  
“To darling Oliver, who would surely be an inspiration to the muses themselves. With much love and adoration, Hywela Lyn. XXX”

Oliver accepts the book and departs with a sweeping bow.

Sharon: Sadly, our time has nearly reached an end. Lyn, my dear friend, always a pleasure. And such an added delight to meet the enchanted couple. Over Chai tea and dessert, here’s a teaser and links to DANCING WITH FATE

Thank you all for a fabulous interview.

Terpsichore performs a series of graceful twirls ‘on point’ before draping a beautiful silk himation , sheer as a spider’s web and soft as a whisper around Sharon’s shoulder, while Myrddin  kisses her hand and presents her with a single Welsh daffodil.  He and Terpsichore disappear into the clouds to the plaintive, musical strains of a lyre.

Thank you  for having us here, on your wonderful blog, sweet Sharon – and Oliver too of course. Your hospitality is beyond words. We’ve all had a wonderful time with you. Lyn gives Sharon a huge hug and blows a kiss to Oliver, before accepting yet another slice of Devils Food cake.

When Terpsichore, the Greek Muse of Dance, is assigned to revisit 5th Century Wales, and help the people regain their love of dancing, her task seems simple enough. She is unaware there is a hidden agenda. Before she can return to Olympus her path crosses that of the mysterious Myrddin, and her heart is lost.

But Myrddin is promised to another. His mind is set on the dangerous task that lies before him, and the woman he has sworn to save. Nevertheless, he cannot deny the growing attraction between him and the beautiful stranger he meets along the way.

Terpsichore and Myrddin face a deadly force that threatens to part them forever. Is she destined to lose the only man she has ever truly loved? Is there nothing she can do to save him? Finally, when all seems lost, in desperation she finds herself DANCING WITH FATE.


Shaking her arms free of the silvery drops of water, the muse squeezed the wetness from her long hair, of which she was inordinately proud. Of all her womanly attributes, she loved her hair the best.  It was so fine and silky it took hardly any time to dry. She spread her arms and let the warm air vanquish the last of the moisture from her skin. Oh this land was fair! She raised her arm in salute to Helios, knowing he could see whatever his warmth touched. 
Terpsichore twirled around on tiptoe, bending back her head and taking in the craggy mountaintops, the trees full leafed and swaying slightly in the warm breeze. On an impulse, she began to dance.  She conjured up a silky himation between her fingers and swirled it above her head as she moved to the accompaniment of her own voice.  So involved was she in her dancing she failed to realise she was no longer alone.

She was the loveliest woman Myrddin had ever seen. Spellbound, he watched her step from the falls.  He should have turned away but he found it impossible not to watch her as she dried herself.  When she started to dance, he was captivated by her grace and the eloquence of her movements.  She seemed unconcerned about her nakedness. Not that she had anything to be ashamed of, such exquisite beauty should not be covered. Long, dark red-brown hair fell like a veil of silk to below her knees. Her skin was smooth and flawless, her breasts firm and high, full but not heavy, above a tiny waist. 

            Her rounded hips undulated sensuously in time to her singing, while her upper body remained perfectly still. Her legs were slim and very long and she moved on tiptoe, her small feet scarcely seeming to touch the ground.  Between her fingers, she held a long piece of silky material, which she swirled around her, until it seemed almost like a living thing. 
Myrddin watched enthralled.  He’d never known anyone dance as she did. The way she swivelled her hips had him mesmerised.  Her voice was soft and clear, with a haunting quality.  It reminded him of the musical bells of Maes Gwyddno, the civilisation that now lay drowned beneath the sea:  at times of danger the bells were said to ring from beneath the waves. 
Moreover, it may have been a trick of the light, but she seemed to radiate a soft glow, pure and shimmering.  He shook his head in disbelief.  He must be imagining it. He'd eaten nothing since dawn, this was surely a vision brought on by weakness from hunger. 
Myrddin crept closer and a twig cracked underfoot. Before he could take cover, the beautiful dancer stood motionless. Her eyes, green as the depths of the ocean, looked directly into his.


