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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight with Wendy Davy

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Spotlight! Today we are lounging on the upper deck of a luxury cruise ship as it sets sail through the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean. .And my featured guest is Wendy Davy, and she is here to chat with us about her latest release

With the billowy white clouds drifting aimlessly through the azure blue sky, the massive cruise ship streams through the rippling ocean. Tropical music plays in the background and the warm breeze blows gently as Sharon and Wendy relax on chaise lounges beneath sun-drenched skies.

Sharon: Isn’t this lovely, Wendy? So how are you on such a fine day?

Wendy: I’m great. I’m glad Spring is finally here. It’s been a long, cold winter and I always look forward to Easter.

Oliver struts out on deck, carting a silver tray above his head. With a roguish wink, he sets the vase of bright tulips on the table. Then with a sweeping bow, he presents glasses of Sierra Mist and Oreo cookies.

Sharon: Thank you, Oliver. That will be all. Oliver leaves, but is back in a flash with his copy of New Beginnings.

Might I have your autograph, please Wendy, dearheart?

Wendy? Of course. Here you go…

Sharon: And while the book is open, perhaps we can have a sneak preview of the blurb and excerpt:
Security expert Adam Peyton wants a second chance with the woman who captured his heart and walked away with it several months ago. When he agrees to be her bodyguard on a Caribbean cruise, he takes the opportunity to do much more than just protect her. When the man who has been haunting Cora Andrews' dreams for months walks back into her life, she must choose to release the pride holding them apart, or risk losing him forever.Will Adam have the new beginning with Cora he has been praying for?

Here's the excerpt:

Cora swept past him and out the door. She sensed him following behind her as she pressed the button to retrieve the elevator.

"You never know. It could turn out to be fun."

Adam's familiar voice sent a wave of memories crashing into her.

"Fun?" She turned her wide eyes to him.

"You mean like when you lied about who you are? Was that fun?"

"I didn't lie," Adam's voice lowered as he stepped into the elevator. "You kept the truth from me. That's the same thing."

"Do we have to go through this again, Cora?" he asked with a sigh. "Not if you leave me alone. But you won't do that will you?

Harry asked you to go, so you will. Just like that?"

"I have to. It's my job."

"You've made that clear," Cora said with crisp, clipped words.

The elevator began its descent from the top floor toward the lobby. Adam's tall, masculine presence made the small room feel even smaller. She faced the doors and watched the numbers light up with each passing floor.

"Is it really that horrible that I'm coming with you?"

Cora met his eyes. "Harry has no right…"

"Let's not make this about Harry okay?"

Adam's gaze seared into hers as he added, "Like you do everything else in your life."
She gasped. "I do not."


Cora ground her teeth and fisted her hands. She turned and sucked in a breath.

Before she had a chance to say a word, Adam placed a warm, calloused finger on her lips, stepped close and whispered, "I'd like to do a lot of things with you. Fighting isn't one of them." He gently traced his finger along the contours of her lips as his eyes followed. The elevator chimed, and the doors opened. Adam stepped back. "I'll see you next week."

Sharon: Hmm. And you leave us hanging and wondering? It sounds really good, Wendy. Now tell us more about Cora and Adam? It seems he wants to be more than her bodyguard?

Wendy: Thank you Sharon. Adam has had his eye on Cora for a long time, but you’ll have to read the story to find out why…

Sharon: I know this is an inspirational from White Rose Publishing, but there seems to be a little mystery involved. What type of inspirational is it?

Wendy: It’s not a suspense, but it does have elements to keep the reader guessing what will happen next.

Sharon: And where did you get the idea for the storyline? As a writer, I know there is always something that gives us the inspiration for each story.

Wendy: I went on a cruise to nowhere a few years ago, and I was inspired to write a story that actually went “somewhere.”

Sharon: What’s next for you? Any books in the wings?

Wendy: Snow Angels is due out in April. You can find the blurb, excerpt and trailer at

Sharon: You have young children. When do you find time to write, edit, promote?

Wendy: It’s difficult. I grab any sliver of time I can find. Right now I have a little one hanging on my arm.

Sharon: Oh, here comes Oliver with dessert, a cheese cake dripping with cherries.

Oliver smiles at Wendy as he slices the cake and presents it to her with a wink.

Sharon: Ahem…Oliver… You can go now. I need to finish the interview. Oliver leaves, snapping his fingers to the beat of the calypso music, belting it out for all he’s worth.

Sharon: Just a few more questions. I collect legends, and would consider it a gift if you share one with me? If not a legend, a favorite tradition that is near and dear to your heart.

Wendy: I enjoy hearing about legends, but I can’t think of one right now. A tradition? How about my kids wanting my attention while I’m on the computer? Does that count?

Sharon: And finally, my three questions. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? If you could star in any romance movie or book, what would it be and why? And finally, who would you choose to play your romantic hero?

