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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to my Halloween Haunted House

The hunter's moon skitters across the midnight black sky. From the deepest thicket of the forest, a werewolf howls. Bats screech as they soar from their caves and swarm toward the haunted house on the hill, wings flapping in flight. The wind swooshes through the willowy pines, sounding like the wise old whispers of the Paiute Indians buried thousands of feet below in the windblown sand. Thunder rolls across the starless sky, followed by a streak of lightning that casts an eerie glow on the tombstones in the graveyard. The ghosts float about, chilling laughter echoing through the hollow.

Welcome to my Halloween blog! For the entire month of October, authors will celebrate the spirit of Halloween by telling ghost stories, reading chilling excerpts and so mmuch more. And as always, the sexy and charasmatic Oliver will creak open the door to the haunted house to serve up witch's brew, munchies and maybe even cast a bewitching spell on you. And the organ when not playing the funeral dirge will play your favorite blood curtling song. And don't be put off or frightened by the screams you hear from behind the walls or the chains of the shhackled inmates. Wicked laughter exploes through cyber space. It's. just guests that didn't care for my books or the books of my guests.

So come back each day for a Trick or Treat. And to start the holiday off in the true spirit of the witching hour, here is an excerpt from my little house of horrors,
Her Biggest Fan
the book I have just sold to the Crimson Line of The Wild Rose Press. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think. And I'll be sure and keep you posted as to its release date and show off the book cover once it reaches fruition. Until then....funeral dirge plays in the background...
Here is a scene from Her Biggest Fan. Enjoy!

From the grand ballroom, the soft floating of piano keys drifted, louder and louder, faster and faster, reaching a spiking crescendo that shook the chandelier. And then all was quiet as the manor settled from the riveting climax that rattled the windows.
An eerie twine hummed through the corridor. Shocked by the scaling spike of piano keys, Tess’s knees wobbled. Floundering, she leaned against the wall for support.
She gasped for breath, her heartbeat escalating. In barely more than a whisper, she called out.

Her mind raced. Could her dad be alive? Did he stage his own death? Tears stung her eyes. She had to find out. But still, she proceeded with caution. She sensed evil from deep in her soul.
Camouflaged in the dim lighting, Tess scaled along the walls of the barrel corridor, blending into the dark wood paneling.

Inching her way a bit deeper, she crept, her heart pounding. Beads of sweat trickled down her spine. A door banged, sounding like shutters smacking the house. Then she felt a rush of cool air coming from the grand ballroom, dank with the smell of rain and something else. Burning candles.

Fear clutched her from deep within. As she got closer, the scent of jasmine grew stronger. The sweet smell permeated the air. It was as if her father were still alive, entertaining in the grand ballroom. Just as Tess reached the arched column to the massive hall, a bolt of thunder exploded in the sky, followed by an illuminating flash of lightning. Then all went dark.
Tess stood at the entrance, polarized. Goose bumps prickled her flesh. When the icy instrumental of Moonlight Sonata started all over again, she took a step back and gasped. Peering into the massive hall, she stared in disbelief.

On either side of the mahogany bar, standing candelabras gleamed, long white tapers flickering in the dark. Open terrace doors banged in the wind, bringing in the pouring rain. The air carried the mingled scent of jasmine and stale tobacco. Pleated silk drapes billowed out like wings.
Rain puddled the cherry wood floor that once sparkled beneath the mirrored ceiling and crystal chandelier. The ghostly sound of piano keys escalated as Moonlight Sonata played on the old Victrola. And in the center of the room, looking for all the world like guests of honor at a grand masquerade, two wax gargoyles danced cheek to cheek, costumed in feather masks as bizarre as the setting.


Sharon Donovan said...

Welcome to Sharon Donovan Presents. Have a seat on a nail-back chair and Oliver will bring you a special Halloween cocktail and some chocolate munchies, candy corn and caramel popcorn and so much more. If you have a bewitching Halloween tale you'd like to present, I have a few dates open until the witching day on October 31. But don't forget to leave me a comment about your thoughts on my title and my excerpt. The raven clock screeches and Sharon--the Queen of Hearts--vanishes into the dark of night.

send me your ghost story:

lastnerve said...

who was it? who was it? LOL Enquiring minds want to know! No wait, I will wait to read the book, I don't want to ruin the story for myself. That is a must read book. Halloween always scares me! I love the excerpt!
Cute outfit Oliver, but I still knew it was you!


