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Monday, December 17, 2012

Secret Santa Blog Hop


Welcome to The Secret Santa Blog Hop.

Happy Christmas!

I'm posting this on behalf of my dear friend, Sharon Donovan, who as mentioned elsewhere on this blog, tragically passed away in April this year.

Sharon loved Christmas and all the legends and traditions associated with this special time of year. She would get so excited and because this amazing author was blind, she would ask me to  decorate her blog for her with Christmas graphics - and this was something I loved to do.

I miss her so much and this Christmas will be so hard for her family and friends without her.  However, Sharon left us all one last gift - her Christmas romantic suspense 'Kiss Of Death', published on 5th December.  This is a great story, starring her wonderful hunky 'Oliver', and takes place at Christmas, in New Orleans.

To be in the draw to win a copy of this edge of the seat suspense, just leave a comment below, making sure to give your email address, and for an entry into the Grand Prize Draw, answer this question -  what are the chilling words that feature in Camille Lafayette's dream? (*Hint* the answer is in the blurb in the post immediately below this one, 'Sharon's new cover unveiled', for Nov 14th) I do hope it doesn't refer to that hunky guy on the 'Secret Santa Bloghop' button!

You can purchase 'Kiss Of Death' HERE


He flashed his badge and offered a cheeky smile. “Detective Oliver SharonĂ©, New Orleans P.D., Homicide. Are you Camille Lafayette?”

Lulled by the patois of Cajun French in his voice, Camille just stood there, mouth agape. Now that she could clearly see him, he had the most dazzling smile she’d ever seen.


His lyrical voice was music to her ears. A rush of hormones surged through her, leaving her weak in the knees. Feeling a burning gush of desire, she forced herself to nod, running her tongue through a very dry mouth and pushing out the words. “Yes, I’m Camille Lafayette. Is there a problem, Detective?”

Thunder and lightning crashed and collided, wilder and wilder, echoing the primitive beat of her heart. Silhouetted by roiling thunderclouds, Detective Oliver Sharoné looked like a dark and dangerous warrior. Dizzy and lightheaded, feeling drunk with emotion, Camille was as highly charged as the electrical storm.

“May I come in for a moment, Ms. Lafayette? I would like to ask you a few questions in regard to a murder I’m investigating.”

Camille’s breath caught in her throat. A bolt of panic surged through her. Shaken by the impact, she stammered for words and said nothing. Her pulse fluttered wildly in the hollow of her throat. This sexy cop was about to turn her world upside down. 

Time to start hopping and winning some great prizes.

The blog hop features over 40 authors, all giving away an individual prize, but the grand prize is a 7″ Kindle Fire HD! To enter for Sharon's book, be sure to leave a comment here, including your email address so you can be contacted if you’re a winner. Comments will also put you in the running for the Grand Prize. To increase the odds of your winning the Grand Prize, you will receive additional entries if you follow this blog, leave a comment here, or answer my simple question at the end of this post

The hop runs from midnight Dec. 17th  to midnight Dec, 19th.

You get three entries at each blog stop. One for answering a question at each blog stop, one for following each blog and another for commenting.
After you are finished hopping you just send  an email to   saying which blogs you went to and what you did at each. You are not required to go to every blog to win but the more blogs you go to the better your chance of winning is. Please send it all in one email.  That's  just one email with all the hop info as follows:

Your name and email at the top. (You only need this once.)

For each blog -

Blog Name
Answer to Blog question
Did you follow?
Did you leave a comment?

You don't have to do all these but each one gets you an entry. 
There will be prizes at each stop and the grand prize is a Kindle Fire HD. which will be given away on the 20th. Feel free to share with your friends. The contest is open to anyone in the US and Canada. Sorry about that but it is because of shipping and the fact that not everyone can use the Kindle service.

Go here for a full list of all the blogs taking part:

Have fun and good luck!


Cassandra said...

