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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Interview with Val Pearson

Today I have a treat. Val Pearson from You Gotta Read Review is my special guest. We all love you and appreciate the extra mile you go for new and established authors. Your bubbly personality shines through in all you do. Let’s hear it for Val Pearson. Welcome Val!

Thanks so much Sharon, it's so exciting to be here with you today. I am a bit nervous so don't mind the sweaty palms!

Aw, just sit back and relax. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Have a cup of coffee and just be yourself. How about we start with a few basic questions about your review sight. It’s really taken off, by the way. So let me just grab my coffee and we’ll get started.

Your blog and review site has really taken off over the past few months. Can you tell readers how this popular review site came to be?

This group started out as a refugee camp for dislocated reviewers from Simply Romance Reviews. The owner of that site became ill and needed to shut down the site. We were all lost, so Stephanie and Tami decided that it was time to get something going. Then it just seemed to be like a snowball rolling downhill from there.

And snowball into something big indeed. And what a novel idea for the name and rating scale. I love it! Was this something that came to you or was it something you gave a lot of thought to?

Stephanie and Tami were brainstorming one night and came up with You Gotta Read for the name of the review site, and thought it would be a novel thing to have the rating system go with it. It took a while to nail down the others, but once they did, it was just perfect for the group!

Talk about a perfect fit. So what made you decide to become a reviewer? And while we’re on the subject, how does one become a reviewer?

I love to read so one day I was looking for an opinion on a book and had read some reviews that were not so kind to the author but when I read the book, I LOVED IT! I thought, "That poor author is sitting there thinking their book stinks when it honestly doesn't." I started contacting authors and telling them what I thought about their book. Then surfing one day, I found Simply Romance Reviews. Julie, the owner, let me join the review team and from there I have been addicted! It is an amazing hobby (more like life, hobby is such a temporary sounding word). Simply Romance Reviews has since shut down but I will always hold it near and dear to my heart.
Actually, right now it is very easy to become a reviewer, so many sites are looking for them. There is no payment other than you get to keep the books you read but to me, it goes a little further than that. I can know that I made a difference to an author. Hopefully for the positive and not the negative. Right now we are looking for reviewers on You Gotta Read and if anyone reading is interested, here is the link. Authors can become reviewers as well so don't think just because you are an author that you can't become a reviewer on our site. In fact we have a few authors on there and when their books hit the net, it's like on of our family members have achieved a milestone.

Thanks for sharing that with us, Val. I’m sure all your information will be beneficial to many readers. And I can’t stress enough how much we authors appreciate your jumping in there for us. It’s so great to have an honest reviewer with a warm heart who truly cares. Now let’s talk about the books you review. Is there a particular genre you prefer reading and reviewing? Or how about a least favorite?

Personally I love suspense, contemporary and I have just found a love for historicals thanks to Linore Rose Burkard. I love anything western and yes, the sappy romances go over well with me. I will review just about anything although I do not like stories with a lot of gore or horror stories. They give me the willies!

I agree. And there’s nothing like a good suspense to lose yourself in, is there? So is it hard for you to post a shall we say less than flattering review for fear of hurting an author’s feelings?

Yes, it is difficult for me to post a less than flattering review but if I do, I try to explain what exactly I don't like about the book. I feel like the author has worked so hard to get their book to publication, the least I can do is be honest with them. I don't want to give a flattering review on a book that does not deserve it and later have a reader think it was awful and not buy from the author ever again. It really is to help the author, not hurt them. I do not, under any circumstances feel that a reviewer should just shred an authors book to pieces. It's not constructive to either party and it serves absolutely no purpose.

Thank you Val! Is it any wonder we love you so much? You’re our hero and more reviewers should follow your strategy. So have you written any books yourself? And if so, what is the genre?

I SO WISH I HAD! No, I am not an author YET. Tami, a close friend of mine, have started the beginning processes of a book and hope to write one together. I know what I like, I have a lot of ideas but have no idea how to get the two to come together.

Oh, we all feel that way. I would love to read a book by you and Tami. Then it would be me cheering you on! Let’s talk a bit about book lengths. Do you prefer reading and reviewing short stories opposed to full length books—or does it all depend on the genre, the author and your schedule?