Hywela Lyn spent most of her life in Wales and the beautiful countryside and legends inspired her to write. Although she now lives in a small village in England, she is very proud of her Welsh heritage and background.
She enjoys weaving romantic tales of the future, and distant, mysterious worlds, stories to truly take you 'out of this world' and beyond. Wherever the muse takes her, one thing remains constant in her writing: The power of love. Love, not only between her hero and heroine, but between friends and siblings, and for their particular world and the creatures that share it.

She is crazy about all animals, especially horses. She lives with her long suffering husband, Dave, and has two horses, two ferrel cats and an adopted Jack Russell terrier called Bouncer. Her pen name is a combination of her first two names. 'Hywela' is Welsh and her first name but it was never used and she has always been called by her second Christian name, Lyn.

Hywela Lyn's first novel, 'Starquest', a futuristic romance, and a sequel, to 'Starquest', 'Children of the Mist' are both available in print or Kindle version. Her fantasy novella 'Dancing With Fate' is also available now as an E-book from Smashwords, Kindle, and in print from Amazon.


Hywela Lyn said...

Thank you so much for having me here again today, Sharon, dear friend. May I say how lovely you look in the moonlight - and Oliver - moonlight becomes you!

Sharon Donovan said...

Hugs Lyn, my sweet soul sister. Thank you for the lovely compliment. Moonlight becomes you as well, my dear. Ah, yes, let's enjoy a goblet or three of mead whilst we chat about this amazing book. Oh, Oliver!

Hywela Lyn said...

For today and up to and including Sunday, I thought I would offer 'Dancing With Fate' for half price (That's $1.50 or UK 95p) Just leave a comment with your email addy and I'll send you a coupon - or you can just contact me at Lyn at hywelayn dot co dot uk.

P.L. Parker said...

I've read this story and it's a great one! Love the cover! Very fitting! Good post. I always have to smile when I see Lyn on a horse, makes me think she's from Idaho or someplace close - but she's way over across the sea.

liana laverentz said...

Ladies, it's been much too long since I've stopped by to say hello, but here I am, poking my head out of my cave for a moment. You both look ravishing, and Oliver is as handsome and courtly as ever. Congratulations on Dancing with Fate, Miss Lyn, and give Miss Mae my compliments on a stunning cover. All the best to all of you...and now, back to the cave!

Sharon Donovan said...

Liana! Always a pleasure and you're right, it's been far too long since you've visited. Do stay a while and have some mead while we all catch up.

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Patsy, soul sister. Have some mead. I know. Talking to Lyn every day online, it's hard to fathom she's an ocean away!

Oliver said...

Lyn my sweet petite, more mead and strawberries. Give us a kiss, sweet lips!

Oliver said...

Ladies ladies, all this beauty on a moonlit night. Liana love, ambrosia and the sweetest berries for your sweet lips. Patsy my pretty, a mead for my honey of a girl.
Sharon, boss lady, a stiff whisky to squeeze a raise out of you, my dear, wink!

Debra St. John said...

Hello Ladies, You look simply enchanting in your gowns. Very mystical. satin? Be still my heart. (swoon)

I love stories of the gods and goddesses of Olympus.

What a lovely party in the moonlight.

Miss Mae said...


*That's a Miss Mae yodel, in case y'all had no idea!*

What an ideal setting for Lyn's book, and for two of the most beautiful ladies in the world! Gals, the atmosphere is so perfect and fits "Fate's" concept perfectly!

Oliver, come here, my mon, and leave a light peck on the cheeky, dear. Whoa!!! I said a LIGHT peck! *whispers aside to Sharon, Watch him, boss lady. He's gulped too much of that mead!*

Lyn, congrats on getting this story into print, it's been a long time coming, but I'm thrilled for you! You wrote this story so naturally that I wonder if you dipped yourself in that waterfall! :)

Sharon, not only are you a wonderful hostess, but a skilled author in your own right. My heartfelt best wishes to you both!

