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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight with Anne Patrick

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Spotlight! My featured guest today is Anne Patrick. Anne is here to discuss her latest romantic suspense from Champagne Books, Out of the Darkness. We are sitting in the rose garden this morning. With a gorgeous backdrop of azure blue skies and rolling green hills, and with the songbirds sweetly chirping, Oliver has just finished setting out refreshments on the flowered umbrella table. And when the front doorbell rings, Oliver plucks up a rose from the arbor and dashes off, muscles pumping.

A few minutes later, Oliver escorts Anne out to the garden to join Sharon. Oliver, being the gentleman he is, helps her into her chair. But not before casting her a wicked wink.

Sharon: Welcome, Anne! Great to have you as my guest today. So how are you?

Anne: I’m doing wonderful, Sharon. Thanks so much for having me over today. I’ve been looking forward to meeting both you and Oliver for some time.

Sharon: We’re honored to have you!

Oliver serves diet coke and presents a plate of chocolate covered sunflower seeds. He smiles a beguiling smile as he plops a few morsels into Anne’s mouth.

Anne: Mummm yummy, and I’m not just talking about the sunflower seeds *huge grin*.

Oliver pumps his biceps.

Sharon: Oliver has just returned from the book store where he stood in line for over an hour. This is one hot off the press. Tell us a little about Out of the Darkness, a brief synopsis.

Anne: Out of the Darkness has ex-FBI Profiler, Alex Michaels, forced into hiding by the serial killer who murdered her twin sister and left her with a career ending injury. Meeting up with an ex-pro football player who is also facing an uncertain future, Alex makes Royce McIntire an offer he can’t refuse. Settling into her new life, Alex has no idea the killer is hot on her tracks along with the team of FBI agents who failed to protect her before. When they all catch up to her, not only is her peaceful life shattered, but once again her life is in jeopardy.

Sharon: Draws me right in. You know romantic suspense books are my favorite genre, and Out of the Darkness has quite an intriguing premise. So, tell me. What do you suppose that fascinates people about serial killers?

Anne: That’s an excellent question, Sharon! Speaking for myself, I’m intrigued by their characteristics. Although there are similarities between most, there is usually something unique about each one of them.

Sharon: I must admit to being one of the curious when it comes to serial killers. I need to know what makes them tick and love getting into the mind of a killer. So much in fact, that my latest book also features one. What kind of research did you do on serial killers?

Anne: I’ve read several books by John Douglass. He’s the world’s foremost expert on profiling. He created and managed the FBI’s Criminal Profiling Program, and he and Robert Ressler were the original profilers who interviewed serial killers like Bundy, Berkowitz, and Gacy. I was also a huge fan of The Profiler series. I have the entire collection on DVD *grin*.

Sharon: Hat’s off to you. I appreciate when an author takes the time to do proper research, especially when it’s about something that perks my interest. Do you believe that serial killers are products of some type of childhood abuse, traumatizing them to the point they dissociate in order to block out the incident?

Anne: From the research I’ve done for my books, it’s evident that virtually all serial killers come from dysfunctional backgrounds involving sexual or physical abuse, drugs or alcoholism and their related problems.

Sharon: I agree. Let’s talk a bit about the names. I love the name Royce, one you don’t hear in every novel coming down the pike. LOL How did you come up with the name? Any one you know?

Anne: I don’t know, it just sort of popped into my head. I have a list of names that I sometimes go to, but usually as I’m fleshing out the story in my head the names just come to me.

Sharon: Give us a little background on Alex and her twin sister.

Anne: Alex and her sister, Cassie, grew up on a farm in Iowa. Their father was cop, so law enforcement was always in Alex’s blood.

With a sweeping bow, Oliver hands Anne a pen. If I might be so bold as to ask for your autograph, love?

Anne: I’d be honored, Oliver. *grinning as butterflies take flight in her tummy*

Oliver swoons off, clutching his book close to his heart.

Sharon: What’s next for Anne Patrick?

Anne: Well I have a couple of WIP’s I hope to finish soon. A romantic suspense and a inspirational romance.

Sharon: What do you do when you’re not writing these edge of your seat suspense books?

Anne: When I’m not working, you’ll usually find me at the lake with family and friends or playing in the park with my German Shepherd Zoe.

Sharon: Pets bring so much to our lives, don’t they? Sadly, that brings us to the end of our interview. Before I let you go, one of my passions is collecting legends or superstitions. Can you share one with me:

Anne: The one I remember most is the legend of the three-block-tunnel. It wasn’t far from where I lived as a kid and the story was that if you took a wrong turn you’d never come out. We used to dare one another to go in. It was pitch black and you couldn’t see but a few feet in front of you. The furthest I got was the fork. My flashlight stopped working and I took off as fast as I could back to the opening, never to return.

