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Friday, August 28, 2009

Contest for Grand Opening of Author Roast and Toast

Hello Bloggers! For those of you participating in the GrandOpening of the Author Roast and Toast, here is my contest. I am offering a download of my book The Claddagh Ring to one lucky blogger. Here is what you need do to be entered in the contest:

Do a search for
What’s in a gemstone
Please answer this question and one commenter will win a copy of The Claddagh Ring—a book for those who believe in legend and lore.
What stone ranges in color from deep purple to light lilac to lavender and mauve and has been known to ward off drunkedness? Wink wink snort snort and good luck

1 comment:

Sharon Donovan said...

And the winner of the Claddagh Ring is....drum roll...
E. A. West. Congratulations, E.A. As they say, it's in the mail! Enjoy!