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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight with Barbara Edwards

Hello and welcome to Wednesday Spotlight! Today’s featured guest is Barbara Edwards. Barbara is here to chat with us about her highly acclaimed book


With a beautiful winter wonderland backdrop of swirling snowflakes, the cherry log in the hearth snaps, sending brilliant orange spears shooting upward like sorcerer’s flames. And when the doorbell rings, Oliver dashes off, plucking a rose from the vase. A moment later, he escorts a starry-eyed Barbara into the parlor and she takes a seat in front of the fire.

Sharon: Hello, Barbara. And how are you on this wintry day?

Barbara: Glad to be here with you. The fire is wonderful. She relaxes, cradling the rose on her lap.

Dressed in his black t-shirt and low rider jeans, Oliver saunters in, pushing a sterling silver caddy. Casting Barbara a wicked wink, he serves her a gin martini with two olives. She regretfully waves away the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Pumping his biceps, he plucks up his copy of Ancient Awakenings and flashes his bone-melting smile. Might I have your autograph, love?

Barbara: Anything you desire, Oliver. She gives him a sultry smile before she signs with a flourish.

And while Barbara is drooling over Oliver, here is a blurb and excerpt of Ancient Awakenings:

In Ancient Awakening, Police Officer ‘Mel’ Petersen investigates a death only she believes is murder. By disobeying direct orders from the Rhodes End Chief, she risks her career to follow clues that twist in circles to her backyard and lead the killer to her.

Her neighbor Stephen Zoriak is a prime suspect. Steve worked for a major pharmaceutical company where he discovered a weapon so dangerous he destroys the research. He is exposed to the dangerous organism. He suspects he is the killer and agrees to help her find the truth.
In the course of their investigation Mel and Steve find the real killer and a love that defies death.

“Don’t touch me, Mel, not unless you’re willing to do a lot more,” he warned as her hazel eyes flared golden.

“Don’t threaten me, Steve. You’re…”

He pulled her into his arms despite the alarm bells clanging in his head.
Danger! Danger! Danger!

Her widened eyes met his. Mel’s hands were trapped against his chest, but she didn’t push him away. Instead, her fingers curled into his shirt.

Her mistake. His mistake was to crush her mouth under his.
Mel’s soft lips parted. Need exploded. The taste of black coffee didn’t hide her sweet flavor. As her tongue tangled with his, her arms slid around his neck and her fingers burrowed through his hair.

Steve hungered to peel the starched shirt off her soft shoulders, lay her on the thick turf and ease his desire. He tasted her brows, her cheek, along her throat, seeking the source of her call. Her pulse whipped under his mouth, awakening another need.
His teeth gently closed on the vulnerable vein.
He wanted, wanted, wanted…

Cold alarm chilled his pounding blood. Steve gasped for air. He’d forgotten his own ironclad rule. Mel’s eyelids flittered open to reveal the molten glow of desire but he forced himself free.
He had no right to touch any woman. Not until he knew he hadn’t become what he had set out to destroy.

Sharon: Interesting and very intriguing. It draws us right in. So tell us a little about the heroine and the romantic hero of your book.

Barbara: My heroine ‘Mel’ is a strong, independent woman with no imagination. When she finds a murder can’t be solved by normal means, she is baffled. My hero ‘Steve’ is hunting a cure for a terrible curse. He craves blood and can no longer tolerate many foods, he is experiencing black-outs, and his night vision is sharpening along with his sense of smell. He fears what he may be doing during the black-outs.

Oliver takes this moment to grin, his eyes glowing as he sips a glass of red wine.
Sharon: And where did you get the idea for this storyline?

Barbara: I had a nightmare about the cemetery next to where I lived as a child. I meet Steve and Mel there and knew the end to their story. I started writing it the next morning.

Sharon: Oooh…I have chills. And tell me, do you put pieces of your own life into stories? And if so, anything you would like to share with us?

Barbara: My life is too boring to write about, but I do use what I learn from a number of sources. My stories are from my dreams.

Sharon: (clasps her heart and gasps) I love it! Have you written in other genres?
Barbara: Oh yes, I’ve been looking for my niche for a long time. I have two Historical Romances. The first is another Love set in 1892 New England, with dirty politicians kidnapping a child; the second is Annie’s Heart in 1872 Kansas about a widowed mother and a wandering cowboy. I also have a Romantic suspense Rachel’s Rescue set in contemporary Sudan about a doctor and the federal agent sent to protect her.

Sharon: Hmm. Sounds really good. What’s next for Barbara Edwards?

Barbara: The next book set in Rhodes End is almost ready for my editor, with two more in the works. I have a romance and a romantic comedy half-done.

Sharon: Well, good luck with all that. My goodness! Now, let’s talk about you. You’re married to a retired police sergeant and have a joint interest in target shooting. These sound like a writer’s dream for research. Do you incorporate both into your writing?

Barbara: My husband is my best source for police procedures, the way they think and react. He’s really good at the ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ look when he disagrees with how I have a male react.

Sharon: LOL And you love to visit museum, galleries and battlefields for your research. Can you share a few of your most interesting and unique finds?