Sharon: Claps her hand together wildly. I love it! This is certainly one I’ve not heard before. It will be added to my scrapbook. And finally, if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Who would you choose to play one of your heroines? And last but not least, who would play your romantic hero?

Anne: An island in the Caribbean – Why? - White sandy beaches & warm weather year around. Meg Ryan would make a perfect Alex. My hero… *motioning to the empty chair next to her*…Oh Oliver, you got a minute? *then with an arched eye brow* I have a proposition for you.

Oliver struts out to the rose garden, grinning and pumping his biceps, blowing kisses to his new love.

Sharon: Here is a sneak preview of Out of the Darkness

The room was dark as he entered. Bypassing the light switch, he flipped on the TV and sat in the only chair in the room. He then picked up the remote and turned on the VCR.

“It is of my opinion we have a serial killer at work here. The victims are similar in background and appearance. The ways in which they were murdered are identical, and the victims were all recovered from the river.”

“Do you have any leads, Agent Michaels?”

“With these murders, important evidence is missing. All we have are the bodies. We don’t have a crime scene and we don’t know where the bodies were dumped into the river. This leads me to believe we have a very sophisticated killer. He’s familiar with police procedure. He knows by dumping the bodies into the river he is eliminating any evidence such as hair, fiber or semen.

“I believe he is Caucasian. Twenty-five to thirty years old. Five-eight to six feet tall, slim to medium build. He is muscular, may work out in a gym. He’s educated, undergraduate level, a thinker who takes great pride in planning things out. He is socially inactive. He hasn’t much experience with women either because of his appearance or lack of self-confidence. He has a criminal background, most likely juvenile offenses, either arson or petty larceny. I believe he may have committed his first murder during his preteens, but went unpunished. A major change or event has taken place in his life within the last six months, triggering his violent behavior: Either the loss of a job or promotion, or breakup with a girlfriend. I believe he is from the Joliet area and he quite possibly knew the first victim, Crystal Byers.”

“You said he knows police procedure. Any possibility he is in law enforcement?”

“Anything is possible. The only thing we know for sure is how dangerous he is. But he will be caught, I assure you.”

He paused the video and fixed his eyes on the still picture. Such a beautiful face. Her posture and expression were full of confidence.

She wasn’t so arrogant the night he’d attacked her though, and neither was her sister.

He turned off the video and stared at the snowy screen. Until she’d come along, he’d been in complete control. The Joliet police were such idiots. He’d had them running in circles, chasing their own shadows. Not even the great Galen Schroeder had a clue as to his identity or the depth of his capabilities. Not to worry though, no matter where she ran, he’d find her.

Thunderous applause breaks out through cyber space.
Then the words appear in the sky:


Stop by tomorrow and Ann will choose one lucky commenter.

Sharon: Tell readers where they can buy your book and get in touch with you?

Anne: Out of the Darkness can now be purchased at Champagne Books:

To learn more about me and my other releases, please visit my blog:
or my website:
Thanks again, Sharon, for having me on your blog! It was a pleasure meeting you and Oliver.

Sharon: My pleasure, Anne.

As the classic rock plays, Oliver plucks Anne off her feet and they dance through the arbor, cheek to cheek.

Anne Patrick, author of ‘Sweet’ Edge of Your Seat Romantic Suspense, has penned more than a dozen novels. Her works have garnered four and five star reviews and she’s received or been nominated for several awards. Her heroines are usually strong willed, witty, and often very opinionated…combinations that usually land them in situations where death seems imminent. Anne has an alter ego by the name of Kinzie Monroe, who writes Inspirational Romance. Anne, you might say, is the dark side of Kinzie. Anne’s books may be darker in subject matter, but they all carry messages of hope and faith. Born and raised in Oklahoma, she now makes her home in Kansas.


Sharon Donovan said...

Let's have a warm welcome for Ann Patrick! What a lovely day. How are you, Ann? And here comes Oliver, winking madly at you as he pours diet coke and feeds you chocolates and sunflower seeds. And when the guests arrive, Oliver will be happy to serve muffins, tea and coffee. My, you've been busy with your blog tour. How's it going?

Hywela Lyn said...

Hello Anne and Sharon
What a lovely garden setting, your roses are looking lovely Sharon. Mmm,. Earl Grey and chocolate sunflower seeds? Thank you Oliver.

Anne what an interesting interview. Your books sound wonderful and your research must be very intriguing. Wishing you many, many sales and plenty of new fans.

Miss Mae said...

Hey there, Anne, Sharon, and Oliver!