Sharon Donovan said...

Oliver pouts, disappointed you knew him in his fangs. Glad you liked the excerpt Val! Stay tuned for coming attractions. Get yourself a big tub of buttered popcorn and get ready to scream!!

Hywela Lyn said...

Huge congratulations on your new Contract, Sharon and what a wonderful, creepy excerpt. Just right for this time of year. I'm really looking forward to the release of this book and I'm so thrilled for you.

Sharon Donovan said...

Thanks Lyn. I'm glad you like the excerpt. And it would seem a wee Welsh witch was out and about on her broomstick early this morning, sprinkling my haunted house with ghosts and goblins. Thank you, dear friend. And here comes Oli...ah or I mean the vampire with a steaming mug of Earl Grey. Manic laughter from within the walls as they chant, "Drink it at your own risk!"

Candace Morehouse said...

I love the photo of Oliver. Can't wait until he "serves" me again. *grin*
Congrats on the new contract. This book sounds great! You really set the stage with your hair-raising prose. Definitely want to know when it gets released.
Great job as always, Sharon. I do enjoy your blog posts immensely.

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Candace, thanks for dropping by. And I'm glad the excerpt made you bristle! Grin. Oliver certainly remembers you and would love for you to tell him a ghost story! He'll have the shiraz ready and waiting.

Skhye said...


Creepy! Love the spooky graphics and excellent description! As always, Sharon, you amaze me. And I'm thrilled to hear you've got CANDY CORN!!!

And Sharon, don't forget to swing by to be scared by reality terrifying all women! Commenters will be entered to win a sterling silver dragon pendant or a LITTLE WIZARD voodoo doll keychain. ;)

Revving up my broom...
Hee he heeeee Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! ~Skhye

Mary Ricksen said...

Oh my God Sharon, I love the excerpt, can't wait to read the book!
What if you just dropped the number, would that make your editor happy?
Scare us to death! He, He, He.

Sharon Donovan said...

Skhye! Creepy, huh? Good because that's what my creative muse was going for. Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to my first suspense publication. Wicked wink.
But on a serious note, yes. Women need to be scared to death when it comes to breast cancer. A simple screening is a must and a life savor too. I'll pop on over to support it. Three cheers for raising awareness.

Sharon Donovan said...

You like that, Mary? Ohhhh good! I'm so thrilled to have contracted my first suspense/thriller. Now is the hard part, all the galleys and edits and the wait for it to come out in print. Sigh. But it will be soooo worth it!!

Laurean Brooks said...

I'm sh-hak-ing in my shoes and my teeth are chhhhattering! Oliver, pass me a rich cup of hot chocolate. I'm still trem-bling, so please put it in a sippy cup so's I don't slosh it all over the place.

Creepy excerpt and pics, Sharon! Sets the mood for Halloween, for sure.

Whaaaat was that noise? Hey! I'm outta here!

Becca Simone said...

What a fun concept, Sharon. I can't wait to be on later this month to promote my Halloween release. It's not scary, but it's sexy.

I love your exerpt and LOVE your title. The Munsters, right?


Sharon Donovan said...

LOL Laurie, a sippy cup? You have Oliver all baffled and bewildered. He's not sure what to do with you! Ohhhhhooooo, don't look now but he's coming over to wrap you in his hairy vampire arms to ward off the shivers. and hahahahahahahe he has that glaze in his eyes. Beware girlfriend! So glad you liked the excerpt!

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Becca! So glad you dropped by to see what you're in for in a few weeks. Oliver will be waiting at the door to escort you into the chamber of horrors. Be brave! And right you are about the title! Do you know you are the first to make the connection. I thought it would scream Munster house! In fact, that's why I used the prop on my blog with the raven clock. They had one and I foundit most befitting. Looking forward to you reading us your excerpt.