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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear Oliver with Linda Nightingale

Hello and welcome to another episode of Dear Oliver! Today’s special guest is the author of steamy romance, Linda Nightingale. You don’t want to miss her pet peeve, especially if you’ve ever had to deal with one of those dreadful rejection letters. So, come on in and belly up to the bar. And while you’re eavesdropping on Oliver’s sound advice, why not treat yourself to one of his legendary martinis! You’ll find his impressive venue listed on the sidebar. Not a martini fan? Not a problem. Oliver will make whatever drink strikes your fancy and serve it with a wink and a smile. And rumor has it that his taco bar sizzles with award-winning recipes entered in south of the border contests. With no further ado, let’s give a warm round of applause to Linda Nightingale!

Oliver: What can I getcha to drink, love?

Linda hooks a hip on a bar stool. Hello Oliver! A Cosmopolitan, please.

Oliver presents a perfectly chilled Cosmopolitan to Linda with a wink and a smile. Noticing her pout, he adds a festive umbrella to her cocktail. Why so glum, chum?

Linda: I just got a rejection on the third book I sent an agent. She gives me great feedback and encouragement, but a no is a no. I understand these opinions are subjective, but it hurts when someone calls your kids ugly. Like most authors, my books are part of me—like children. Perhaps that’s why the ego takes such a direct hit. I’ve been working on taking the rejections with a “Next!” for a long time but, as yet, haven’t mastered the technique.

I talked to a friend who is a writer, too, and like me, she says she goes into a real funk with a rejection.  So I’m in a funk, Oliver, until I get back on the horse and ride again.

Oliver: My sweet bonita, he fans himself. I’ve just finished reading
and, my pet, if I might be so bold to say, any agent that isn’t man or woman enough to pluck you right up has to be plum loco! With a long stemmed red rose between his teeth, leans a little closer and growls. Sweet thing, I’m your biggest fan. And for the record, if I were an agent, I’d snatch you up in a heartbeat. Now, tell me, love, who can I play for you on the jukebox to chase your blues away?

Linda: Phantom of the Opera. The thundering piece always reminds me of my Andalusian stallion Bonito. In days gone by, we performed a musical freestyle (in costume) to the Phantom.

Linda and Bonito
Oliver presses his 007 remote and The house lights go out. A moment later, under a surreal sunset, Linda and her Andalusian stallion Bonito perform a musical freestyle in costume to the explosive Phantom of the Opera.

When the lights come back, the bar rocks with applause. Oliver hands Linda another Cosmo and a mouth-watering taco. When Linda opens her mouth, Oliver feeds her, dabbing the hot sauce dribbling down her chin. He smiles a beguiling smile. Nicely done, hats off, my pet. So tell me, when did you develop this pet peeve?

Linda: It’s been rapidly creeping up on me with every rejection since the dawn of time (in my case 1992 which is when I picked up my pen again to write after a 20 year hiatus because of some negative feedback).  Tell me, Oliver, don’t I need to develop thicker skin?

Oliver winks. Sweet thing, as much as I’d prefer living in a world where life is beautiful all the time, there simply is no such place as Utopia. Life’s a continuous struggle, filled with a long and rocky road of endless rejection and challenge. So, to answer your question, yes, you must develop thicker skin in order to survive. But here’s my tip for the day. Live every day to the fullest and make every day count. Eat, drink and be merry! And another Cosmo couldn’t hurt either. Wink. But if such a place did exist, where do you think utopia is, sweet thing?

Linda: Definitely by a crystal blue ocean with temperate weather year round with a view from my bedroom window and my living room. Or maybe The Battery in Charleston, South Carolina--the gorgeous house where Morgan (the hero in my unpubbed vampire novel Sinners Opera) lives! I wouldn’t mind living with him either. He is introduced in Black Swan from The Wild Rose Press.

Oliver pumps his biceps and grins. I love a good vamp story! But while we’re sitting here, how can Dear Oliver help, my pet?

Linda: Give me a massage and another Cosmo. No seriously, I meant a message like that agent called and wants all my novels or an editor is at the door begging for my fallen angel series!

Oliver mixes a perfect pitcher of James Bond martinis, shaken, not stirred. Whistling, he fills two chilled Gibson glasses. He hands one to Linda and winks. Here we are then, love. Lets see how you do on my house special!

