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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Karen Michelle Nutt comes a callin'

A werewolf howls in the old cemetery outside oliver’s haunted mansion. A full moon casts an eerie glow as Karen Michelle Nutt approaches the old Victorian manor. Hesitating briefly, she strikes the gong that echoes through the night. vampire Oliver bears his fangs as he escorts Karen to the parlor where Sharon awaits. With a sweeping bow, Oliver serves non-fat latte and bite size scones.
when the bat clock screeches out the midnight hour, Sharon smiles. Karen will now recite excerpts from the Halloween anthology written by her and several talented authors.

A Halloween Collection Anthology-Stimulating

The Curse of Tempest Gate by Karen Michelle Nutt
Clarity Shaw, a reporter for Unbelievable Finds, seeks answers concerning the curse of Tempest Gate Cemetery. Warnings from the Bed and Breakfast’s receptionist and an old man only make her more curious. Determined to get her story, Clarity ventures into the old cemetery.

Even though she is tied to the legends surrounding Tempest Gate through her ancestry, Clarity does not believe in the paranormal. She intends to collect the local versions of the stories, take some photos, and be on her way.

A beautiful sculpture in the cemetery, a stone angel warrior, draws her attention and her admiration. Could this be the Archangel Michael? Then she finds out more than she bargains for when she sits in the devil’s chair on the eve of Halloween. Two entities need her for their own personal reasons, but only one will demand her heart.

Always and Forever by Cheryl Pierson
At a children’s Halloween carnival, a Gypsy fortuneteller predicts a new love for both Cindy and Gage. When the two meet over a poorly carved pumpkin, love flickers to life and the stars begin to align.

But the odds of finding a new love later in life seem insurmountable and the prophecy seems too good to be true. After all, Gage has been burned before and Cindy doesn’t believe in fortunes or second chances.

Will doubt overshadow their attraction or has love already been set in motion? Can the star-crossed pair put their faith in the love that was foretold? Can they believe in each other?

Conceived in Darkness by Laura Shinn
Prince Orekon is out of time and out of solutions. He must mate and he only has until sunrise in three days or he will lose his throne. The alternative would be disastrous for his people. The females from his world of Astovia are lovely and willing, but his heart remains cold. There is not even one among them who wants to discover the heart within the beast. And Orekon refuses to mate with just any female available. He wants a female who will join with his heart as well as his body.

Music is Kathryn Schaffer’s life and passion. It’s the only thing in her life that keeps her going, waiting for each performance. When a strange man in a corridor holds her captive from behind, Kathryn is momentarily terrified. Until his touch softens and he whispers words of passion and love in her ear. Knowing she will never experience those emotions in her entire life, Kathryn takes a chance and opens her heart to a stranger.

However, falling in love is never easy and trials and challenges await back on Astovia for the mated couple. Orekon is confident in his ability to maintain the throne, but Kathryn is in a world unlike her own. Will she find a way to win over the hearts of the Astovian people as she did with Orekon?

A Haunting Love by Rebecca J. Vickery
Trudy thinks she must have lost her mind by agreeing to house-sit a huge, old, Victorian mansion during Halloween week. Lights switching on and off along with odd noises lead her to meet a certain, handsome police officer named Simon. The attraction is mutual and undeniable. Maybe the scare was worth the chance to go out with this guy.
When odd things at the old house continue, Mina, Trudy’s best friend and partner in a vintage clothing shop, teases her about having a poltergeist. Deciding she can deal with that better than an actual person out to do her harm, Trudy relaxes a bit—until the ghost takes over on Halloween, revealing a curse and an ancient, haunting love.
A Halloween Collection Anthology-Sweet

Go On Without Me by Markee Anderson
Lydia Sanders is spending a lonely Halloween until Ian shows up to make sure she’s not depressed. They go for a drive then the car dies in the middle of nowhere in the rain.

They have no cell phone reception. Their only hope is an old house within walking distance and the two eerie people inside. At midnight? On Halloween?

Honor Cafe by Charlotte Raby –
Adrianne is satisfied running her cafe for the homeless and believes her life is complete, until she falls in love with a debonair stranger who wants his meals after hours and in the dark. She must find out what he’s hiding and if their love is true or cursed.

Halloween Witness by Rita Hestand –
When the local town drunk sees a murder committed on Boot Hill on Halloween night, will anyone pay any attention to his story? Sheriff Joe Grubbs, though skeptical, investigates and finds the new grave. Now, he has a job to do and risks losing the love of his life. It’s a harrowing Halloween night in Haleyville, Texas.

The Memory Charmer and the Boy Next Door by Christine E. Schulze –
Imprisoned in a basement, at the mercies of an oddly powerful incubus, Elissa tries to escape many times. But the giant tarantula guards his master’s toy well. Then a glimmer of hope appears. A boy moves in next door who knows things—secrets from the very heavens. Can he help her escape? Or will the incubus destroy him?