I really do like both. I like the short stories for when I have limited time and just want to get lost for an hour or two, away from the world. I love the full length books because I have a chance to get to know the characters and their feelings for each other. I don't really depend on the genre or author so much because I have found so many wonderful authors that, had I not just grabbed the book, I would never have found. I've noticed that covers do make a difference to me. The great thing about being a reviewer is that we don't see the covers. I don't have an idea already placed in my head of what the characters should look like or any expectations of the book. My schedule as of late has been crazy but I have gotten a lot of reviews written up this weekend so I don't feel as much pressure right now.

That’s interesting. I had no idea you didn’t see the book covers. See the things I’m learning during this interview! Now let’s talk about Val Pearson. You lived in Africa for a while? I imagine that time in your life left some lasting impressions. Can you share with us some of the highlights? When I think of Africa, I picture rain forests, a safari full of elephants and giraffes, and exotic bird life. Oh, and I have to share with you my fantasy about a visit to Africa. I would love to ride an elephant. Did you ever do this?

I have never ridden an elephant but I did see a monkey and thought it was so cute. My aunt pulled me back from it but the collar of my shirt VERY QUICKLY and proceeded to tell me how dangerous they were. I still remember wondering how such a cute animal could be so dangerous. Where I lived, in Durban, was like the city. Where we lived would be considered the suburbs and I do remember milk being delivered to our door and a man with a cart of vegetables would come down the road and stop at each house where we would buy fresh vegetables. I remember the scenery being so green and beautiful. I was eight when I left so my memories are mostly of where I lived. One funny story that I would like to share is that the South African versions of things is very different than here. For example a robot over there is a stoplight over here. Well, when we came to America, my brother was five and I was eight. My brother had to use the bathroom so very very bad so my mother came over to him and told him to go in that room and use the toilet. So he went in and came back out soaking wet. He had peed himself and my mother couldn't understand why. He was crying and said "I wanted to use the toilet and all they had was a bathroom. I didn't want to take a bath." I know, collective Awwwww's right about here.

Too funny! And I agree about the monkeys. They look so cute and seem so human like, it’s hard to imagine them being vicious. Well you know me and my love of legends. Speaking of the elephant, there is a legend about receiving an elephant for a gift. Oh, not a real one. LOL I’m talking about a decorative accessory for a curio or end table. According to legend, if the tusks of the elephant are rooted upward, this will bring the owner of the house good luck. Have you heard this one? Speaking of myths, do you have a legend or superstition you’d like to share?

I really don't have superstitions but I do know the one about the elephant. My aunt used to collect them and only when the tusks were up. There has been jewelry that has been handed down through the generations and a small elephant tusk is one of them

What does Val Pearson do in her spare time? Inquiry minds want to know! Do you have any hobbies or favorite television shows? Preference in music?

Right now, life has been a bit crazy. I have been busy taking care of family members. We have had a total of 5 family members in the hospital in the last month. When life isn't getting crazy on me, I am so into Nascar it's not even funny. I am an Earnhardt fan all the way. This is where the die hard Nascar fans might stop reading this interview! lol Hmmm, television shows, let's see, One Tree Hill is my #1 favorite. I love Friday Night Lights and this season American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice have been shows I cannot miss. I can't believe I have put Criminal Minds on the back burner, I never thought that would happen. I used to love watching Touched by an Angel and hated that they took it off the air. My music preferences are all over the place. I listen to Alternative, Country, Rap, Pop, Christian anything. If it has a great tune and an even greater message, I'm there!

Well I certainly wish your family members a speedy recovery. They are fortunate to have you. And I love the Nascar fan in you! You know Chicken Soup for the Soul has a shout out now for stories about just that. You might consider checking it out. Now before you go, I have three trivia questions. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Tell us something about you that might surprise us. If you could play the leading lady in any literary fiction or box office movie, who would it be and who would you want playing your leading man?