Bianca, my evil twin, would like her moment now. She drinks chocolate martinis and lives on the Wilder side of The Wild Rose Press garden. Her latest release is Hot Spanish Nights, a saucy erotic novella about a dynamic bullfighter, a Southern vixen and the spectacular Spanish horses.

If you’d like to read an excerpt and view the trailer, Dear Oliver, you can go to my blog: Bianca’s Blog. Hot Spanish Nights is available from The Wild Rose Press.

Bianca also has a pending release from The Wilder Catalog of The Wild Rose Press called Celestial Sin:

Blurb: Essie McBane set her standards high. She had hoped that one day she’d find her dream man, but didn’t expect him to be a warrior angel with chestnut curls and a heavenly body. Cam-ael, an angel of the Order of the Powers, had never considered mortal sin until he was wounded in the Second War in Heaven and plummeted into Essie’s arms. The most difficult task of his long existence will be to convince her that he is willing to fall from grace to win her love.

You mix a primo Cosmo, Oliver. And thanks for letting me whine. Now I’d like to cry on your broad shoulders. Not because I want to cry but because you have such broad shoulders. The next time I get a rejection, I’d love to drag my fanny back in here and let you soothe my troubled spirit.
Thanks for being Dear Oliver.

Linda Nightingale
Black Swan available from The Wild Rose Press


Hywela Lyn said...

Hello Oliver Dear, mwaaah, a kiss on the cheek for you and a hug for Sharon and Linda/Bianca.

What a great post, and one that most authors can relate to! Rejections do hurt so much don't they,Linda, but as you say, it's subjective, and one editor's loss is another's gain. At least you had some good feedback which is in itself encouraging.

By the way, I love the picture of you and Bonito, as a horse lover myself I always enjoy seeing pictures of other people's horses,especially when they're as handsome as Bonito!

Wishing you every success in the future with no rejections! :)

Sharon Donovan said...

A warm welcome to Linda Nightingale. Here's hoping you enjoy your moment in the hotseat today with Oliver!
As authors, unfortunately, rejection letters are part of the ladder we must climb to success. YES they hurt but as the saying goes what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I love you and your horse doing Phantom of the Opera, so cool. Best of luck to you, Linda. I think you are going placees. In the meantime, I'll just sit here with you and have a Cosmo. Oliver!

Toni V.S. said...

Going to drag out my famous "George Herbert" anecdote...of how many times Dune was rejected before it got accepted...40! count 'em. 40. And then...the irony of it all...he sent it back to the first publisher he submitted it to...they had a new editor...and it was accepted. (This story may be apochryphal but it could be true.) Keep a stiff upper lip and keep plugging, musketette! Your ship's on the horizon. It's just going to take some time to get to port!

Toni V.S. said...

Linda. in the meantime, get that massage from Dear Oliver and have a couple more Cosmos and carpe diem!

desitheblonde said...

the pic do you good an wow the bod is something else

Mary Ricksen said...

Kiss, kiss, (air kiss ahem) Oliver, you've done it again. I am sure by the big smile on oh her face your guest is feeling better. Just another day with Oliver. Hey, where is poor Sharon? Because we are friends Oliver I do have a suggestion. A great big kiss on the smacker might just bring her right outta that funk. Cheers and thanks for the good ear buddy.

Mary Ricksen said...

Linda/Bianca, I must be the author you talked about? I am such a whiner eh?
Sell a ton of stories my friend. More will come!

Nightingale said...

Welcome everyone to my fine whine! First, let me thank dear Oliver for the superior counseling and the wonderful drinks!

Mary, actually, you weren't the author I talked with, but anytime you want to whine, I'll listen!

Nightingale said...

Sharon and Lyn, thanks for the encouragement. I'm still paralyzed in my writing--can't write--always happens with a rejection but as Oliver said, MUST develope a thicker skin.

Sharon, I was so in love with my Bonito. He was my soul mate!

Nightingale said...

Toni, I will remember Dune and keep sailing. I guess, as writers, we don't really have the choice when the white fire of creation descends. I tried to light a fire in my fireplace last night but the log didn't burn. Hummmm.

Debra St. John said...


So sorry about those rejections. I'm sure your work will find the perfect home soon.

One of your comments reminded me of one of my pet peeves: Some people get all offended when someone calls their work their "baby" or their "child". I, for one, agree with you, it's a work of your heart, and it hurts when someone says something negative about it.

