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Sunday, October 11, 2009

To Be or Not To Be

Halloween is the time for superstitions, the supernatural and traditions. As for me, I adore legend and lore and am a “Closet Superstitious Addict!” I can never get my fill! I read them, memorize them and inscribe them. Then I put them in my magic wishing well for good luck. While on my quest this year for a new Halloween superstition I hadn’t heard before, I came across the following and found it to be quite enchanting.

According to Celtic legend and lore, the hazelnut has the power to determine whether or not your mate will be true blue. You heard right. What’s in a nut? Fidelity or infidelity? You be the judge!

On Hallow’s Eve, in front of a rip roaring fire in the hearth, take a hazelnut and inscribe the name of your lover. Then close your eyes and make a wish and pitch the nut into the flames. If the nut pops out, your mate will run from you and never be true and will break your heart. The nut that burns to ashes will hold a burning desire for all of eternity.


P.L. Parker said...

I am going to inscribe my husband's name on a hazelnut today - and if it pops out - he is in so much trouble

Margaret Tanner said...

Wow Sharon, that sounds intriguing, I must try it. Wish I had known about that a few years ago,(well make that a lot of years ago), when I was dating.

Mary Ricksen said...

Should have tried this years ago!

Sharon Donovan said...

LOL Patsy, Margaret and Mary. I don't do marriage counseling!! LOL All in fun ladies, all in the spirit of fun and games. I have to admit to falling prey for a similar ritual, however, it it turned out to be chillingly true! But that's for another post. What's in a nut?

Sharon Donovan said...

Ladies, I just had a thought. We ought to all write Oliver's name on a nut and pitch it to the flames. Who wants to wager every nut will pop out and flee for dear life? LOL There's one who will never be true!

Sharon Donovan said...

Just read this Sharon, how fascinating! Unfortunately we don't have a 'real' fire, but wait until I go to Wales, my sister has and we'll soon see what's what! (Evil grin!)