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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight with Deb Thomas

Hello and welcome to another episode of Dear Oliver! Today’s special guest is Deb Thomas. You don’t want to miss her pet peeve, especially if you’re sick and tired of driving everyone and their brother around. So, come on in and belly up to the bar. And while you’re eavesdropping on Oliver’s sound advice, why not treat yourself to one of his legendary martinis! You’ll find his impressive venue listed on the sidebar. Not a martini fan? Not a problem. Oliver will make whatever drink strikes your fancy and serve it with a wink and a smile. Rumor has it his Buffalo wings are hotter than his Five Alarm Chili! With no further ado, let’s give a warm round of applause to Deb Thomas.

What can I getcha to drink, love?

A Buttery Nipple please…*batting eyes* Then after that a Tootsie roll.  Hey! Ya know what!? A Strawberry Margarita sounds really good too.  I know I have coffee at home to help me over the affects of all those…if I want help getting over the affects…that is…*wink*

Pouring the Buttery Nipple into a shot glass, Oliver sets it on the bar. He beams at Deb. So, tell me, why so glum, chum?

I am just tired of having to drive for everyone else. Driving for myself is hard enough! Never seems to fail though…there is always someone with a cell phone stuck to their ear or a blue tooth in it. Talking on a cell phone is not the same thing as listening to the radio.

When Deb points her finger to her empty glass, Oliver obliges with a Tootsie Roll. Speaking of music, my sweet, who can I play for you on the jukebox?

How about Double Vision by Foreigner? Then I will sit here and let the Double Vision get the best of me and then you can call me a cab, if you would please?

Rock n roll pulsates off the wall, rattling the windows. Oliver plucks Deb off the  bar stool and onto the dance floor where they bring the house down with their fancy footsteps. Thunderous applause explodes as they take their seats.

Placing a platter of sizzling Buffalo Wings with a generous amount of bleu cheese for dipping down, Oliver feeds one to Deb. Munching on one himself, he winks. Tell me, my pet, when did you develop this pet peeve?

I really don’t remember and the more I drink the more I will forget…lol

Arching an eyebrow, Oliver mixes a perfect strawberry margarita, humming a verse of ‘Margaritaville’ as he slides the drink to Deb. Where do you think utopia is, sweet thing?

Today? A deserted Island, with a steady supply of food and drinkable liquids *wink*… and of course all the books I can read.

Aside from keeping your glass full and playing your favorite tunes to chase your blues away, how can Dear Oliver help, my pet?

Bring common sense back. You heard that he died, didn’t you? I have his obit if you want to read it.  Now there is another pet peeve for another night….lol

Oliver’s eyes glaze over as he punches in the number for a cab. AMEN.

Thank you for lending an ear Oliver. 

Thank you, my sweet.

Final words from Deb Thomas

I am wife, mother and grandmother.  I am partially disabled, so I am home 99% of the time. I love to read and it helps to pass the time.

I have 2 dogs (Kallie and Shortie) and 2 tripod cats (Bean and Petra).

I started a blog not too long ago and I have started posting book reviews.  I would love to beta read too.



Hywela Lyn said...

Good morning Sharon, Deb and dear, dear Oliver!

Mmm yes I will have one of those strawberry Margueritas, thank you, you're such a treasure.

I can understand your problem, Deb. If you're going to provide a taxi service, the least you can expect in return is some companionable conversation!

Sharon Donovan said...

A warm welcome to Deb Thomas. I'm so glad to have you in the house with us today. Let's just sit and relax a spell while Oliver waits on us, shall we

Sharon Donovan said...

Oh, joy, Lyn is first to arrive at the party. Air kisses and hugs, dear, come sit with us while Oliver mixes up those drinks.

Oliver said...

Deb my pet, a fresh margarita for you love, and a piping hot platter of wings, served up with a wink and a smile but of course.

Oliver said...

Lyn, my lovely, always a pleasure, kiss kiss. A strawberry margarita coming right up my sweet. Here we go then.

Lilly Gayle said...

Morning Deb and Sharon. I don't mind driving. I'd rather drive. I don't trust others driving. lol! Maybe I'm a control freak? But I agree. Cell phone useage is totally out of control. Those bluetooth things confuse me when people walk up chatting and you respond only to realize they're NOT talking to you but to someone on the phone. And constant texting when you're with other people is just rude! Then again, I'm old enough that I don't care to text. Just call me or shoot me an email, please!

Oliver said...

Lilly Gayle, my sweet, a nice margarita coming right up.

Emma Lai said...

Morning ladies! How about driving other people crazy? Does that count as driving others? Because if it does I'm really good at it and don't mind one bit. :)

Debra St. John said...

Deb, Ah yes, all of those other 'drivers' on the road can be quite interesting.

Lilly, I so agree abotut hose Bluetooths. It makes it seem like people are walking around talking to the air or themselves.

Oliver, how about a mimosa to start the day?

Sharon, thanks for hosting the party today!

Mary Ricksen said...

Yes, please bring back common sense and put him in his rightful place!
Great blog ladies!

Lynne Roberts said...

Good morning, Sharon, Deb and Oliver!

Sorry I'm a bit late. It's been one of those days. My pet peeve when you're talking to someone at dinner, over coffee, etc and they pick up their cell phone and start talking/texting.

It's like, what am I? Chopped liver?

Dear Oliver, I'd love an Irish coffee, please.

Hywela Lyn said...

Oliver, you are such sweet man *sigh* If Sharon ever decides to let you go - er, no of course not, why would she! I'll just bask in her shadow and enjoy your company with all the other ladies! *grin*

Emma Lai, Mary, Debra and Lynne, Sharon's had to be away for a few hours but thank you all for visiting and for your kind comments - and I know Oliver will look after you until she gets back!

Oliver said...

Sweet Emma Lai, my pretty, driving people crazy is what I do best. Wink. Have a muffin love.

Oliver said...

Darling Debra, a nice mimosa it is, and I so agree we all need to pay closer attention to who we are with. Blows a kiss

Oliver said...

Mary love, a nice strawberry smoothie. Toast to COMMON SENSE. Wink wink sweet girl

Oliver said...

Lynne my sweet pet, a nice Irish coffee, a house special. Here's to good friends and good company, may my bar never lack such gorgeous and compassionatwe ladies. To us

Oliver said...

Lyn my sweet darling girl, another mead and a kiss for keeping all up on Sharon's escapades. She'll be so happy y'all kept an eye out. Here she comes now, best get her chardonnay ready to serve up with a wink and a smile or else.

Sharon Donovan said...

Hello all, winks at Oliver and graciously accepts the wine. Hugs Lyn and Mary, my sweet soul sisters, cheers!
Lilly Gayle, Emma Lai, Debra and Lynne, thank you so much for dropping in for a drink and to share your pearls of wisdom, all quite worthy pet peeves. Aside from all those mentioned, here's mine. When people blast the radio or television during a meal to hear the news. ERRRR. TIME ANSD PLACE What ever happened to dinner conversation?

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