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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In God We Trust


Into this world He sent His only son to make this world a better place
Noble kings rejoiced on whom His favor rests

Glory to God in the highest and peace to His people on earth
Our creator God, our returning king
Devoted teacher, hallowed be His name

Who is our Savior?
Emanuel is His name, not a president or a dictator

Truly He taught us to love one another. His law is love to redeem the world
Rejoice rejoice
Under battle we are at war
Sing His praises in the fields
The Savior will reign and save the world


Laurean Brooks said...

I love it, Sharon. And it vertically spells, "In God We Trust." Do I get a Double Chocolate Mocha Latte with a tripe portion of Whipped Cream? Hmmm?


Sharon Donovan said...

You got it, Laurie! Belly up to the bar, girlfriend! And I'll pour ya a triple! LOL Thanks for dropping by. I'm not much of a poet...and I know it...but this was for a writing assignment for my writing group and it just kind of took off when I was thinking of all the ways God is being taken out of so many things. So it kind of wrote itself.

Marianne Evans said...

Sharon, that was outstanding! Great job!! Blessings in all you do!


Sharon Donovan said...

Thanks, Marianne! These poems that spell a message vertically are kind of catchy, huh? And what better message to promote in today's world. Have a good one!