I Love Pie! by Kate Kindle –
Tony Gullo, a burnt-out-on-life New Yorker, takes an unexpected trip to the country with a friend. On the side of the road he sees a haunting sight. A beautiful woman stands poised on the roadside, seemingly in a trance. When the men stop to offer assistance, she flees into the woods. How will he ever find this beautiful creature, if she really exists?


Sharon Donovan said...

A warm welcome for Karen Michelle Nutt. This anthology sounds awesome. Oliver, keep the non-fat latte and scones coming.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks so much for featuring our Halloween Anthologies. We are so glad to have you back. And Oliver is so much happier, with or without his fangs.

Barbara Edwards said...

Sounds like a wonderful collection, just in time for the fun. I'd like a vanilla flarored latte, please Oliver. Love the blood dripping from your fangs.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Sharon and Oliver,

Thanks so much for your hospitality. The latte hit the spot and the die for. Yummm.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for joining us. Try the scones, too. :)

Markee said...

Sharon! I'm SO glad you're hosting us today! Thank you so much! Your blog looks FANTASTIC!

I'm an author in the sweet collection. Yum...scones and a latte...perfect for a sweet writer! Thank you!

Redameter said...

Hello Sharon,
Glad to see you about. The Anthologies are looking great.
They are popular on TRS too.
Love and blessings to you Sharon

Cheryl said...

Thanks so much for having us all here, and for allowing OLIVER to attend us so ...sexily. LOL Just wondering, does Oliver have a brother, by chance? LOL

These anthologies have been such fun to write for. I have truly enjoyed contributing to them and working with so many other talented authors, and Rebecca is like WONDER WOMAN or something!

Glad you are on the mend! Thanks again for having us!


Sharon Donovan said...

Greetings Karen, Rebecca, Barbara, Rita and Markee
Awesome teasers and by all means, Oliver, keep the latte and scones coming.

Golden Healer said...

Hi, and thanks so much for having us! I'm the author of "Memory Charmer and the Boy Next Door". If you'd like to check out other of my fantasy and Christian fantasy works and check to see if I'm hosting any give-aways, go to:

Thanks again so much for having us, God bless, and Happy Halloween, all! ^_^

Sharon Donovan said...

Thanks so much, Cheryl. This anthology graws me right in. Does OLIVER have a brother...hmmmmmmmmm...
An EVil twin no less, but that story is coming soon in CHARADE OF HEARTS.

katsrus said...

Hi Karen. I love anthologies. And these sound wonderful. So many great stories.
Hi Sharon~Waving. Hope yu are feeling better. Hugs.
Sue B

katekindle said...

Sharon:Thanks so much for hosting the authors here at Halloween Collection. I kept hearing updates about your recovery process and am very happy you are up and moving once more!

Debra St. John said...

Sharon, so good to have you back!

Gotta love anthologies that tickle any taste.

And, wow, Oliver as a vampire? Swoon....I'll just a little taste of...him

Laura said...

Gosh, I hope I didn't miss this! I just saw the link in my Inbox! LOL

Sharon, it's just wonderful to see you out and blogging again. *g* And thank you so very much for featuring both Halloween anthologies and their blurbs. We appreciate the exposure.*G*

Really, really good to see you back in the saddle again...

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Karen,
Awesome anthology. I was going to go to bed in a few minutes, but all those fabulous excerpts have spooked me. Think I'll stay up for a while longer.



Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Goldemn Healer, Sue, kateKindle, Laura, Debra and Margaret, thanks for dropping in and for the well wishes.

Hywela Lyn said...

Hello Sharon and Oliver - hope I'm not too late! Ooh yes Oliver latte and scones, thank you so much - mmm, plenty of cream - yum!

Hi Karen and Rebecca and all the wonderful authors of these two anthologies, they sound wonderful. and the covers are gorgeous!

I hope they sell loads and are a great success!

Sharon Donovan said...

Hurry and come in, Lyn. You are just in time. Oliver has whipped up some chocolate latte and fresh scones. MMMMMMMMMM

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Wait! Wait! Save some for me. Lattes with extra cream and scones sounds perfect for my break.

Oliver get those beautiful fangs away from my neck. My Hubby would be so jealous. On second thought maybe you can have one nibble and we'll see if he turns green with jealousy. LOL

Sharon Donovan said...


Mary Ricksen said...

Hi Sharon!
What a great interview today with Karen. I love anthologies, you can read one quick and go do something else. When you come back there's a new story. I especially like the scary ones.
Great post ladies!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...


I enjoy the short stories, too. I'm so busy sometimes and only have a quick break. Thanks for coming by.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...
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Karen Michelle Nutt said...


Thanks for joining the party!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...


Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting.

I haven't read all the stories yet, but the ones I have are page turners.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Oh no, Margaret. Didn't mean to spook you.

Thanks, for coming by. Oliver may have fangs, but he's a sweetie.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Hi Debra,

Thanks for blog hopping to join the party. So you have a thing for Oliver. lol