If I could live anywhere in the world I would have to say Ibiza, Spain. I read a book, Mucho Caliente by Francesca Prescott and I loved it. It sounded so amazing. Then I went to her website and the pictures were so amazing, serene and I felt so drawn for it. It is my goal one day to visit.
One thing that may surprise people ... hmmmm, I'm not the type of person who usually keeps things hidden. I would say the one thing in my life that surprised me the most was my relationship with my husband. We married when I had just turned 19 at 24 we were divorced. After our divorce, he was saved and got himself into church so when we got back together he was a totally different man. Ten years went by and a couple of relationships later, I came down to South Carolina to tell him just exactly how I felt about him and when it was over, we were remarried! I still don't know how all of that happened, only that God was in it.
If I could play a leading lady in a book, hmmmmm, I would probably say I would want to be Sherri from the book Combustion by Rebecca Savage and my leading man is a no brainer, Channing Tatum. I love that man and his acting abilities. I wonder if I would get the part if I just sat there staring at him, drooling the whole time! lol

Well those are some interesting answers. I’m so glad things worked out with your husband through faith. I’m afraid our time is just about up. Time flies when you’re having fun. Thanks so much Val! It’s been a pleasure and I hope you’ll come back again!

Sharon you know I love your site, your books and everything about you. I would be back again in a heartbeat. If you ever need me for anything, you know where I am!

Thanks so much, Val! And that goes right back at you!!


Sharon Donovan said...

Welcome, Val! It's such a pleasure to have you on my blog today. What an interesting life you've led. You are a person I'm proud to call my friend. I love you and your review site and everything about you. When you and Tami get that book written, I'll be your biggest fan!

lastnerve said...

Good Morning Sharon! Ok, I have my coffee so I am all set! Thanks so much for interviewing me and girl, you know I love you too. As far as loving everything about me, you should see me in the morning. I scare myself sometimes. When our book is finally written, you know I am going to throw the biggest party ever! You have a standing invitation

Larry Hammersley said...

Val I enjoyed the interview. You certainly have led an interesting life. I'm so glad to have met you via the Sweetest Romance group and look forward to a long friendship. You are an unselfish person in all you do for others. Thank you for your reviews of my short stories and your continued offer to help me. Larry

lastnerve said...

Larry, thanks so much for stopping by! It's so great to see you! The pleasure is all mine for posting the reviews, I love your books!

S. said...

Val, you got away from Oprah??? Flew straight out from Chicago, right to Sharon, huh? Girl, you are living it up! Next will be Hollywood! LOL

Wonderful interview to both of you! Sharon, you asked some fantastic questions, and I got to learn things about Val I didn't know. This was great, I enjoyed it so much!

You both do and help readers/authors so much. Both of you are willing to "be there", and that's a gift never to be forgotten. THANK YOU!!

Now, where's my coffee? I think I'll just sit down and join y'all in this chat. Pass the Dunkin' Donuts, Val...

Miss Mae

Sharon Donovan said...

Hey, Miss Mae! Here's your coffee, girlfriend. Grab a seat. Val'll be right back. In the meantime, thanks for saying such sweet things. I would love to have you guest blog with me some time. I'm just getting the hang of this blog interview thing and I love it! Oh, here comes Val with the donuts. What's your choice, Miss Mae?

lastnerve said...

Howdy Miss Lula! OK, I have the donuts ... compliments of Oprah, she knew I was stopping by here ... she says to say hi by the way. You can't have the chocolate filled donut, that's mine, but here you go, take what you want and pass it on. *looking over at your coffee* what kind are you drinking? MIne's kinda blah.

S. said...

*draws cup back away from Val's salvinating gaze*..Frappucino, hon, the only way to "do" coffee, don't ya know???

And Sharon, *speaking with mouth full of coconut shredded donut*...You just ask me any ole time, daahling, and I'll be here. Miss Mae is THE authority on social graces, you know. ..*picks coconut from between teeth with a broken, chipped-polished nail*...

Sharon Donovan said...

LOL Miss Mae! You are too funny! We'll have to chat about that interview later, honey girl. Now, about my coffee. Hmmm. I like it strong and black. But today, lo and behold in my freezer, I found some hazelnut beans--one of the few gourmet blends I'll drink. Now about that coconut between your teeth, Miss Mae. I say it adds character. doncha know. BTY, y'all write suspense stories? Hmmm. Sounds like a lead to a storyline to me. LOL

lastnerve said...

LOL, you guys are crazy! This can show you how much of an internet freak I am. I was washing up the first of many dishes and was thinking "my coffee is so incredibly boring", after thinking about what was said on this blog and I thought, "I would be one of those people who goes to Starbucks and say I want a triple cappucino, triple whip, grande vanilla bean mcflurry please! LOL ....... I would be the only one in Starbucks not to know how to order from there! By the way Miss Mae, here's a toothpick!