Wendy: I would live in Greece because it’s so beautiful. I would star in my own romance novel, Night Waves because I can picture it as a movie. Dean Cain would be my hero, because he’s one of my favorite actors and the inspiration for Nick, the hero in my book.

Sharon: Thank you so much for joining me today for Wednesday Spotlight. Best of luck with sales. Can you tell readers where they can purchase your books and find out about you?

Wendy: You can find my books at several locations:,, and are a few.

I've been hooked on reading romances ever since I picked one up over twenty years ago. That's also when my own imagination started to roll and it hasn't stopped since.

But, it wasn't until I realized that it was God who put it in my heart to write, that I knew my dreams of becoming an author could turn into a reality.

I am a member of the Romance Writers of America and continue to be an avid reader.
When not writing, I spend my energy chasing around my beautiful young children, enjoying my own real-life hero, and watching movies with friends.


Sharon Donovan said...

Let's have a warm welcome for Wendy Davy. Oliver is here to serve beverages and snacks, so grab a seat and soak up the sun with us!

Hywela Lyn said...

Good morning Sharon and Wendy - and Oliver of curse. Oooh, I'll have a nice long pinapple juice, please Oliver, thank you.

I really enjoyed your interview Wendy, and your book looks very intriguing. Nice to escape into cyberspace and the Caribbean sunshine, it's a bit chilly here in the UK!

Love the cover of your book, too Wendy.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Wendy,
Lovely interview. I went on a cruise for a fortnight once, not to the Caribbean unfortunately, but it was wonderful being waited on hand and foot.And the food was just to die for.. Your story sounds great, best of luck with it.


Wendy Davy said...

Thank you Sharon for the interview. Hywela Lyn and Margaret, thanks for the compliments. :)


Sharon Donovan said...

You are quite welcome, Wendy. And here comes Oliver with drinks. Sierra Mists, pineapple juice and ice tea with lemon and mint leaves. And fresh fruit and pastries. Mmm. Margaret, a cruise is great. Lyn, kick your feet up Wendy, tell us about the cruise you took.and soak up this delicious sun.

Mona Risk said...

Lovely excerpt Wendy with such a nice voice. Sharon as usual your blog is so much fun,

Ann Yost said...

Wendy - your excerpt made me want to go on a cruise with Adam (my son's name so one of my favorites) or Olivier and definitely with cheesecake. What a fun interview!
Ann Yost

Miss Mae said...

Whoooo, really loved that excerpt, Wendy! Adam is quite the hunk! (where is me fan, darlin'? Me cheeks are stingin', don't cha know?)

Hmm, the idea to make a story around a cruise is great. Beautiful cover too!

P.L. Parker said...

Morning Ladies - I'd love to be on that cruise with you. Loved the blurb. Congrats and good luck.

JoAnn said...

Morning! Boy, that cake looks yummy.

I've never been to Greece, but I heard it's beautiful.

Best wishes for much success with your latest release!

Sharon Donovan said...

My goodness, all these ladies soaking up the rays and joining the cruise today, Wendy. Some party for your book! Oh, Oliver, we need plenty of cold drinks and bon bons!

Mary Ricksen said...

Wendy, I wish you the best of luck!
Your book is gonna be on my list for a trip I will be taking. Perfect!
What a great book jacket too!!

I can't wait to take the cruise in January for the Florida Cruise with Your Muse trip. Sharon is going too. What are you gonna do with Oliver?

Sharon Donovan said...

It will be so much fun, Mary! Wendy, what a fun day this has been and your book is making quite an impression!

Linda Swift said...

unmomideHi Wendy, it's so nice to meet you. I love your book cover. It looks like a cover by Nicole Martinez. Just a guess here. Your book sounds perfect for a getaway from the cold weather, even here in Florida where I live. I wish you great success with this book and those that follow.
And hello to Sharon and Olvier.

Linda Swift said...

A bit of explanation for your laugh of the day, folks. I didn't get the first crazy letters right and when they ask me to read another group, I typed them without checking to see where they went. And guess what? They went righ into my comments. So no, this is not a foreign language I'm speaking. Just a stupid one.

Donna B said...

Great excerpt! Sounds like the temperatures will be rising for your characters regardless of where they're going.

Good luck! Sounds great!

Sharon Donovan said...

I would like to thank everyone for sailing the Caribbean with us today! What fun. Linda, you gave me a good chuckle, and it sounds like something that would happen to me!
A special thank you to my featured guest Wendy Davy. Best of luck with this great book! As always, big shout out to Hywela Lyn for adding the fantastic graphics. Go Lyn!
Until next time, may the luck of the Irish be with you as you travel through life.

Love and Blessings,


Wendy Davy said...

Thank you all for stopping by Sharon's blog. I appreciate the comments.

Sharon, during the cruise I took, we actually had a Noreaster and the ship rocked so bad we wobbled as we walked through the halls. It makes for fun memories. :)

Linda, you guessed it! Nicola designed the beautiful cover for New Beginnings.

Thanks again to all who left a comment, and thank you Sharon for a fun interview!