Oliver said...

Debra, my sweet thing, kisses my pretty and a glass of ambrosia and some sweet berries!

Oliver said...

Miss Mae my sweet young thing, give us a real kiss my pretty!

Hywela Lyn said...

Patsy, sweet friend

Thank you so much for coming to visit - and thanks for the kind words - yes, I think MM did a fantastic job of the cover, I never tire of looking at it.

Lol, I guess I do look as if I belong 'Out west' (In my mind I do, I've always wanted to live on a ranch.) I much prefer Western Riding to English, so much more relaxed and comfortable, and of course I have to dress the part, I'd look a bit silly in jodhpurs and an English crash helmet (my riding stetson is a special reinforced one)riding in a genuine Western saddle! The horse, by the way, is my Welsh Cob Harri, who also stars in the book!!

Hywela Lyn said...

Liana, how lovely to see you! Thank you so much for the kind comment - and yes, I'm so grateful to Miss Mae for her hard work on my gorgeous cover.

Don't work too hard in that cave now, will you. *winik*

Hywela Lyn said...

Ooh, dear Oliver! I don't know which is sweeter, your cream covered strawberries or a kiss from your own sensuous lips.

Wait...of course I do. I'm puckering up ready, Oliver! *swoon*

Hywela Lyn said...

Hello Debra

Thanks so much for joining the party, I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Didn't Sharon conjure up the most beautiful setting for it!

Hywela Lyn said...

Miss Mae - my dear and multi-talented friend!

Thank you for your lovely comments *blush*. Yes, it's a thrill to see 'Dancing With Fate' in print, and hold it in my hands, I just can't stop looking at that beautiful cover you designed - and folks I'll have you know, not only did Miss Mae produce that stunning cover, she also helped me with the formatting and encouraged me to re-publish it, so I'm doubly grateful to her!

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Debra, sweet friend, never a party without you. So happy Oliver is filling your cup with ambrosia, enjoy!

Sharon Donovan said...

Hugs, MM, dear friend, so thrilled to have you at the party! Thank you for your kind words, might I return the compliment. You are such a talent, with your many hats you wear, it's hard to keep up. LOL Oliver is a sly one, always best to keep a step ahead, winktrying to

Sharon Donovan said...

See what I mean, he distracted me and I hit send. That last word is wink!

Sky Purington said...

Waving 'Hi' to everyone!

What an entertaining post and fabulous interview! Dancing with Fate is such an amazing story, Lyn. I wish you great success with its re-launch. And of course, Melpomene wishes Terpsichore the very best always. Sisterly hugs!

Hywela Lyn said...

LOL, Sharon, Sweetie, if he has that effect on his own boss lady, what hope is there for the rest of us! *sigh*

Hywela Lyn said...

Hello Sky, dear muse sister,
Thank you so much for your sweet words, you are always so supportive.

I wish you much success with your own re-releases (with the gorgeous Jimmy Thomas on the covers of some of them)and big hugs back to you and Melpomine!

Paula Martin said...

What a great interview! Love the whole premise of this story, and the excerpt too.

Hywela Lyn said...

Thanks so much Paula,that's so kind of you - I have to admit this story was a lot of fun to write!

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Sky, dear one, so glad to have you join us for Lyn's party. Yes Dancing is such an intriguing read and draws one right in with its magic. Do have some ambrosia and berries.

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Paula, thanks for coming to the party. It really was a fun interview and the excerpt is enchanting. Do have a glass of mead.

Sharon Donovan said...

A warm thank you to all for joining the party today. Lyn is such a dear friend and always a delight to have as a guest. Lyn, my dear, best of luck with the relaunch of Dancing With Fate. Many sales and many hugs.

Sharon Donovan said...

A special thank you to Terpsichore and Myrddin for joining us. Such a delightful couple! Cheers to both of you!