Sharon Donovan said...

Okay Val. I'm back. And just to show what a delightfully charming hostess I am, I ran to Starbucks and got your special order. Here it is-- triple cappucino, triple
whip, grande vanilla bean mcflurry. Enjoy!

Beth Trissel said...

Hi Val. What a fascinating interview. I enjoyed this post very much, and it's an extra plus for me because I just 'spoke' with you yesterday regarding the terrific review my recent release Through the Fire received on your lovely site.
Now I know a lot more about the reviewers behind the scenes. Great work! Thanks for all you do.

lastnerve said...

Hey Beth! Great to see you and speak with you again! Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope we get to talk to each other a lot more in the future. I can't wait to read some of your work. I'd love to read your blog post on You Gotta Read. Now, what kind of donut do you want, I think we still have some left!

Kara Lynn Russell said...

I'm so glad Sharon chose to interview you. I think too often people believe that reviewers live to shred an author's work. That has not been my experience either as an author or a reviewer. Thank you for sending out the message that reviewers and authors are really on the same side!

McKenna Chase said...

Thanks for an inside look at another important part of the business! Keep those reviews coming!

HER BIG BAD WOLF - Wild Rose Press

lastnerve said...

Hey Kara,

thanks so much for stopping by! I just stopped by your site and checked out some of your books ... NIIIIIIIIICEEE! They all look like books I could really get into. I've put the Orchard Hill books on my TBR list!

lastnerve said...

Hey McKenna! Love that name by the way! Thanks for stopping by and congrats on your awesome review of Her Big Bad Wolf! Can't wait to read Carribean Wild!

Sharon Donovan said...

Thanks for stopping by Kara and McKenna. I'm back with refreshments. Grab some --coffee, Earl Grey tea or a tall glass of some ice tea with mint leaves. Oh, and the donuts are gone. Biscotti anyone?

lastnerve said...

I'll take some biscotti, now what do I do with it? lol

Linda LaRoque said...

Hi Val. I so enjoyed your interview. You've had an interesting life. I'd love to visit Africa, at a safe distance from the animals, of course.

I'm not a race car fan, but do love American Idol, The Apprentice, Criminal Minds and all the CSI shows.

I am so touched by your love story. It would make an awesome book.

Of course, you know I love your review site. I so appreciate what you do for us authors.

Best of luck on your book. Starting is the hardest part!


lastnerve said...

Hey Linda, it's so good to see you! I feel like I should start an autograph book with everyones signature in it. I've watched some of you guys from behind the scenes for so long, I can't believe you would actually stop by to comment. I feel like I am vitually meeting superstar celebrities! Thanks so much for your awesome comments, and Ughhhhhhh, don't I know that the starting is the hardest part! I can't get from point A to point B. I will someday though. Did you see where the winner of Idol might have been swayed by the AT&T sponsorship? An idol scandal ... lol

I really appreciate all of you coming here today and all your wonderful comments, it really does mean a lot! You all rock!

Anonymous said...

Val and Sharon - I'm darting over while I'm on vacation...

So good to see you! I appreciate your reviews, and your ability to tell why a reader should read, without giving away key elements.

You have such a way with words, I do look forward to your book. Keep writing! Don't ever stop! :) I'm so glad to know you.


lastnerve said...

Thanks for stopping by Ashley. I am going on a mini vacation Friday to see my mom and brother in Summerville, hit the water park and just laugh until I cry! It's always good times when we get together and we all share the same sarcastic sense of humor. I hope you are enjoying your vacation and thanks so much for the sweet comments!

Let us know how your vacation goes

Sharon Donovan said...

LOL Val...about that biscotti. Well this time I'm back with strawberries and chocoate dip. Welcome Linda and Ashley. Hey, Ash. Appreciate ya droppin' in while on vacation. Hope you're having fun. Oh and Val, about the Idol thing. Is that gonna turn out like the author on Oprah? You have the inside scoop, don't ya? LOL

lastnerve said...

LOL - I have been sworn to secrecy about the Idol thing ..... only Oprah, the FBI and I know about it. Whew, thanks for the strawberries and chocolate ... I needed a pick me up! I will be back in a few, I really do have to act like I have been cleaning all day long. yes, I'm throwing everything in the closets and under the beds so I can be back as soon as possible. Shhhh, don't tell!

Francesca Prescott said...