Barbara: I recently visited the Charleston museum and saw the 150 years of wedding gowns display. It was fascinating to study the real items and gave me several facts I might be able to use.

Sharon: I would love that! You truly are a Jill of all trades. And tell us about when you taught romance at a community college.

Barbara: Students are the best source of enthusiasm. They asked questions about things I’d forgotten I knew and that made my own work improve. I’d love to do move, but since we started camping for months, I can’t fit it into my schedule.

Sharon: And if that isn’t enough, you grow antique roses, a favorite hobby of mine. What kind of roses are in your garden?

Barbara: I wish I knew. They were gifts. I’m searching for the names, but that is also on the back burner. I have a beautiful pink that blooms until the snow; an open purple that smells like heaven but slows blooming in August and a tightly wound red that looks like a crumpled tissue and smells sweet.

Sharon: Well, they sound gorgeous, very vintage rose. Not to forget your pet. Tell us about your furry baby.

Barbara: Dixie is an eighty pound Belgian Malinois that wants to be a lap dog. She is the only reason I get any exercise. She demands regular walks and since she is incredibly smart, I don’t argue with her.

Sharon: Well, sadly, this brings us to the end of our hour. Before you go, can you share a favorite legend, tradition or superstition with me?

Barbara: Since the snow is still falling, I’ll tell you about a New England farmer trick I learned when I researched Another Love. Each farm had a fire pond for obvious reasons. During the warm months, the farmer caught wandering turtles and drilled a hole high in the shell. He’d place the turtle in the fire pond. The turtle couldn’t escape since the hole would cause it to die from dehydration. In the late winter, when the meat supply was running low, the farmer’s wife harvested the turtles for soup. If they weren’t needed, they grew another year.

Sharon: Thank you so much for joining us today on Wednesday Spotlight. I wish you much luck with sales and in your writing. Where can readers buy Ancient Awakenings and learn more about you?

Barbara: First I want to thank both you and Oliver for a delightful visit.
Readers can find Ancient Awakening, a Black Rose at
Print ISBN: 1-60154-552-5
Print ISBN 13: 9781601545527
Or visit my website for excepts and buy buttons.
Check my blog for very intermittent posts at for Barb'Ed Comments

I’m Barbara Edwards and I’m a native New Englander. I’m a graduate of the University of Hartford with a Master’s degree in Public Administration. I write poetry for myself and novels when I need to tell a longer tale. I’m fascinated by the past so naturally turned to writing historical romance. The dark paranormal stories evolve from nightmares. The romance comes from my belief in people’s basic goodness and longing for love.
I lived in Florida for several years and am past president of the Central Florida Romance Writers and a member of Romance Writers of America.

When I returned to Connecticut, I founded the Charter Oak Romance Writers, a Chapter of Romance Writers of America, along with several close friends.
My husband is a retired Police Sergeant. We share an interest Civil War re-enacting and travel the Eastern states to participate in events. I love visiting museums, galleries and battle sites, gathering information for my stories.

I taught Romance Writing at Manchester Community college for three years.
I’m fond of gardening and growing antique roses with limited success.
Most of my exercise is when my Belgian Shepherd, Dixie, demands a walk.


Sharon Donovan said...

Let's have a warm welcome for Barbara Edwards. Come join Barbara and I on this cold and wintry day. Oliver has plenty of refreshments: steaming pots of coffee, tea and hot cocoa; fudge brownies; chocolate chips; and for those of you who fancy something stronger, the bar is open!

Barbara Edwards said...

This was a fun visit for me, Sharon. I hope everyone drops in for a snack or a drink.

P.L. Parker said...

Morning ladies. The blurb sounds terrific. Harvesting turtles? Interesting. Good luck with sales.

Sharon Donovan said...

Barbara, it's a delight to have you. What can Oliver bring you? Hi Patsy! And you know Oliver will be happy to get you some refreshments. I'll have more coffee, dearheart!

Anne Patrick said...

Wonderful interview, ladies. Your books sound great, Barbara. I wish you both the very best in all your writing endeavors.

And Oliver, you are looking so fine!

Sharon Donovan said...

Hello, Anne! Grab something to drink and allow Oliver to get you a chocolate treat!

Barbara Edwards said...

Please sit and relax P.L. and Anne. Oliver is mixing me another martini and it's no trouble to double the batch. he squezed fresh orange juice for screwdrivers, too. Ahh those muscular arms....

Sharon Donovan said...

Sharon rushes in, all befuddled. The snow in Pittsburgh is a nightmare! Huge icicles have formed on the awning and have knocked it down, blocking the sidewalk. Oliver, forget the coffee and get me a double James Bond martini--chop chop! She plops down with Barbara, Patsy and Anne. So, Barbara, can your hero from Ancient Awakenings cast some magical spell and make all this snow melt pronto?Whew...

Mary Ricksen said...

Great blog Barbara!
Sharon that is awful. I will just sit her on my bubble butt and watch.
Hey Oliver, when you get a chance could you get me a hot chocolate. I want to see Sharon get tipsy. It's always a hoot to watch her cute, little, petite, spastic. body, trip over her feet. Oh,
sorry, I digressssss.
You do a wonderful blog Sharon and Barbara was the perfect guest!

