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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Starcrossed Lovers

In my latest suspense novel Mask of the Betrayer, will true love conquer all? Here is the pov from the heroine (Margot Montgomery DeVeccio) and the romantic hero (Diego Santiago) the homicide cop investigating her husband for the recent killings in the foothills of Red Rock Canyon. Will these star-crossed lovers find their destiny, their one true love?

Margot cried all the way home. She’d wanted nothing more than to throw herself into Santiago’s arms and stay with him. But she couldn’t. Provoking Michael at this point would be a deadly game, one she couldn’t afford. Homicide was counting on her to trip Michael up, make him say something incriminating on tape. Diego was counting on her. His touch had sent sparks soaring through her like a bolt of lightning. That man of few words got to her in a way Michael never had.

Because she couldn’t seem to help herself, she compared the two men. While they were both intelligent, brilliant even, their integrity was unparalleled. Michael’s temperament was as volatile as a volcano—while Diego remained cool and calm under pressure. Their virtues were worlds apart. Diego’s morals consisted of high ethical standards—while Michael’s were totally corrupt and morally unethical. What it all boiled down to was a matter of respect. Michael demanded it—while Diego earned it.

Driving through the wrought iron gate leading to the mansion, Margot’s head was in a daze. Fate had certainly dealt her a bad hand. If only she’d met Diego before falling in love with Michael. At her wedding, she’d been so sure Michael was her one true love, her soul mate. Well wasn’t fate having a grand old laugh at her expense. Just when she thought her life couldn’t possibly get any worse, she’d gone and fallen head over heels for the homicide cop, Diego Santiago, her destiny.
He wanted her. He thought about her always, making love to her again and again, all through the night. She starred in his fantasies, his very sexually arousing fantasies. His hands itched to touch her. Margot DeVeccio stirred his blood. And if he didn’t have her soon, he’d go out of his mind.

The thought of Margot going home to the sociopath tormented him. How could he live with himself if something were to happen to her? He berated himself for not getting the evidence necessary to lock the cold-blooded bastard up. The warrior in him desperately wanted to hunt DeVeccio down and throttle him with his bare hands. From the first time he’d laid eyes on Margot, he’d wanted her. But he wasn’t about to spend the rest of his life in jail, kiss his career good bye. He hadn’t spent the past decade on the force to toss his badge over the cliffs of the foothills.

He needed to get the evidence on DeVeccio to prove he was the serial killer of Red Rock Canyon so he could lock him up where he belonged. He needed proof and he needed it fast. If it were the last thing he did on this earth, he’d put the smug billionaire behind bars and throw away the key. And then he’d move in on Margot, his sweet Margarita, the woman with the bewitching green eyes that had his blood boiling to liquid heat.



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Hywela Lyn said...

What a tingling,tension filled excerpt, Sharon, can't wait for my copy to arrive to find out more.

Sharon Donovan said...

Thank you, Lyn. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on my debut suspense! Come sit in the flower garden while Oliver serves us Earl Grey and chocolate biscuits. Aren't the roses pretty?