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Monday, March 23, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

A low wind swooshes through the undulating pines. Faint chimes in the distance, tinkle like shattered glass. Eerie silence, calm before the storm. Wind picks up, stirs the heady smell of dank earth with freshly budding roses. Tree limbs slap brick fa├žade. Wind howls, white hot fury, chimes spin in a wild frenzy, steel blades slashing swords. Low rumble of thunder, high winds, whistle snakes through cavernous grounds. Rain drops plop on steel awning, strong wind ripples flag, flaps and billows with a snapping hiss. Wet air dank, rot and decay rise from soil, strong and pungent. Clouds open, sending pellets of rain crashing to earth. Thunder and lightning rage through the sky, fierce warriors slashing swords, colliding in battle, exploding into sonic boom. And The Master reigns. The elements of earth, wind and fire in all their glory.


Nixy Valentine said...

I love the words you've used here, especially the line "Faint chimes in the distance, tinkle like shattered glass." Gives a very specific mood with a touch of foreshadowing.

Love it!

Marsha said...

I like 'wet air dank'. The combination of words together is powerful.

It's great how most of the post is about the approach of the storm. Awesome build-up!

Iain Martin said...

Hi Sharon, I like the rhythm of your description; you use good images and set a definite mood.

Christine said...

Hello Sharon,

This piece had great images. The fury of mother nature in all it's beauty.

Nicely done. :-)

Sharon Donovan said...

Thanks Nixy and thanks for creating this writing adventure. You inspire us!

Sharon Donovan said...

You got it Marsha! It was all about build up to something out of our control. We don't know when or where...just that it's coming.

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Iain. Thanks. Imagery is important to this clip, a glimpse of the coming storm raging through the sky.

Sharon Donovan said...

Thanks Christine. I wasn't sur where I was going with it but a raging thunder storm always conjurs up images of thunder and lightning slashing swords in the battle raging through the sky.

J. M. Strother said...

I love storms, and you captured the essence of them wonderfully. The odd thing is that quite before the storm, always a little eerie. Wonderful mood piece and a great reminder of the force (and whimsy) of nature.

Lulu said...

Sharon, I really enjoyed this, your choice of words is amazing. I've rarely met a descriptive word I don't like but - "swoosh" and "undulating" "dank, rot and decay", all send shivers up my spine.

You described so much in such great detail in very few words. Beautiful.
A real gift.

Nancy J. Parra said...

Hi Sharon,

Great post! I enjoyed the way the sounds built up and could really feel the on-coming storm.

Thanks for the good read!