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Mary,
Help yourself to a cookie. They're delicious.
I'm enjoying all the snow! I've been in Charleston and we only had a little bit. Maybe we can have Oliver build a snow man? After a few more martinis I might help.

Mary Ricksen said...

Sure as long as the snow man looks like Gerard Butler, I'm in!

Anne Patrick said...

A double James Bond that sounds like my kind of martini! Oh Oliver, would you like some help building that snowman?

Hywela Lyn said...

So long as the snowman looks like Oliver - I'M in! LOL

(Blush) Oliver you weren't supposed to hear that, but thanks for the hot chocolate, I could certainly use it.

Hello Barbara, loved the interview, abd what an intriguing exerpt sounds like my kinda story!

We don;t have a lot of snow in the UK either,8 inches in January was the most we've had for several years, and I ahve to admit I love it. I can imagine why Sharon feels she's had enough though!

Oh I forgot to say, I'm quite jealous of your visit to the museum wedding gowns exhibition, I just love looking at wedding dresses! Your dog sounds lovely too - if we writers didn't have dogs some of us would never move from the pc, would we!

Sharon Donovan said...

Grinning and pumping his biceps, Oliver mixes a double batch of James Bond martinis, helps the ladies into their snow gear and leads the way to the front yard where he proceeds to build a snowman. Once satisfied and all have helped, he takes the initiative to begin a snowball battle. He hurls the first at Barbara, since she is the guest of honor! Sharon, Anne, Patsy and Mary fling snowballs at him, but he ducks, shoving them down where they all end up making snow devils....

Sharon Donovan said...

Lyn joins the battle, taking Oliver by surprise. But not for long. He uses his Black Belt moves and she winds up with the rest of the victims, snow devils in the snow...

Sharon Donovan said...

Barbara, I couldn't agree with Lyn more. Going to museums and galleries and battlefields for your research is awesome. And I especially love the husband's feedback on the cop stories. I have a contact with the homicide in Pgh, and they all tell us real life is no comparison to books and movies, right?

Barbara Edwards said...

Thanks, Hywela Lyn, I'm jhaving a good time. I can't believe oliver took off his shirt befor going out into the snow. He's so steamy hot! wow!
Help yourself to more cookies, everyone. Oliver baked a fresh batch before planning the snowman.

Barbara Edwards said...

Oliver! that move was a little risque! Was that your cold hand? All right I'm reaady to retaliate. Run for shelter, I was a pitcher for my softball team. Yeehaw!

Barbara Edwards said...

I couldn't write some of the things my husband shares. Especially since most of the officers are still alive and kicking. it does give me color though.
I do love museums. One of the benefits of traveling is all the new opportunities.
Can I have a refill, Oliver?

Sharon Donovan said...

Oliver grins and blows Barbara a kis...

Sharon Donovan said...

The ladies, giggling like school girls, follow Oliver into the parlor to warm themselves in front of the roaring fire while Oliver shakes up more martinis, pumping his biceps with gusto...

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi again, Barbara and Sharon

Oliver - I'm gonna get you for pushing us in the snow - snow devils in deed, we're angelic!

Anyway, I might forgive you if you let me have another mug of hot chocolate (oh and extra marshmallows, yum!) and some chocolate chip cookies? Oh all right then you're forgiven.

Barbara, we're obviously kindred spirits, sharing a love of museums and dogs (I'm horsemad too though)oh and I love historical romances, especially American Historicals, your books sound so intriguing.

Barbara Edwards said...

I'm so glad you could stay and warm up. Oliver,I'm a tad tipsy from that last martini.
Luckily I didn't get too wet in all that snow.
The fire adds a perfect note to our gathering. I'm having such a good time, I hate to leave.

Sharon Donovan said...

Oliver rushes in with hot chocolate for Lyn and coffee to sober Barbara up. A wonderful aroma wafts from the kitchen, grilled chicken and seafood kabobs, crunchy bread dripping with butter and fresh apple pie with freshly churned vanilla ice cream for dessert. Stick around. The fun continues...

Barbara Edwards said...

All that exercise did give me an appetite. Is it possible Oliver has a twin? I'm sure I'm not the first to ask.
Put another piece on the plate, please. I love chicken.
The coffee is just the way I like it, strong and hot, Like my man.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Barbara and Sharon
Great interview as always.Must be handy, not to mention interesting, having a husband who is a cop.

Sharon Donovan said...

LOL Barbara! Sigh, all the ladies do indeed love Oliver! Hi Margaret. Glad you could join the party, too bad you missed the snowball battle where Oliver bombarded us!

Sharon Donovan said...

I would like to thank everyone for dropping by for another Wednesday Spotlight. And a special thanks to my featured guest Barbara Edwards. Barbara, what fun we had! Best of luck with sales. And as always, a big thank you to Hywela Lyn for doing the fantastic graphics. Here here, Lyn!!
Until next time, may the luck of the Irish be with you as you travel through life.
Love and Blessings,

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Thanks for the exhibit mention!
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