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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wiccan rituals

What are some magical spells and rituals of the Wiccans?

Samhain is most significant to Wiccan worshipers as it marks the witch’s New Year and the atmosphere is sizzling. The magic in the air is tangible on Halloween, this most sacred of nights. With the fall air crisp and clear, it’s the perfect season for a bonfire to renew the spirit.

An indoor hearth is also used, and orange and white candles are lit for the ceremony. Write all unpleasant thoughts on a piece of paper and sprinkle with sea salt. Say them aloud. Then crunch the paper in a ball and pitch it into the fire. This will renew the spirit.

Elderberry is a fruit associated with fall and Samhain, and Elderberry wine is delicious and perfect for a Wiccan Halloween. Samhain is traditionally a time for reflection of present, past and future and divination. Tarot cards and scrying are practiced at these rituals.

If a young woman stares into a pond at midnight and sees the reflection of a man, this is her future husband.

Have a Wiccan ritual to share?


Sharon Donovan said...


Lu said...

If the weather holds, I'm lobbying for a backyard bonfire. Not sure if I'll write down my "negatives" for burning, perhaps instead I'll assign a negative thought to each twig as I toss it into the flames.

May your Hallowe'en remain toilet paper-free, hehe.

Mary Ricksen said...

I think I'll start a fire in an ashtray and try that spell. I could use some relief! (grin)
Hi Sharon, and no tricks for you!

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Lu,
Here's hoping your Halloween was trick free. I like the idea about using twigs to sizzle out negative vibes.

Sharon Donovan said...

Mary, hope the ashtray worked for you, and that your trick or treat was trick free

Hywela Lyn said...

What a fascinating post, Sharon. I had't heard of the custom of burning unpleasant thoughts to renew the spirit.

Calling myself a Christian, I don't take Halloween too seriously, but I look on it as a bit of fun and a way to carry on old traditions. We had lots of children dressed up and 'treat or tricking' last night, so of course I had to get in a good supply of chocolate, LOL!