And a good day to my friend, Lyn. :)

I'll pass on that diet coke! LOL

Anne is an incredible author. I'm fortunate to own Lethal Dreams, and have read another by her, Silencing Evil. Her stories are so authentic as she works hard to get the facts straight! (sorta blows my mind...whew)

Eeek, are we kinda weird or what? As I was reading this and realized what Anne was writing about, and then knowing that Sharon's book is about a madman, then it dawned on me that I've written a tale regarding Jack the Ripper....

Oooh, do I hear the theme music from the Twilight Zone??????

Sharon Donovan said...

Good morning, Lyn and Miss Mae. Oh, yes. While we wait for Ann to show up, let's sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine and roses. Oliver, do bring Lyn a cup of Earl Grey and MM and myself some coffee. And since Ann isn't here yet, why don't we dig into those blueberry muffins and scones! Lyn, you did a lovely job of decorating the arbor, such a pretty scene. MM, I do believe you're right. We have some rather scary characters living in our heads. When Ann's serial killer gets here, we might have to have Lyn get one of her space ships ready to take us away if things get too wild!

annepatrick07 said...

Hi Ladies...and Oliver. *Anne tosses a wink his way*

Sharon, I love it that you combined my two favorite snacks of chocolate and sunflower seeds. The muffins look delicious as well.

annepatrick07 said...

Sharon, the blog tour is going well. I'm meeting lots of new people and hopefully gaining a new reader or two.

Lyn, thank you for the well wishes.

And Miss Mae, you are so sweet. Thank you for your kind words.

Sharon Donovan said...

That's great, Ann! Picking up new readers along the tour is the name of the game. Your books sound fantastic. More for my TBR list. I love suspense, so I'll check them out!

Laurean Brooks said...

Sharon, thanks for interviewing Anne. Like you, she is an awesome suspense writer.

Gosh! You two should collaborate on a story. Can you imagine where that could go?

Anne, I was going to warn you about Oliver's charms, but after reading the interview, I believe you can take care of yourself. LOL

Debra St. John said...

Hi Sharon and Anne!

Great interview, ladies. Congrats on your release, Anne.

*sigh* And I do so love Oliver's wicked winks. Ah, bliss!

annepatrick07 said...

Laurie, thanks for the wonderful compliment. I feel honored to be in the midst of such great writers.

Yes, Debra, Oliver's winks are *long sigh* to die for.

Sharon mentioned awhile back that he has a staring role in one of her new books. I'm really looking forward reading it.

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Laurie, thanks for the compliment! Sit a spell and have some mint tea and chocolates. Yes, I do believe Ann can take care of herself when it comes to Oliver...or not...

Sharon Donovan said...

Ann, it just struck me to coat the sunflower seends in chocolate! A friend of mine used to make chocolate covered potato chips. Now that's a bit much, although I adore chocolate covered pretzels. Speaking of which, here comes Oliver. Mmmm.

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Debra, come and sit in the rose garden with us while we chat to Ann and toast her new release from Champagne Books. Speaking of the devil, yes, he will be the main man in Charade of Hearts, a romantic suspense to be released later this year. Speaking of champagne, here he comes with the bubbly to toast Ann on her release. POP!

Anne Patrick said...

Champagne and chocolate covered sunflower seeds served by doesn't get much better than this.

*Anne takes Oliver's hand and drags him to the rose garden for another dance*

Sharon Donovan said...

Oliver grins and obliges Ann with a smile. When the dance is over, Sharon clears her throat. Thank you all for dropping by to chat with Ann about her newest release, Out of the Darkness. That brings us to the end of another Wednesday Spotlight.

Ann, you've been a delightful and fun guest. Thank you so much for gracing our rose garden. Wishing you mega sales on your ongoing blog tour.
Until next time, may the luck of the Irish be with you as you travel through life.
Love and Blessings,

Anne Patrick said...

Hi again!
I drew Lyn's name in the drawing. She'll soon be receiving a copy of Out of the Darkness.

Thanks again Sharon and Oliver. I really enjoyed it! And Oliver, be sure to let me know when that book comes out. I want an autographed copy. *Anne blows Oliver a kiss as she walks off into the sunset*

Sharon Donovan said...

Congratulations, Lyn! You're in for a truly terrific read. Ann, thank you again for the fun and for graciously giving a prize. Oliver is blowing those kisses right back atcha!

Hywela Lyn said...

Thank you SO much Anne, I can't wait to read 'Out Of The Darkness' and it was so interesting learning about you and your books. And thanks to Sharon for highlighting you and giving us such a fun and entertaining interview, as always.

Mary Ricksen said...

Great cover Ann, great excerpt, sounds great!
Sorry I'm so late!!