Val! What a phenomenal interview! I'm so glad Sharon had the initiative to do this. You do so much for other people; I still can't get over how supportive you've been of me! We're all so grateful to you, you know so much about us, so it's wonderful to learn more about you. Your life in itself sounds like a book, and you have such a generous and enthusiastic personality. As Emilio would say, "You shine!".

We'll definitely have to meet in Ibiza one day, I need to give you the grand tour!

Have a lovely holiday,

Thanks for everything,
Lots and lots of love,

Miss Mae said...

Did I hear CHOCOLATE??? *elbows everyone outta da way*...

Teri Wilson, Romancing the pet lover's soul said...

What a great interview!!! Thank you so much, Val, for taking the time to review our books! Watch out for those monkeys...

Blessings, Teri

Teri Wilson ~ Romancing the pet lover's soul

Sharon Donovan said...

Thanks for stopping by Francesca and Teri. Grab some refreshments. Oh, did Miss Mae leave any chocolate? Hey Val--are ya still cleaning? Come on back!

lastnerve said...

Hey Francesca, I'll meet you there girl! Have the drinks ready.

Ha ha, miss mae, you missed the chocolate! I am wearing it all on my face see?

Hey Teri, your next book could have a monkey in it! lol

Thanks you guys so much for stopping by! You guys are all really special to me!

I am back for a few now Sharon!

Mary Ricksen said...

When you do a review that gives constructive criticism you help the author. When you trash them you only hurt the author. A reviewer with a good outlook on what she is doing is a much better reviewer. How awful it would be if someone who could be potentially a wonderful author is discouraged and quits because of a bad review.
I had no idea about the elephant thing. Interesting.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Great interview Ladies!

So nice to get to know you better Val.


lastnerve said...

Hey Mary, I agree! And see, you learned a little bit from today just by showing up! It never ceases to amaze me how my I learn daily.

Thanks so much Pam, and thank you both for coming and commenting!

Linore said...

How interesting you are! And thanks for the plug, by the way! I'm glad I got you into historical romance because they really can be wonderful reads.
Most interviews these days are with writers and authors, not reviewers, so this was a welcome change of pace. And I enjoyed hearing bout you personally, as I have to agree with what so many have mentioned about you: your warm and caring heart!
Val is one in-a-million.

PS: I'll take an iced hazelnut decaf. I've already met my "real" coffee quota for the day!

lastnerve said...

Hey Linore! Good to see you girlfriend! Someone will be right along with your iced hazelnut decaf but in the mean time, try my starbucks mcflurry concoction they bought me! Special ordered just for me! LOL But I will share with you

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Mary. You're back. Great--we missed you! Hi Pam. Thanks for taking time away from your writing and edits. Much appreciated. Hi Linore. Thanks for dropping in with us. Here's your glass of iced hazelnut, decaf. Pull up a seat and enjoy!

Martha said...

Hi Val and Sharon - Great interview! Now we know lots more about Val! I remember now that you had mentioned that you had lived in Africa. I'm sure your brother is thrilled that you share that particular story! It is wonderful that you and your husband got back together - that sounds like its own story! Thanks for the help and encouragement you have been giving me too! Martha

lastnerve said...

LOL Martha, my brother would kill me if he knew that story was on the net. I did send the link to my mom though. Thank YOU for all your help on You Gotta Read, you rock it girl!

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Martha. Thanks for coming on by. Ya just never know what the siblings will say behind your back, do ya? LOL

Tami said...

Loved being mentioned in here Val! You know Sharon you will get an autographed copy of the book!

lastnerve said...

Tami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are my girl! You know me sometimes better than I know myself You know I have to mention you! And Tami, I get to sign on Top! LOL

Sharon Donovan said...

Hey Tami! I was hoping you'd come on over. Now girls, girls. Ya know it won't matter to me who signs on top! Love ya both. You girls rock the page over at YGR!!

lastnerve said...

Hey Tami, wanna arm wrestle for it? LOL

Tami does the more important stuff at YGR, I get to chat with the authors a lot.

Laurean Brooks said...

Val, you are amazing! The two things that really caught my attention was that you lived in Africa, and that you and your hubby divorced, then remarried. I need to know more about that. Like how long were you married? Divorced?