I am very sorry to hear of this loss
Answer: Santa Must Die
GFC: Cassandra Hicks
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Mary Ricksen said...

Sharon we all miss you sweetie! I hope you are happy and here's a hug!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

So sad she's gone.
That was nice that you included her in this blog hop. She would have loved this!!

Answer: Santa Must Die

kmnbooks at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Santa Must Die

This book might cheer you up, One of my favorite Christmas Romance Books is The Untamable Rogue by Annette Blair! The story is about Ashford Blackburne Fifth Earl and he has to get married and get his willing bride pregnant before Christmas or his grandfather won’t let him inherit his money. Ash truly needs to inherit the money because his late father squandered it all away and he is taking care of his mother. After getting stood up at the alter, again, Ash and his friends go to the local pub where the owner plays a drunken Ash in a card game…his consolation prize is the pubs daughter Larkin, who he wants to get ride of. Ash has to learn to forgive…Larkin has to learn how to trust…can two completely different people find love together. This is a cute, extremely funny, romantic story with a surprise Christmas ending!

kimberly holgate said...

i like the sound of the book
santa must die i have to know whats next
gfc kimberly
kaholgate at ymail dot com

Crissy Morris said...

I am so sorry for your loss.
Answer: Santa Must Die.
GFC: Crissy M

LEENA7 said...

So very sorry for your loss,I pray her memories let you feel close to her this holiday season.
Answer is ....Santa Must Die

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Mary, Cassandra and Karen, thanks so much for stopping by, Sharon would have loved being part of this and I hope she's looking down and smiling at her friends.

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Angelheart, Kimberly,Crissy and Leena. Thanks so much for your kind comments. It's wonderful that Sharon lives on in her works, and the amazing character she created, Oliver.

K. April Holgate said...

Santa must Die
GFC - K April Holgate
Thanks for the Awesome Hop!

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi April, thanks so much for stopping by Sharon's blog.

Lasha said...

So sorry about Sharon's passing. I will pray for her family & friends this holiday season.

Answer: Santa Must Die.

mslasha at gmail dot com

magic5905 said...

Sorry for your loss.
Santa Must Die
Thanks for the great hop.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

Hywela Lyn said...

Thank you for your prayers Lasha. Sharon's family and friends will really appreciate your kind thought.
It will be very hard without her this Christmas, but her memory lives on in our hearts.

Hywela Lyn said...

Thank you Magic, and I'm glad you're enjoying the Hop.

Holly Underhill said...

Answer: Santa Must Die.

Thanks for the giveaway, so sorry to hear that she's gone!

Shannon Bereza said...

The answer is Santa must Die!
Even though she is not with her family and friends this Christmas, leaving behind a legacy of books and writing is an amazing way to remember someone. Having just lost a close family member in November of this year I understand the loss and the difficulty of the holidays.

Anonymous said...

A- Santa Must Die

Thanks for being a part of the blog hop and Happy Holidays

Leela Lou

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Shannon, thanks so much for visiting Sharon's blog, and your kind words. I am sorry to hear about your loss - I hope the happy memories of your family member will help ease the pain of loss at Christmas for you too.

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Leela, thanks so much for stopping by, and Happy Holidays to you too!

Shadow said...

Im so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts.
What an awesome hop!! And a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!! Happy holidays to you all! Best wishes and many blessings!
And the answer is: Santa Must Die.
GFC: shadow_kohler

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Shadow,

Thanks so much for your kind words and Happy Holidays to you too.

Mackenzie Crowne said...

I'll bet Sharon was wearing a big grin when she wrote, "Santa must die!" Awesome line.

You are so sweet to include Sharon in the hop, Lyn.

Z said...

Very sorry to hear your friend Sharon passed.
I loved the answer...Santa Must Die I laughed, thank you.
Seawitchreviews at yahoo dot com

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Mac and Z - thanks so much for your comments - yes Sharon had a great sense of humour! It makes me smile just thinking about her.

Happy Christmas everyone!