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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Sharon's gripping romantic suspense novella, 'Charade Of Hearts' in the Wild Rose Press series 'Jewel Of The Night', starring 'Oliver' won the 'Preditors & Editors Readers' Poll 2011.

If you haven't read this yet, I can heartily recommend it, here's  the blurb and an excerpt:

While scuba diving off the coast of Diamond Head with her diving partner on a quest to find a family heirloom, underwater photographer Dominique St. John witnesses his brutal murder and photographs it, ensnaring her in a deadly jewel ring. Then when the investigating officer turns out to be her partner’s identical twin, a man she knew nothing about, her life becomes a Charade of Hearts.
Welcome to the world of greed, intrigue, deception and murder. At its core is a blue diamond worth millions.
As honest as his twin was corrupt, Honolulu Homicide Detective Oliver Carvalho must convince Dominique that her diving partner and best friend was a crook. In a race against time, Oliver must rescue her from a ruthless killer, but his biggest challenge proves to be Dominique herself. Her heart has been torn by betrayal and can only be redeemed with love.
(Pages 122) Sweet


The fog in her head slowly cleared.

She was on assignment in Hawaii, photographing the shipwreck that had taken her mother’s life. While she’d been shooting pictures, Roberto had been scouring the ocean floor for her mother’s blue diamond, her birthright. By some miracle, Roberto had managed to find the necklace. Just as they were about to surface, a diver came out of nowhere and stabbed him. Her eyelids flew open in shocked horror.

“Roberto!” Dominique screamed, her voice a nasally squeak. “My diving partner? Is he here? Roberto Carvalho?”

The nurse’s expression softened. “I’m sorry, Ms. St. John. You were the only patient brought in by emergency helicopter. You’re at the Honolulu clinic.”

Dear God. Killer sharks had been thrashing toward Roberto, jaws chomping. The words came out in a strangled moan. “The owner of the charter? Is he here?”

The nurse shook her head. “But there is someone anxious to speak to you.”

And that’s when Dominique spotted him, framing the doorway to the small room. He’d survived the shark attack. His name caught in her throat. “Roberto! You’re alive! How…”

He strutted toward her, his narrow hips swaggering as he closed in on her, stirring her blood with a primal lust she had never felt. And those dark, broody eyes, so alive with passion, like fiery comets.

He loomed above her, his lips pinched into a thin line. “I’m sorry, Ms. St. John, but I am not Roberto. He flashed a badge. “I am Detective Oliver Carvalho, Honolulu PD, Homicide. Roberto Carvalho was my identical twin brother.”

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Thanks for your continued prayers.  They are making a difference


Anonymous said...

Aunt Sharon,

I'm soo proud of you and happy for you for "Charade of Hearts"! I got my vote in too but I'm sure you had so many you didn't even need it. I wish I was closer to home so I could come visit you, but I'm so happy that you're getting a little better each day and I know you'll return to full strength soon to keep writing some amazing novels that we're all waiting for ha! :-) I love you and praying for you every day, I will hopefully see you soon!


Witchy Woman said...

Congratulations Sharon! I loved Charade of Hearts! The win is a well deserved one!

Mary Ricksen said...

Sharon, you are my idol! Kendall you are adorable!

lastnerve said...

Whooohooo! Congrats Sharon! I KNEW you would win!
Love you girl


Sharon Donovan said...

Susan, Mary, Val and Sharon

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on Sharon's Award.

She is blessed to have so many friends and wonderful family who love her so much. We can't wait for you to be well enough to enjoy celebrating with us, dear Sharon.

Jane Richardson said...

Hi Sharon! Just a quick note to say I'm thinking of you loads, and could you please hurry up and get yourself home again so we can have one of our lovely e-mail chats soon! ;-)))

Keep on getting better, dear chum. You are loved and missed so much! lotsa luv,

Jane x

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Jane, I'll pass your message on to Sharon, thanks so much, I know all the love and messages from her friends is cheering her up and keeping her fighting to get better.

Lori, Sr. Editor for Wild Rose Press said...

I know I am prejudiced where Charade of Hearts is concerned but this award was justly deserved. Sharon is a please to work with and truly one of my favorite authors to edit. Praying for you daily, my friend!!

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Lori

Thanks so much for your lovely message for Sharon, I know she loves working with you and appreciates your skilful editing which make her wonderful books truly shine.

Your prayers are truly appreciated.


Jane Richardson said...

Thinking of you, Sharon. I've passing the Liebster blog award to you today, too. There's more info at my blog, I'm sure Lynn will be able to let you know when she can too. Keep getting better, my friend!

Jane x

Hywela Lyn said...

Thanks so much Jane, As you see, it's sitting proud at the top of this Blog!