I must say I've loved you from the start. Now let's be up front. This has nothing to do with the 5***** review I received for "Journey To Fogiveness," from "You Gotta Read," or all those books you promised me by such authors as Sharon Donovan, Ashley Ludwig, Pamela Thibodeaux, Miss Mae, Linore Rose Burkhard, Nicola Martinez... (Where are they, by the way? LOL.)

Your humor and personality shine through, as well as your caring heart. My life is blessed for knowing you and Sharon. Doesn't she do amazing interviews?

Hugs to both of you!


Sharon Donovan said...

Thanks, Laurie! That goes both ways. Ya know I'm one of your biggest fans. And get ready, girlfriend. You're next in the hot seat. That is, when you're done with all your press interviews and presentations. You go girl! I'm sure Val will be back shortly. In the meantime, grab a glass of ice tea and some...shhh. Don't tell Miss Mae, but here's some more chocolate strawberries. Dig in!

lastnerve said...

Hi Laurie! Yes, a round of applause for Sharon for having me here today and doing one heck of a job catering food in and being my cheerleader for the day. You are loved by so many people Sharon!

Laurie, I married when I was 19, right after I turned 19 and we lived together for 5 years and had three daughters. When we split up, it was nasty, and I walked away with only a few clothes and my three daughters who were 1, 3 and 5. Times were tough but I had my girls. I was so lost without them when he would get them for holidays and such and he didn't help with child support much. He got to where he owed around $21,000. He was staying inside with the girls because he was facing 4 felonies if he was caught. One for every $5,000. Around this time, he started going to church. I blew it off because, well, he'd done it before and gone right back to how he used to be. I felt a strong urge to drop the child support. He wasn't paying and if he got caught, he would have been in jail unable to visit the girls. Part of me thought, AM I CRAZY? The urge became stronger so I called the Child Support Office, told them to write off what he owed me and I wanted child support stopped. they did and about two weeks later I told him that he owed me nothing, he no longer had a child support payment and he was free. I found out later that he had indeed been saved and had been praying for his troubles to be lifted off his shoulders. When I called him, he just cried. he couldn't talk, just cried. So a few years later, I decided to come down to South Carolina and stay with the girls because it was Christmas and I hated being away from them. I was to stay with his mom, who I loved all along. She told me she had been praying that we would get back together and I said Yeah right! That was Christmas, by January 13th I was remarried and it was all a blur how it came about. We were separated for 10 years, divorced for 5. Now HE KNOWS HOW MUCH KIDS COST! And can't believe how I made it. That's my story!

Sharon Donovan said...

Well, Val...parting is such sweet sorrow. I didn't want the day to end. It was such fun and girl, you rocked the house! I'd like to thank everyone for stopping by and supporting Val who does so much for us with her continuous cheering. Val, you are truly one in a million with a heart as big as Texas! Thanks for the awesome interview and thank you for being my friend! Come back any time.

lastnerve said...

Sharon, thanks so much for interviewing me. I can't believe all the outstanding authors who came out. You guys are amazing! Thanks for always being there Sharon, it was tons of fun!

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Val and Sharon. I couldn't help popping up (late as usual) from wild West Wales to say 'hi' to two lovely ladies who have recently become two of my favourite people as I've come to know more and more about you.

Always great to read more about a reviewers point of view Val - and what a touching story about you and your husband, I can certainly see a romance novel there! Good luck with your book - you and Tami must get it written. You write so beautifully and eloquently you would make a wonderful author.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into helping authors, and thanks for a fascinating interview

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Lyn! I was just thinking this party wasn't complete without you. So glad you popped in to say hello. Hope you're having a fabulous time in Wales. Since I've recently learned I'm blessed with some Welsh blood, I'll be looking forward to hearing all about your trip home. We miss you!

Julie Robinson said...

Wow Sharon,
I apparently missed out on a fantastic party!! I see so many people I recognize here. I'd wave but everyone's gone home . . .

Of course, I was living it up on Key West May 27 getting the lowdown---I mean inspiration---- on Hemmingway, so I can't feel too bad.

Well Val, if you're still around, it was interesting to read about your life. I've seen your name on the Samhain loop and other blogs. Nice to have formally met you.


Julie Robinson said...

Val, I was just reading the comments and saw your romance story. Miracles truly abound, don't they? Wow? I agree that you could write your own story---not just critique others. But probably critiquing other stories makes it hard to let go of your inner critic to write.