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Monday, January 3, 2011

Paying tribute to our uniformed heros

Hello, Friends! I hope you will join me today in honoring our uniformed heroes. I am taking part in January Interview—Book Brew at Coffee Time. Today’s theme is those folks in uniforms of many kinds who form our net of safety and protection, putting their lives on the line for us. They make great heroes and heroines and we cannot honor them enough for all they do! I am proud to take part and will be chatting all day long about HER BIGGEST FAN, PART OF THE MEN IN UNIFORM SERIES BY THE WILD ROSE PRESS. My interview gives a behind the scenes scoop on why I chose a sheriff as my romantic hero. Throughout the day, I will be chatting about music setting the scene with my creative muse, the fallen angel that inspired me to write Her Biggest Fan, not to mention some Sharon Donovan give aways! So I hope you’ll help me pay tribute to the uniformed heroes in our lives


Sharon Donovan said...

Oliver and I salute our uniformed heroes and fallen angels for keeping our country safe from harm's way.. Thank you.

Miss Mae said...

Sharon, I clicked the link but didn't see anything by you up. Maybe they'll post it later in the day? I scrolled down to the Dec. 24th post too.


Julie Robinson said...

Same here!

Julie Robinson said...

Law enforcement and military guys are my favorite heroes. i would have liked to have paid tribute, but cannot find you from the link.

Sharon Donovan said...

Sorry you girls are having problems with the link. Here it is again

Mary Ricksen said...

Hey Sharon, Gonna catch it now if I can. I was here! And now I'm off. Hi Oliver, proud of you dude!