We're snowed in here in the Midwest today, so Oliver, if you'd be a dear, I'd love a decaf coffee with Bailey's. *kiss*kiss*

Sharon Donovan said...

Hello to all, just popping in to grab a cup of Chai tea, no chance of one of Oliver's potent James Bond martinis, I'm still nursing my headache from a few weeks back. Linda, so happy you're looking a wee better, rejection hurts. Everyone, party on, Oliver, round of drinks on the house!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Linda,
Great blog. I know exactly how you feel, I could paper my wall with all the rejectionss, almost acceptances, love it but don't feel I can offer to represent you at the moment etc. etc. It is heart rendering, but like all dedicated authors, I get up, brush myself down and start all over again.



Nightingale said...

Oliver I'm ready for another of your famous martinis. The coffee with Baileys sounds good. Used to drink that after a rousing fox hunt, what ho! :-)

I'm feeling much better. Must be the wonderful company and Dear Oliver's sage advice.

Margaret, I could wallpaper my house too! I'll be up and running in a couple of days. I'm actually trying to jump start a new WIP.

Here's a toast to perserverence. (Did I spell that right?) She props her elbows on the bar and gazes into Oliver's eyes.

Nightingale said...

Sharon, I think Oliver should enter the Mr. Romance Contest at RT. tee hee

Sharon Donovan said...

Sharon breezes into the bar and smiles. Oliver is keeping all entertained with a game of darts and plenty of martinis. The taco bar sizzles. Linda hurls a dart and hits the face of the agent that rejected her bull’s eye. The bar explodes with hoots and whistles.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank y’all for dropping in to Oliver’s bar to support Linda. Linda aka Bianca, thank you for gracing Oliver and I today with your presence and for sharing such a lovely memory of your beloved Bonita. Here are my departing words about you know what.

The ladies all start dancing and singing as Oliver cranks the Helen Reddy song on the jukebox.

Until next time, may the luck of the Irish be with you as you travel through life.
Love and Blessings,

Oliver said...

My lovely Linda love, so you think Sharon should enter me in the MR. ROMANCE contest at RT do you? He winks and pumps his biceps. Then he plants a big kiss on her lips and recites his favorite poem…how do I love thee, let me count the ways…

Oliver said...

Oliver kisses Lyn and presents her with a huge bottle of mead along with a bouquet of yellow roses and a box of her favorite chocolates. He smiles sheepishly. I might mix a mean martini but am totally clueless when it comes to setting up a Blogger account Thank you my sweet darling girl.

Hywela Lyn said...

Lyn accepts the gifts witha huge smile, almost overcome with emotion.

Oliver dear, thank you. Aw you are so sweet, honestly it's an absolute pleasure to be able to help. You're a sex god, a demon bar-keep and all round amazing person - you can't be expected to take the time to be a computer whiz as well!

Mary Marvella said...

What a sweetie! He can mix my drinks any time! I already know Linda's books rock!(Don't tell Bianca or she'll be jealous.) Rejections pierce our writer's hearts, we must deal with them, after we pitch a fit, of course!

Oliver said...

Mary, my sweet pet, name your poison, love.

Mary Ricksen said...

Oliver you should enter!
I'll have a smootie please. You know how nutty I get when I drink. My goodness they threw my hooters into the pool and I let them!!!
They look okay right. Not crooked or anything. I started to carry an extra set as Sharon keeps letting me lose them. Ya know? Life is tough on a girl with big ones. (Don't tell the others but I'd rather these then what they are stuck with) HEHE! Big smooth for you taking such good care of our Sharon!! and her guests! Nice to see you blogging too! Yes, flowers for Lyn, what about me>???

Oliver said...

Mary, sweet cheeks, here's a strawberry smoothie served with a wink and a smile. He leans a little closer. Hmm...they look fine to me, love. Now here's your present. He glances over his shoulder to make sure the coast is clear. A 007 stun gun to use at the roast today. I trust you will put it to good use, my pet. Wink wink.
You can find us at the author roast and toast every Friday

lastnerve said...

I agree with Toni. You WILL get that acceptance letter and it WILL be sweet! I am rooting for you!


Mary Ricksen said...

Thanks Oliver, I owe you one! Kiss, kiss! You handsome devil you!